Chapter 1368

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Chapter 1368: Chapter 1367 was fun

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“It’s quite fun.”After Ling ran sewed a Chinese knot on the doll, he stood up and smiled. He said, “Is this machine ready to be used? Can we send someone to train it?”

“That… the process is not like this.”Jiang Xilin quickly said, “Now, this da Vinci robot is almost ready to be used for debugging. It’s not a problem for it to be used for surgery normally, but it’s not suitable for practice. “Because our robot arm is limited to a limited number of times, it will need to be replaced after ten times… therefore, the training will be conducted in a special training base. I can help you arrange a few designated hospitals. The content is not complicated, and it is easy to pass.”

“The robot arm will cost around 300,000 for ten times.”Ma Yanlin had understood this before, so he immediately said, “Intuitive family is famous for buying robot arms and giving them to robots.”

Jiang Xilin gave a simple and honest laugh, but he did not refute.

Medical devices were never calculated based on cost, especially the cost of materials. Intuitive Company could certainly use the form of a one-time buyout to sell da Vinci robots, but why would they need to do that.

“How long will the training take?”Ling ran thought about it and asked.

“Counting the time of the round trip, it will definitely not be a problem for one week. If you’re a little nervous, it will be about four days.”Jiang Xilin said a little conservatively.

Ling ran was a little hesitant, but he reconfirmed, “You’re going to stay in another city for more than four days?”

“Yes, because we still need to see the situation at the training base.”Jiang Xilin lowered his voice as he spoke, he laughed and said, “The training is actually quite tight right now, but if it’s Doctor Ling, he should be able to approve it no matter where he chooses.”

Since he was also selling da Vinci robots, a leader in the industry like Ling ran would definitely be valued more.

Naturally, Ling ran would not be affected by his shallow treatment. He thought about it again and turned to ask zuo cidian, “Do I have four days of free time?”

“Definitely not in the next two to three months,”Zuo Cidian answered quickly and said, “I have plans for the weekends now. Moreover, Miss Tian Qi is back.”

“Okay.”Ling ran nodded. He did not need to confirm anything, but his attitude was clear.

“If that’s the case…”Jiang Xilin had seen all kinds of busy doctors, and he had his own countermeasures. However, he still pretended to think hard about it. After a while.., he then said, “How about this? Doctor Ling, where do you want to go? I’ll use the company’s name to invite you and Miss Tian Qi to go on a study tour together. How about it?”

This was the weak version of the public-funded travel model. Besides the company paying for it, this method was also easier to apply for leave. It also gave the Doctor a chance to reunite with his family or his mistress.

Zuo Cidian also blinked. He did not expect Jiang Xilin to involve Tian Qi in his conversation. This made it difficult for him to give advice.

Under the curious gazes of the crowd, Ling ran naturally took out his phone and said, “I’ll ask around.”

As he spoke, Ling ran dialed Tian Qi’s number.

The group of people pricked up their ears.

Zuo cidian coughed lightly and looked at the group of people with a stern gaze.

The group of people could not put on an act even if they wanted to. They quickly lowered their heads and left the room.

Two minutes later, when Zuo Cidian saw Ling ran waving at them through the small round window on the door, he said, “Alright, let’s go in.”

Lu Wenbin was slightly unconvinced and said, “Old Zuo, you’ve been staring at Doctor Ling. What if you know how to read lips?”

“Do I understand?”Zuo Cidian looked at Lu Wenbin with an expression that said he was looking at a fool. “Your brain is working so fast. Is it because your brain has grown too big?”

For a moment, Lu Wenbin really did not understand what he meant.

“Someone will call you later. You and Zuo Cidian will discuss the specific itinerary and city with the other party.”As Ling ran spoke, he sat back on da Vinci’s chair and continued to play.

Jiang Xilin was a little understanding, but also a little confused. After making the necessary arrangements for Ling ran, she watched as the small claws of the robot in the room began to bind him again. Then, she retreated to a corner and quietly tugged at Zuo Cidian’s clothes, she said in a low voice, “Doctor Zuo, can you tell me what is the meaning of this?”

“It’s just a literal meaning,”zuo cidian said. “Doctor Ling and Miss Tian Qi are both very busy. We’ll just go through the itinerary in a while.”

“I always do things related to the schedule, but this… even the city is uncertain?”Jiang Xilin hesitated for a moment before he said, “Besides, we have a tight budget in this area.”

“It won’t cost much.”Zuo Cidian looked very calm. They had gone out to perform freelance surgeries all year round. Not only did it become a common practice, but they also gained quite a reputation. Some hospitals and departments were willing to spend money for Ling ran’s treatment group. In fact, because there were too many invitations, it had become a power to perform freelance surgeries in any city nowadays. Sometimes, local hospitals would even ask Zuo Cidian to perform freelance surgeries for their relatives and friends, they even had to specially ask Zuo Cidian for help.

Especially after Ling ran was able to perform heart bypass surgeries, the number of surgeries involving “Favors”increased drastically. Nowadays, there were many cases of heart disease. It could be said that everyone had relatives and friends with coronary heart disease, and there were many people who needed to perform heart bypass surgery. However, only a few people actually dared to perform surgeries on the operating table, doctors who performed good heart surgeries, excellent doctors, and top-notch doctors were much fewer than celebrities or wealthy businessmen.

As for Miss Tian Qi’s ability, zuo cidian was even more clear about it… in short, he did not need a middle-aged young doctor like him to help save money for a group director who had a private jet.

The doctors’attention was once again attracted by the Da Vinci Robot. As Ling ran gradually became more proficient, the smile on the operating table had already been tied up and stitched into a strange posture. The details were.., ling ran performed a total of forty to fifty operations, and he had already faintly demonstrated the corresponding strength.

Only Jiang Xilin was secretly conflicted.

He actually had quite a lot of money in his hands. If necessary, he could still apply for a better combination of silver bullets. However, even if he often spent money recklessly, it did not seem right to spend money like this in one go..

Jiang Xilin’s phone vibrated.

“I’m sorry, it might be the call we just talked about.”Jiang Xilin took two steps back and picked up the call.

“Hello, Old Jiang.”The voice of his superior came from the phone.

Jiang Xilin looked at the phone screen in surprise. The phone number was wrong, so he couldn’t help but say, “Why did you suddenly call me from someone else’s phone?”

“President Zhang used his phone to call me. Put It on Speaker.”

Just as his boss finished speaking, a familiar yet unfamiliar voice sounded, “Manager Jiang has done a good job in developing the market. The partners have specially called to praise you. If you have any problems with Doctor Ling in the future, you can contact me directly.”

“Ah… OH.”Jiang Xilin agreed in confusion.

“Yunli has just reported some news to us and is very interested in your proposal. Here are a few suggestions, you can write them down…”

Jiang Xilin took out his notebook foolishly and started to make notes.

Zuo Cidian was standing close and heard one or two of them. He could not help but smile and glance at Jiang Xilin. He could almost guess the content of his call. After all, he had answered similar calls many times.