Chapter 2374

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Chapter 2374: Gulp—

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Meli was immersed in the fresh taste of the steamed large yellow croaker. It even let her forget about her many troubles.

She suddenly felt the beauty of life again. Her brain started to get clearer. The children’s smiling faces were indeed much more important than the results in numbers. She had lost her initial objective by obsessing over the results.

“Mmm! It’s so scrumptious. The taste is light, but it is extremely fresh and sweet. I never expected that there is actually a fish that is so delicious.” Hera was also full of praise for the large yellow croaker and she looked at it with surprise.

“Is this plain-looking steamed fish really so delicious?” Vivian murmured inwardly. She also popped a piece of fish meat into her mouth.

The sauce’s light savory taste triggered the taste buds’ interest first before the tender fish meat entered the stage.

Different from the experience of the spicy grilled fish’s crispy exterior and tender interior, the large yellow croaker was more gentle and delicate. It showcased the fish meat’s freshness to the extreme.

It was a scrumptious taste that made the taste buds cheer and the body excited.

Vivian picked up her second piece of fish and marveled, “This is simply awesome! He actually used the steaming method to make such a delicious fish! He is indeed Boss Mag!”

Although the three beautiful ladies maintained their restraints and demureness, they couldn’t hide their love and praises for this steamed large yellow croaker.

The customers who were watching around them, gulped. Someone soon began to place their orders.

Light, fresh, marine fish.

To those customers who couldn’t take the spiciness of the spicy grilled fish and steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers, this yellow croaker had made up for their regret of not being able to enjoy a fish dish.

The price tag of 5,000 copper coins wasn’t cheap, but there was never a lack of rich people in Mamy Restaurant.

One steamed large yellow croaker after another was sent out from the kitchen and delivered to the customers’ tables, causing a series of praises.

Vivian’s spicy grilled fish was sent to her table after she ate half of that steamed large yellow croaker.

Vivian didn’t have much interaction with Hera and Meli before this, but her experience of sharing the same table with them wasn’t bad and the simple interaction deepened their understanding of one another, making them closer than before.

“Mm, let’s share our food.” Hera nodded with a smile. The red braised pork and the eggplant with garlic sauce that they ordered were also served.

As for the large yellow croaker…

Only its clean bones were left now.

“Mm-hmm.” Meli smiled too, her current state was much more relaxed.

Vivian ate a few bites of the spicy grilled fish and took a big gulp of the ice water before enviously saying to Meli, who was nibbling on the red braised pork, “Meli, I heard that you’re great at teaching the children. I passed by the principal’s office yesterday and I overheard the senior teachers praising your capabilities.”

“R-really?” Meli’s chopsticks halted as she looked up at Vivian with disbelief.

“Yes. They said that you’re very responsible, which is very rare among the young teachers.” Vivian nodded with conviction.

Meli blushed, but she couldn’t hide her happy smile as she shook her head and said, “I simply do what I am supposed to do.”

Hera winked at her and smilingly said, “Teehee. I said that you don’t have to worry, right? Everyone can see what you are doing. You don’t have to worry about next month’s test now, either.”

After eating dinner, the three of them bade farewell to one another at the door.

Meli boarded the horse-drawn carriage. She lifted a corner of the curtain. The cooling spring breeze blew onto her face, but it couldn’t blow away her smile.

That night, she had a great sleep.

It was a rare night without any dreams.

She only felt comfortable and full of energy when she opened her eyes the next morning.

Sitting in front of her dressing table’s mirror, she was surprised that her dark eye circles were missing and she felt rejuvenated like a young maiden.

“Is sleep indeed the best aesthetic medicine?” Meli caressed her cheeks with her hand and smiled confidently. “Hello, Teacher Meli.”

Meli, who had been troubled by insomnia and frustration, finally got rid of these two things after having a good sleep.

“Perhaps, it was because I ate the large yellow croaker?” Meli tilted her head and thought. The only unusual thing she did yesterday was going to eat the large yellow croaker at Mamy Restaurant.

Meli tied her hair up and changed into a smart black long robe before going to the school confidently.

“Teacher Meli, you seem so energetic today.”

“Teacher Meli, you look so beautiful today.”

Meli received heaps of compliments on her way to school from both teachers and children.

That made Meli’s smile even more confident. She even thought that the beautiful sun felt even warmer on her face.

Hera walked out of the office with a stack of documents and her eyes lit up when she saw Meli. “Oh, my heavens! Meli, you look beautiful today. It’s like you’re a whole new person. Seems like you had a good sleep last night.”

“Hera, you looked beautiful today too,” Meli said with a smile before going closer to her and whispering, “Let’s go to Mamy Restaurant for dinner again tonight. It’ll be my treat.”

“Mm-hm.” Hera nodded profusely.

Mag’s God of Cookery’s Advanced Class had become the Hope School’s students’ hottest topic in the past two days.

The children in the advanced class had turned Mag into a legend after seeing his extraordinary culinary skills and tasting the scrumptious Yangzhou fried rice.

Furthermore, the majestic God of Cookery’s building had become many children’s Holy Land, as getting into the God of Cookery’s Advanced Class meant being able to taste the most delicious food in this world.

The registration for the first term was over and the next registration would be one month later.

Many children had already decided to eat more and build up their strength!

The God of Cookery’s Advanced Class was the most difficult practical course to enroll into in Hope School. This had become the children’s common consensus.

Hence, those children who had got into the 32 people name list became the object of envy for many.

“Beck, tell me again, how delicious was that Yangzhou fried rice?” A few pre-teens crowded around Beck and looked at him expectantly.

Beck scratched his head shyly. “Didn’t I say it a few times yesterday? Maybe I shouldn’t say it anymore?”

“Please say it. We want to listen to it to relieve our cravings.”

“Yes. I was drooling when I listened to it yesterday. I dreamt that I tucked into it last night and it was so satisfying.”

The children hurried him with a chuckle.

Beck looked around him. Seeing that his classmates were so enthusiastic, he couldn’t reject them, so he cleared his throat and said, “The Yangzhou fried rice is made with 10 ingredients. There are the prawns that are the size of an arm, savory ham…

“After the eye-dazzling stir-frying, a helping of Yangzhou fried rice that looks as colorful as the rainbow and smells fantastic, can finally be served.

“A spoon is used to scoop it into the mouth. The eggs almost melt away instantly. The winter bamboo shoots and green beans that are cut into the size of a rice-grain, are crunchy and tasty. The rice that is covered by the egg, tastes sweet after chewing. The soft ham is mixed into the rice and it seems to have the prawn’s taste too.

“All kinds of tastes are in that one mouthful. With just one bite, the entire body feels warm and the rice’s fragrance lingers in the mouth.

“It’s simply awesome!”