Chapter 2366 - Did You Get It?

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Anyone with a dream can be great.

Beck’s self-introduction was met with his classmates’ enthusiastic applause and the other children began to introduce themselves too.

All these children grew up in difficult environments. They had a resilience that was rare among their peers. Mag was very satisfied with that.

Learning to cook was a very tough journey. To these children, the greatest obstacle in their journey was whether they could persevere on or not.

However, looking at it now, most of these children had their own conviction and perseverance. Even if he couldn’t ensure that they could all persevere on, at least they were much more resistant than other children.

And among them, a little girl named Farah had given him a deep impression.

She was sitting at corner seat number 45. Her short brown hair was a little yellowish due to malnutrition, but she was half a head taller than boys of her age. She had distinctly good-looking features and a pair of gray kitten-ears were vaguely visible under her short hair.

Yes, she was half-orc and half human.

Even if they were in Chaos City, the mixed-race children’s situation was not good. This was proven by Amy and Miya.

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Mag looked at her slightly slouching body. Her timid eyes couldn’t hide her inferiority.

Her self-introduction earlier was also very simple. Her name was Farah. She wanted to become a chef because she wanted to survive.

Mag smilingly said, “Alright. I have remembered all your names. I hope I can still see all of you sitting on your seats at the end of this school term and completing your first term’s work.”

The children looked at him with pure eyes that sparkled like stars.

There were only three girls among the 32 children. The rest were all boys.

There were humans, demons and orcs. The majority were humans.

Suddenly, Mag realized something at this moment. His selection criteria had eliminated the dwarves and the goblins from the name list right away.

“Seems like I will have to change the rules accordingly next term.” Mag thought. He couldn’t be tagged with the discrimination label.

After the self-introduction, the children were all now acquaintances. Mag didn’t say anything else and started the course right away. “Now, I am going to introduce our work bench, which is the cooking bench in front of all of you. There are a few different zones on the cooking bench…”

Mag wasn’t in a hurry to teach the children to cook during their first lesson. Instead, he took the time to teach them some interesting basic knowledge of the kitchen and of being a chef.

It was very important for them to understand their working environment, job scope and some basic requirements before they learn how to cook.

Mag looked at the students and seriously said, “Students, please remember that the kitchen is a chef’s face. If you can’t even keep your face clean and pass the customers’ checks, then you are not fit to be a chef.”

The students nodded gravely. They felt that they had learned a lot of interesting knowledge today.

Mag looked at his watch. It was close to 11 a.m.

“Alright. Then today’s lessons will end here. I’m very happy to now know all of you.” Mag looked at the children smilingly.

The children got up even though they still wanted to carry on listening to Mag. They were preparing to say goodbye to their teacher.

“It’s almost lunch time now. I didn’t teach you all how to cook in the very first lesson, but I decided to cook lunch for you all instead. You can finish eating before you go,” Mag said.


The children let out a cheer. They had heard Mag say a lot earlier and it made them hungry. They didn’t expect the teacher to cook lunch for them.

Miya came over with a big box of ingredients.

Mag opened the box and took out all kinds of ingredients.

“I’ll be cooking our restaurant’s signature dish for all of you this noon. It’s also the very first dish of the restaurant—Yangzhou fried rice.

“The ingredients we used are eggs, ham, tree mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots…” Mag introduced all the ingredients to the children. “Now, we cut them into the size of a grain of rice.”

He tossed a winter bamboo shoot into the air and slashed his knife. A cold gleam flashed in front of the children’s eyes.

After the winter bamboo shoot landed, it was chopped into pieces that were the size of a grain of rice. It fell onto the plates that were neatly prepared at the side.

“Did you get it?” Mag asked the children whose mouths were wide open with shock.

All the children shook their heads.

What did they get? They didn’t even see it clearly!

“It’s fine. It’s alright that you can get it now, but as long as you learn from me, you all will grasp this technique in the future,” Mag said with a smile

The children’s eyes lit up and they instantly became very expectant of the upcoming lessons.

The fancy cutting wowed the children.

Watching Teacher Mag cook had completely subverted their imagination of cooking.

All the ingredients transformed into any form according to his wish in his hands.

And, the whole process was like a performance. It was so smooth that it made them say ‘wow’ in awe.

After cutting the ingredients, Mag lit up six stoves at the same time as he prepared to cook all 32 helpings of Yangzhou fried rice together.

There was projection equipment for live broadcasting above Mag’s cooking bench. Besides the lectern were two big screens. It made sure that the children sitting at the back could see his teaching content too.

Mag heated the wok before putting in the pork lard to stir fry the spices and side ingredients. Mag moved around all the stoves with one metal ladle in his hand. Soon, the aroma of fried rice spread out.

“Smells good!”

“Slurp! Smells like it’s going to be super delicious!”

“I heard them say that a helping of Yangzhou fried rice cost a few hundred copper coins in Mamy Restaurant.”

“It’s so expensive! Then, are we able to make such expensive food in the future?”

The children discussed softly as they stared at the brightly-colored fried rice on the big screen and gulped.

Mag turned off the stove one by one before plating the fried rice onto the plates that Miya had prepared in advance.

Each ladle was just the right serving size for one bowl. The 32 helpings of Yangzhou fried rice were all identical in color and quantity.

Mag put down the metal ladle and smilingly said to the children with glowing eyes, “Students, come and get your lunch according to your student number.”

Beck was the first to stand up and jog to the lectern. He took the plate of rice from Miya with a revered expression and carefully carried it back to his seat.

The children went up to collect their lunch orderly according to their student numbers.

“Mmm—So scrumptious!”

“This is too delicious! I even bit my tongue…”

“I have decided! I have to become an outstanding chef! I’ll cook for myself every day!”

The children’s praises could be heard all at the same time at that moment.