Chapter 492 - Who Told You It Didn’t Go Well?

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Chapter 492: Who Told You It Didn’t Go Well?

After a pause, Shen Sisi sighed. “Maybe sister thought that movie investment was investing money. It’s not her fault. She has never come into contact with these things before, so she doesn’t know that investing requires plenty of effort.” On the surface, she looked like she felt sorry for Zheng Youcai. But in reality, she was trying to sow discord and push all the blame for the bad premiere onto Shen Hanxing.

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Zheng Youcai was originally quite embarrassed when he was caught crying by a group of people. However, he did not expect these people to become more and more ridiculous. It was as if they had helped him to imagine a tragic scene in a short moment.

“Who said that my premiere ceremony did not go well?” Zheng Youcai wiped off his tears. He stared at Wu Yu and said, “My premiere ceremony went well! I was touched that I could not help but come out and cry to vent. How did it become that it did not go well? It went well!”As he said that, he couldn’t help but glare fiercely at Wu Yu. It was this fatty! Wu Yu had provoked him repeatedly, and now he was coming in front of him to say something about whether it was going well. He was vicious to wish for the worse! To think that he had treated Wu Yu as his good friend in the past. He was simply blind.

Seeing Zheng Youcai’s appearance, Wu Yu was even more convinced that Zheng Youcai’s premiere ceremony was not going well. He even knew that he was the one who caused trouble. That was why he was so angry. He couldn’t even hide his emotions on the surface and couldn’t control his hatred. Unfortunately, Zheng Youcai did not know that the more furious he was, Wu Yu would be happier. Wu Yu was almost overjoyed. He patted Zheng Youcai on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Zheng Youcai, I know some people anyway. I’ll introduce some media critics to help you promote your movie. It’s okay.”

Wu Yu’s words sounded hypocritical. He was mocking Zheng Youcai. At this moment, the theater door behind Zheng Youcai opened wide. The people who came out just heard Wu Yu’s words, and the scene instantly became awkward.

Shen Hanxing looked at Wu Yu with a faint smile and did not say anything. The person standing next to Shen Hanxing was the editor-in-chief of Time Magazine. When he heard this, he could not help but laugh. “Oh? It seems that director Wu Yu is not very satisfied with us. He introduced other media outlets to Director Zheng Youcai.”

“This is what he said, not what I think,” Zheng Youcai quickly explained. He shook his head desperately. “I have no intention of being dissatisfied with you guys. It is my honor for you guys to be able to attend the premiere of my movie. I am more than happy. How could I not be satisfied?”

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The editor-in-chief of Time magazine laughed. “Alright. Please do not forget to send us tickets if you are filming any more movies, Director Zheng Youcai. And this time… your movie is wonderful. When your movie is officially screened, I’ll take my wife to watch it again.”

“Sure. There are movie tickets in the gift I gave you. You can watch it at any time,” Zheng Youcai’s face flushed as he replied.

Wu Yu was shocked when everyone came out of the theater. He was like a rooster whose neck was being strangled. He stood there with a pale face and a face full of disbelief! Only then did he come back to his senses and call out, “Chief Editor Chen? Director Zhao? Chief Editor Liu… you guys…” He thought, “How was this possible? How did Zheng Youcai manage to invite these people? In this circle, who didn’t know the importance of the media representatives behind these people? A few of them even represented the official position. How could they possibly attend Zheng Youcai’s movie premiere?”

Wu Yu looked shocked. However, Chief Editor Chen and the others only glanced at him indifferently. Without saying a word, they turned their heads to shake hands with Shen Hanxing, Ji Yan, and the others politely and left soon. They left in a carefree manner, but Wu Yu was about to explode in anger! It was not just Wu Yu. The media and film critics behind Wu Yu had long since regretted their actions. They wished they could slap themselves. Many of them had received Zheng Youcai’s invitation! At that time, they had been moved by Wu Yu’s bribe. Not only did they not go to Zheng Youcai’s movie premiere, but they also did not inform Zheng Youcai that they were not going! What a huge loss! That was such a good opportunity. Chief Editor Chen and the others were someone they would seldom meet. It was very rare to have a chance to get in touch with them! But they just missed it!

For a moment, the feelings of the media and film critics were very complicated.