Chapter 2375

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Chapter 2375: An A-artifact?!

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Beck’s simple description had successfully aroused his classmates’ boundless imagination about the Yangzhou fried rice.

If not for Beck’s words, they couldn’t even imagine such scrumptiousness.

And everyone began to look at Beck with an increasingly envious gaze.

He was the only lucky one to be selected by Teacher Mag in their class. Moreover, he obviously didn’t meet the height requirement. He was given special permission to enroll in the God of Cookery’s Advanced Class by Teacher Mag.

“Beck, when will Teacher Mag recruit new students again?” a child asked.

The other children were also looking at Beck expectantly.

“I don’t know about that, either.” Beck shook his head. “But, there are still a lot of cooking benches that are vacant in the training center. I guess Teacher Mag would continue to take in more students.”

The students were a little disappointed. His answer was very vague.

“Then, have you already learned how to cook the Yangzhou fried rice, Beck? Can you help us?” another student asked.

The children all turned to look at Beck.

“I haven’t learned how to make it yet.” Beck shook his head, but there was a confident smile on his face. “But, I will definitely learn how to do it one day.”

“Please let me be the first person to eat it after you’ve learned how to do it. This pen is a gift for you.” The little fatty who sat with Beck, pushed a pen into his hands. He was already beginning to bribe him.

Beck looked at the pen in his hands. This was the pen that his deskmate didn’t even want to lend to him yesterday, but he was giving it to him so generously right now.

“This eraser is for you.”

“I drew this painting. It’s yours now.”

This was the first time that Beck had ever felt so popular.

This feeling… was not bad.

The bell for class rang and the students returned to their seats.

Beck stared at the small pile of gifts in front of him. In addition to being touched, he also decided to focus on learning to cook properly and become a great chef so that his classmates could have a chance to taste the food.

“Babla, how is your class today?” Yabemiya asked curiously at the lunch table.

The ladies who were about to tuck in, all turned to look at Babla.

“Don’t remind me about it. I hung two naughty children upside for one period and one of them seemed to get a grasp of spatial magic. However, he wasn’t very gifted, so most probably he would just be a server in a restaurant.” Babla sighed gently with a hint of exasperation.

“Isn’t that just perfect? He can take over after you retire,” Caroline said seriously.

Babla cocked her eyebrow and quickly shook her head. “That brat’s level is way below a server. You can forget about him, Lady Boss.”

“What about you, Shirley?” Mag looked at Shirley.

“I had three extra children at the last minute. They were not bad as they were down-to-earth and willing to learn,” Shirley said calmly and gently.

“People usually describe those children who are not gifted as down-to-earth and hardworking. Because other than that, there is not much to praise them with,” Babla smilingly said to Shirley, “Hey, it’s only your first day at teaching and you have already gotten this glib-tongued?”

Shirley replied with a serious expression, “Being down-to-earth and hardworking have always been excellent qualities to me. To become an excellent archer, one has to learn down-to-earthly and practice hardworkingly.”

Kiddo put down her spoon, licked her lips and seriously said to Shirley, “Big Sister Shirley, can Kiddo learn archery too?”

A gentle smile appeared on Shirley’s face. “I’ll teach Kiddo about archery once you are older.”

Kiddo pouted her lips and replied, “No, Kiddo wants to learn it right now. Kiddo wants to shoot a big swan while riding Ugly Duckling.”

Ugly Duckling, who was concentrating on eating, shrugged and faced another direction, pretending not to hear anything.

Shirley looked at Mag with a helpless expression.

“Kiddo can’t really use a bow and arrows now. We’ll get Big Sister Shirley to bring you hunting when you are older.” Mag patted Kiddo’s head with a smile. She was not even as tall as a bow, so it was indeed difficult for Shirley to teach her about archery.

“Hunting. You don’t need to learn how to shoot an arrow to hunt. Kiddo, you can also kill monsters if you learn magic from your big sister.” Amy held one chicken drumstick with her right hand while lifting her left hand up. An icy blue ice arrow quickly took shape and it flew out of the half-open window in a flash with a gentle flick of her fingers.

Kiddo’s eyes were wide-open as she clapped and marveled. “Wow! Big Sister Amy is so awesome!”

Amy’s wish of being a teacher was greatly satisfied. She took a bite of the drumstick before saying, “This is, in fact, very easy. You only have to follow what I do. Stare at your palm and imagine an ice arrow. Then, you shout loudly, ‘Manifest!’ and it will appear.”

Everyone: “…?”

Was that something that could be achieved with imagination?

Kiddo extended her left hand and stared at her little palm with a grave expression.

Mag and Irina exchanged glances with a hint of alert.

“Manifest!” Kiddo called out adorably.

The ice arrow didn’t appear. Instead, a golden trident appeared on Kiddo’s palm.

A powerful presence was emitted from that trident, making everyone present turn ashen.

“W-what is that?” Camilla exclaimed. She could sense a terrible presence from this trident and it was a fear from the depths of her soul.

“An a-artifact?!” Babla stood up suddenly and stared at that trident with disbelief.

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She had only sensed such a scary presence from the white jade staff hidden in the Moon Nation’s palace before. Apparently, that artifact was found in the ruins of the Holy Land and passed down through generations of the Moon Nation’s rulers.

“It appeared again?” Mag was shocked too. This wasn’t the first time that he had seen this trident, but the gigantic trident disappeared after it shrunk and merged into Kiddo’s body. He didn’t expect it to be summoned out by Kiddo accidently.

“Wow. An arrow with three arrowheads.” Kiddo’s eyes lit up and she turned in an attempt to throw this trident out.

“Wait a sec!” Mag immediately stopped her. His restaurant would most probably be razed to the ground if this baby was thrown out.

That was nothing. The crux was that there were many Chaos City’s powerhouses lining up out there right now. If they witnessed this scene, Kiddo’s identity couldn’t be concealed any longer.

“Kiddo, let’s put this away first. Father will bring you guys to go hunting beyond the city when the restaurant is closed a few days later,” Mag said softly as he guarded against the little one, in case she threw the trident out suddenly.

“But, Kiddo wants to try throwing it out.” Kiddo looked at the one meter long golden trident on her palm enthusiastically.