Chapter 491 - The Chance to Become Famous

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Chapter 491: The Chance to Become Famous

The reporters wondered, “The… missing girl, this little-known crew and director, could invite so many top-level characters?” It was not an exaggeration to say that the entire cast and crew of the “Missing Girl” was not as famous as those film critics! It was surprising that a crew like theirs could invite these big shots.

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“Am… am I seeing things?” The reporter in a vest rubbed his eyes. He said in disbelief, “to be able to invite these people. It must be the ability of those top directors in the industry, right? Could… could it be that Zheng Youcai is hiding his abilities?”

“Who knows,” The reporter in the hat was also shocked. After the shock, he straightened his body and elbowed the reporter wearing the vest. “Bro, don’t daydream. That is big news!” Fortunately, they had come today. If they had not attended the premiere, they would not have encountered such a great scene, not to mention publishing such big news. Their chance to become famous was today! The reporter wearing the vest also snapped out of his daze. He exchanged a glance with the reporter wearing the hat. The two of them instantly became energetic!

Zheng Youcai’s “Missing Girl” was worthy of his years of experience and training, the suffering the crew had gone through with him, and the investments Shen Hanxing and Wang Qin had invested in. When the lights came back on, the theater was silent. Many people had tears in their eyes and could not hold back their emotions for a long time.

The reporter in the vest and the reporter wearing the hat sat in the back row, crying like two children. The editor of Time Magazine, who had initially come to attend the premiere for the sake of Ji Yan, was now wiping his tears with a tissue. He lamented, “This trip was worth it. This trip was worth it!” He did not expect to see such a good movie today. Whether it was the depth of the script, the arrangements, the director’s filming methods, or the actors’ acting skills, the arrangements made by the director were all impeccable. It made everyone laugh and cry at the same time. As they cried, they thought about the meaning of family and reality.

After the movie ended, everyone could not stop recalling the scenes.

As the director, Zheng Youcai should be in the screening hall at this time, talking to the film critics and reporters to socialize. However, after he had watched half of the movie, he ran to the entrance of the screening hall and squatted down. He cried until he was out of breath. He did not know what he was crying about. He just felt that there were many things in him that he wanted to vent out. Someone had finally seen his movie.

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At this moment, the door of the screening room next door was pushed open, and a commotion could be heard. Wu Yuchun proudly brought the media reporters out and laughed loudly. “Thank you for your support. Everyone, don’t be in a hurry to leave. It’s still early. Let’s have a meal together. It’s on me.”

Everyone chimed in, “Director Wu Yu, you don’t have to do that.”

“Thank you, Director Wu Yu! Director Wu Yu’s movie is as touching as always!”

After a series of flattery, the smile on Wu Yu’s face grew wider. Just as he was feeling extremely pleased with himself, his eyes suddenly swept across Zheng Youcai, squatting at the entrance of the next-door screening room. His eyes lit up. He raised his voice and laughed, “Hey, isn’t this Director Zheng Youcai? I heard that your movie is also having its premiere today. Why are you squatting here alone?” He gloated deep inside but leaned over and patted Zheng Youcai’s shoulder, “Director Zheng, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Could it be that the premiere didn’t go well?” It was right that it didn’t go well! It was not in vain that he had planned for so long, deliberately hiding the news that they had the same premiere on the same day and only released it at the last moment, all for this scene. Wu Yu was pleased to see Zheng Youcai crying loudly at the door.

“Zheng Youcai thought he would have no worries after Shen Hanxing backed him up.” Wu Yu thought as he wanted to trample Zheng Youcai under his feet for the rest of his life!

As the female lead, Shen Sisi was also in the crowd. When she saw Zheng Youcai. An innocent smile appeared on her pure face. “Director Zheng Youcai, are you here alone because no one attended the premiere of your movie? How pitiful. This movie is your hard work, right?”

Shen Sisi constantly paid attention to Shen Hanxing’s news, so she knew who had invested in Zheng Youcai’s movie. She looked concerned, shook her head, and said somewhat disapprovingly, “I heard that Shen Hanxing invested in Director Zheng Youcai’s movie. Why would your premiere be so…”