Chapter 488 - Something Has Happened

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Chapter 488: Something Has Happened

Shen Hanxing was not angry. After Ji Yan coaxed her, she felt he was cute, and her heart melted.

“I never wanted to talk to him,” Shen Hanxing was helpless. “He is a stranger. I never thought that I would meet him a second time. Is he worthy of Mr. Ji’s attention?”

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“Anything related to you is important to me,” Ji Yan’s voice was clear and cold. Slowly but firmly, he said, “I care about everything as long as it’s related to you.” He cared about the way she looked at others, the way she spoke to others, and the way she smiled at others. He was like a giant dragon with a twisted possessiveness, guarding his treasure, unwilling to share it with others. He had already used up all of his self-control to see Shen Hanxing smile at others. Yet there were still people who overestimated themselves. They wanted to covet her and snatch her away from him. They deserved to die!

“Mr. Ji, Xiang Yi is just a passerby to us,” Shen Hanxing was a little helpless. She grabbed Ji Yan’s hand and kissed his palm gently, like a feather brushing on it. She smiled dotingly. “Mr. Ji and I are the ones who are going to be together for the rest of our lives. There’s no need to take these unimportant people to heart.”

The itchiness in his palm accompanied rushed into his heart through his receptors. Ji Yan looked deeply at Shen Hanxing. His black pupils could only contain her smile. After a long while, he replied in a hoarse voice, “Okay.”

Their eyes met. There was a feeling of affection in their eyes. They did not do overly intimate actions or say too many sweet words. However, they were inexplicably compatible, making it difficult for others to get in. At this moment, Zheng Youcai and Wang Qin, who had gone over to entertain the media, walked over quickly. “Mrs. Ji, something has happened.”

Wang Qin’s expression was a little ugly. She was worried about the cameras around her and could barely control her emotions. “We just received news that the premiere of Wu Yu’s movie is the same day as ours. It’s in the screening hall next door. They’re going against us!”

“Wu Yu went all out and challenged us to a duel?” Shen Hanxing was deep in thought. When she thought of Wu Yu’s film crew’s flashy actions since the start of filming, her eyes turned cold.

Zheng Youcai continued, “Many of the media that promised to come were absent.” His expression was gloomy as he clenched his fists. He said hoarsely, “Even the film critics were absent. Wu Yu… He is trying to crush me!” The media and film critics were given tickets in advance and were hoping to come to watch the movie, but these people did not attend the first wave of publicity for “Missing Girl”! It would be absurd if the front row were empty on the premier.

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“We didn’t receive the news in advance,” Wang Qin was a little discouraged. She gritted her teeth and said, “these people did it on purpose!”

Of course, it was on purpose. Wu Yu was in the screening room next door and was happy to see the media coming as promised. Even if the Ji Corporation backed Shen Hanxing. So what if she was rich and powerful? It was the same. The Ji Corporation’s influence was not that long. If he wanted to interfere in the entertainment industry, he could only spend money to get shares. He did not have any connections. Regarding connections, it had to be Bingxin Entertainment and Wu Yu!

Wu Yu stood at the entrance of the screening room and looked at the quiet screening room next door. He sneered, “I want to let Zheng Youcai know that no matter how he struggles, he will never be better than me!”

Seeing the lively atmosphere at the premiere of her movie, Lei Bing was also delighted. “Zheng Youcai is nothing. I think director Wu Yu’s movie will sell well at the box office!” She spared no effort to flatter him as she said with a smile, “Bingxin Entertainment’s full support, and with director Wu Yu’s fame and strength, what is Zheng Youcai? We should let the Ji Corporation know they could not interfere in any field as they wished!”

No one would go against money. Even if Lei Bing looked down on Shen Sisi during this time, she did not mind earning more money from Shen Sisi.

“It’s a pity I can’t see Zheng Youcai in such a sorry state,” Wu Yu extinguished the cigarette in his hand. With a proud smile, he said, “I want to see the expression on his face when the premier he prepared for so long is empty on the first row.”

What expression? Zheng Youcai felt like killing someone right now! He clenched his fists, and his eyes turned red. “Wu Yu has gone too far. I’m going to look for him!” Once he found Wu Yu, he would punch him without hesitation!