Chapter 2367 - You Should Have a Confident Smile

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Mag ended the lesson of the day amidst the praises of the children.

Mag saw more than just 32 young, hardcore fans in these children. He saw hope for the future of the culinary world.

The students walking out of the training center with satisfied smiles ran into an army of hungry people making their hundred-meter sprint for the canteen.

The vanguards saw the oily glint on the students’ lips and the satisfactory smiles on their faces and recalled the various rumors about this beautiful God of Cookery training center. They looked at the canteen, which was deemed as their Holy Land, and felt as though it was not glowing as much.

They… must have had delicious food!

The children who just had the delicious Yangzhou fried rice were still smiling blissfully. When they saw the students dashing with their lives just to snatch the best scoop of dishes from the canteen auntie, they could not help but feel a little proud.

They get to eat in class and on top of that, the food was delicious… that’s fabulous!

“It’s actually recovered…” Beck was the last to walk out of the training center. He looked at his arm in surprise. His arm, which had a large bruise from the pot handle, had actually now recovered.

He did not mind such a small injury initially. In the past, he would often help others move goods and would often have patches of bruises on his skinny body due to bumps and knocks. They would usually recover on their own in the next two days.

However, he did not expect the bruise to disappear after just eating a meal. He felt all warm and fuzzy inside, as though he had a nice hot bath.

“That delicious bowl of Yangzhou fried rice must have made my body recover. This is amazing! I must become a chef as good as Teacher Mag!” Beck clenched his fists tightly as he made up his mind.

Farah ran back to the classroom with a book in her arms. Her classmates had all gone to the canteen for lunch and she was the only one in the quiet classroom.

She placed the book in her embrace gently on the table. It was a picture book. On the cover, was a castle under the night sky. A young girl in a beautiful dress was sitting on a wall, as though she was ready to escape from the castle. Beside her, was a black cat.

“Miss Black Cat.”

Farah read softly as her eyes twinkled.

This was given to her by the teaching assistant just now. She even smiled and told her to work hard. She had a warm and cute smile.

She could tell that the Big Sister was also a half-orc. However, she was very optimistic and positive, and her smile was very contagious.

She had never seen this exquisite picture book before.

Ever since she was young, she had never received a gift. Her mother had been working hard to ensure that both of them could survive. How could she even ask for more?

This was the most valuable gift she had ever received. The cover was very beautiful and detailed, making her feel the urge to flip it open.

After that, she fell deep into it…

Her mother could read and would always teach her how to read and write a few words no matter how busy she was. Therefore, she knew more words than the other kids on the streets.

However, she had never seen such an exciting and interesting story before.

Miss Black Cat fought against the rules and stood steadfast to her principles and dreams despite all the obstructions and attacks. She flipped over the high wall and started the story of chasing her dreams.

“Farah, what are you looking at?” Voices came from around her.

Farah was suddenly awakened. She quickly closed the picture book and hid it in her drawer. Only then, did she realize that there were already five to six students in the classroom. They had started coming back after lunch.

“No… nothing,” Farah shook her head as she told the few friends she had.

She would never let others see this picture book because she would not be able to explain how she obtained such a valuable and exquisite picture book.

Perhaps they might think she’s a thief.

Such things had happened before.

However, Hope School is different from the outside world. The teachers here were very friendly and she could feel their kindness.

Right now, she could feel a window in her heart open up with light shining in.

Yeah. So what if the entire world does not understand you? As long as you work hard to chase your dreams, you can become a confident person respected by others.

It was just like that teaching assistant. She must be very confident, right? In that case, her culinary skills must be superb!

“I want to become a chef, just like Teacher Mag who can bring goodness to everyone!”?Farah thought to herself. A seedling was sown in her heart.

“Looking at these children reminded me of when I was young. I was such a bubbly young girl,” Miya said with a smile as she sat on the backseat of Mag’s bicycle with her hands gently placed on Mag’s waist.

“Aren’t you still an energetic young lady? You won’t lose to them in terms of energy,” Mag said with a smile.

“Really? I like the term energetic.” Miya smiled brighter. “Although I didn’t do much today, I still find this a very pleasant experience. So this is what it feels like to be a teacher. I can see the trust and craving for knowledge. How adorable.”

“You helped out quite a lot. I would not be able to handle those little ones alone.

“However, these children are not bad indeed. They have gone through hard times, so they are willing to work hard. All of them have potential.” Mag nodded. He was very satisfied with this batch of students.

Under the same conditions, if he were to go to Chaos School, he would not be able to get such a batch.

It was too tough learning how to cook and he had no confidence in exactly how long they could persevere.

However, if they persevere and are willing to put in the hard work, he would definitely do his best to train them all into being qualified chefs.

As for how good they would be, it would depend on themselves.

“Boss, I think you’re such a good fit to be a teacher. The children love you and their eyes were all twinkling when they looked at you,” Miya said.

“It’s my first time being a teacher and to be honest, I was rather nervous. However, it is still not a bad experience as of yet. I guess I can grade myself with a passing mark,” Mag said with a smile.

He was not trying to show off but he really prepared and practiced many times for this lesson.

He really put a lot of thought into making these children think that it was very cool to become a chef.

It seemed like it was working well based on the children’s feedback.

“There is a child called Farah. I think she’s rather cute. Did you get me to pass the picture book to her so that you can train her to be an outstanding chef?”

“I just want her to become more confident. After striding over that obstacle, she will become stronger. However, whether or not she could become an outstanding chef will depend on what kind of effort she puts in.” Mag stopped in front of the restaurant. Miya hopped off and her ponytail swayed gently from side to side. Mag looked at her and said, “I want to see the same energetic smile that you have, on her face.”