Chapter 2371 - Today's New Product: Mango Mousse!

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Chapter 2371: Today’s New Product: Mango Mousse!

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It was two in the afternoon which was the time that wealthy ladies in the city came out for afternoon tea.

The wealthy ladies used to go to the sophisticated clubhouses with a few of their friends to have some light red wine. This was the so-called ‘Bourgeoisie’s Lifestyle’.

Then, the ice cream shop was opened.

It became the wealthy ladies’ first choice.

Most of the children were in school right now, so the ice cream shop wasn’t too boisterous.

The ice cream shop’s sophisticated environment, together with the tasty ice cream, which was a dessert that couldn’t be found anywhere else, were naturally highly sought-after by the wealthy ladies.

Some wealthy ladies would even bring along their children that were not going to school yet. They would give them an ice cream and ask Gina to help watch over them so that they could have a leisurely afternoon.

Many wealthy ladies greeted Mag when they saw him come in. They were also looking at the big box in Mag’s hands curiously.

Mag smiled in response. They were the restaurant’s regulars and he knew all of them.

“I’ve made some cake and I’m going to release it as today’s new product.” Mag placed the cooler box on the counter.

“New product!” The customers all looked over at the box next to Mag with their beautiful eyes. They wondered what kind of cake it was.

“Cake?!” Miya’s eyes lit up. “Is it that sweet and soft dessert that we had on Amy’s birthday previously?”

“Soft and sweet!” Just these two points alone had easily won over the wealthy ladies.

“Is it some kind of ice cream?”

“It sounds like a pastry, but I don’t know what kind it is.”

“Anything that Boss Mag releases must be good! I didn’t expect the new product to be in the ice cream shop instead of at Mamy Restaurant.”

The wealthy ladies were having an enthusiastic discussion. They were very curious about the new product that Mag brought over.

“Yes. I made a mango mousse cake today.” Mag nodded. He opened the cooler box and took out a golden colored cake.

The golden glazed layer of cake was almost glistening while the cake below was a mellow custard yellow. Its round shape looked rather adorable.

“It looks quite cute.”

“Gulp. I want to eat it.”

The wealthy ladies already began to swallow their saliva.

“Wow. It looks different from the previous one.” Miya’s eyes lit up too. She was surprised that Boss was releasing the new product at the ice cream shop. She thought the ice cream shop would only sell ice cream and not release anymore new products.

Babla’s eyes were wide open as she said to Mag with a gentle and pleading voice, “Boss, can I reserve one piece please? I love mangoes.”

Mag glanced at Babla and smiled.

Speaking of which, Babla had contributed greatly when they were sealing up the Great Old One previously. He hadn’t rewarded her yet, so he took the cake out of the box and cut it into 16 identical pieces.

“There you go.” He took a plate and gave Babla a piece of the cake.

One could clearly see the layers of the cut open cake. The topmost layer was the glaze made of mango puree and the lower layer of the cake was the mango mousse mixed with tiny cubes of mangoes. The faint aroma of the milk and mangoes began to spread out.

The smooth cutting skills preserved the cake’s structure and it looked just like a well-crafted artwork. Furthermore, it only presented itself fully after it was cut open.

“Thank you, Boss!” Babla happily went to the side with the cake. She used a small spoon to pop the cake into her mouth.

Her expression lit up instantly as though a golden glow had fallen onto her face.

It was a blissful surprise. It was a pleasant enjoyment!

Babla felt that she was going to scream uncontrollably. This was simply too delicious!

It was a gentle bite. The cooling sensation and the texture that melted as soon as it entered the mouth. It wasn’t as cold as the ice cream. It was a gentle coolness and a sweetness soon followed after it.

It was sweet but not overly sweet, as the mango entered the stage soon after. The unique and fragrant mango aroma brought along the mango’s natural taste. Before the mousse could melt in the mouth completely, the little cubes of mango created an amazing chewing experience.

The rice-grain-sized mango cubes didn’t feel abrupt in the soft mousse cake. Instead, they created a lovely experience as they burst with juice as one chewed. It pushed the entire experience into a climax.

Babla couldn’t help but make a gentle moan. She snapped her legs together instinctively.

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This experience was simply too exquisite!

Sounds of gulping could be heard in the shop. The maidens behind the counter were included as well.

“Father, I want to eat that too…” Kiddo ran over and climbed up Mag’s leg. There was anticipation written all over her face.

“There you go. Eat it yourself.” Mag gave a piece of cake to the little one carefully.

“Thank you, Father,” Kiddo said adorably before stumbling over to a small table to enjoy her dessert.

Now, the wealthy ladies in the shop couldn’t remain seated anymore.

“Boss Mag, are you selling this c-cake?” Bonnie asked.

Even though the other wealthy ladies were not saying anything, their expressions had said everything. They were extremely interested in this mango mousse cake.

Mag had a deep impression of Bonnie, who was Vicennio’s very fierce wife. He nodded and smilingly said, “Yes. This is the new product released in the ice cream shop today: Mango Mousse. It’s 199 per helping and limited to one helping per person. No takeaway is allowed.”

Miya quickly wrote down one notice on the little blackboard at the side:

Today’s new product: Mango Mousse!

Price: 199 copper coins!

Limit one per customer! No takeaway!

Miya hung the little blackboard next to the price tag as an ordering guide.

Bonnie raised her hand and said, “Then, I would like to order one helping.”

“I would like to have one too.”

The wealthy ladies began to place their orders. In a time and place where there were no fake socialites, all the ladies who ordered the 199 dessert on the spot, were real socialites.

“Alright. Please wait for a moment.” Miya acknowledged with a smile before noting the ordering sequence down quickly and sending them their cakes.

There were only six pieces left out of the five cakes. The rest were all ordered by the wealthy ladies and the children present.

“Mmm! It’s so delicious. It has completely subverted my imagination on cakes!”

“What magic did Boss Mag do to make it so soft and sweet, and yet full of the mango’s fragrance. This is simply unbelievable!”

The wealthy ladies heaped praises on it while the children used their actions to demonstrate their love for this dessert; more than one child had licked their plate clean.