Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369: I’ll show you chapter 1368

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“Shall we go to the hospital directly? Do you want to rest in the hotel for the whole morning?”Jiang Xilin sat in the car and asked Zuo Cidian with concern.

Zuo cidian smiled and said, “Doctor Ling always works before he rests. He goes to the hospital without any special instructions.”

“It’s not tiring to come here by private plane, is it?”There were only a few people in the car, and Jiang Xilin could not help but complain. He got up at five o’clock in the morning and took the economy class of the first commercial plane to come here. Then, he arranged for people to be picked up at the airport. Therefore, he saw the private plane landing, but he did not meet the tired crowd.

Zuo cidian wriggled in the back seat twice, but he still said, “It’s more comfortable, but it’s just so-so. We usually go out to operate flying knives, and we still take the ordinary business class.”

Jiang xilin mulled over the term “Normal business class,”and revealed a genuine smile on his face.

“Have you arranged the personnel for the training?”Zuo Cidian asked again.

“Yes, I’ve called a few times.”

“Yes, if it’s possible, let’s go through it all in one go.”

“With Doctor Ling’s drive, it’s impossible not to go through it all in one go.”Jiang Xilin smiled bitterly and rubbed his eyes. He had spent the whole night with Ling ran practicing the Da Vinci Robot, and only ended the training after the robot arm that was given to him was scrapped.

This was also the treatment that was given to Yun Hua Hospital and Ling ran. If it were any other place, even the certification training would not be so wasteful.

Zuo Cidian was naturally used to it. He only checked for loopholes and asked, “Do the doctors in Tai Wu have any thoughts or opinions?”

“Since the name of the certification center is hung here, they naturally want to carry out the certification. Don’t worry, the company sends people here almost every week. Generally speaking, it’s very smooth.”

“It means that they don’t receive any special treatment.”

“Well… we’ve actually worked together for quite a long time in Tai Wu Central Hospital, but as you know, it’s not easy for us to tell them how to do things. There’s usually no problem,”Jiang Xilin answered helplessly.

Compared to him conquering Yun Hua Hospital, Tai Wu Central Hospital was more famous and more complicated. The department director was also a top-notch figure in the medical field in the country, and the reputation that he had accumulated over the years was much higher than Ling ran’s, after this kind of person used the Da Vinci robot, he obtained the qualification to be the Da Vinci robot certification base of intuitive company in a very short period of time. No matter which dimension it was, it was not something that Jiang Xilin could control.

Even when he communicated with the department director, he could only do so through the department director’s secretary. Naturally, he did not dare to make any promises to Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian pursed his lips. He was not surprised.

Although the Ling treatment group was filled with freelance surgeons all over the world, Taiwu had only been here twice. They had not even come into contact with Taiwu Central Hospital once. Similar to Yun Hua Hospital, Taiwu Central Hospital was a top hospital in the region. Even if they hired freelance surgeons, they would usually invite those who were familiar with Beijing and Shanghai to come over. They would expand the scope of the hospital to include famous doctors from the United Kingdom and the United States, they would usually not come into contact with doctors from Yun Hua Hospital, even if the latter’s skill level was similar.

Of course, Tai Wu Central Hospital would not forbid other hospitals in the region from hiring freelance surgeons.

However, those who could hang the sign of the Da Vinci robot certification base were basically at the level of Tai Wu Central Hospital. Ling treatment group also did not have much of a relationship with the other options. This could also be considered as Ling ran’s weak point. If it was a doctor who came from a large faction of the beijing-shanghai University Hospital, by the time he was forty or fifty years old, he would usually be filled with senior and junior brothers. It was naturally convenient for him to do things.

Zuo Cidian did not have anything to complain about. He could only try his best to communicate with Ling ran. He sat in the car and reconfirmed the situation that he had confirmed the day before before he got off the car with a slight sense of relief.

A doctor whom he had met once during a certain meeting received a group of people. He was very polite, but he did not say much.

Tai Wu Central Hospital was very famous in the local area. The General Surgery Department was also the Core Department of Tai Wu. If Ling ran and the others came to visit or visit, the other party might have more ideas and come to perform the Da Vinci Robot Certification, then, it would not seem so high-end.

Jiang Xilin had seen a lot of such things. He ran around busily with his colleagues. He wanted to pretend that he took it seriously so that the doctors in Ling treatment group would not feel disappointed.

Zuo Cidian carefully glanced at Ling ran. When he saw that Ling ran did not pay any attention to these things, he was relieved.

As for Ma Yanlin, Lu Wenbin, and the others, Zuo Cidian could not care less.

“You guys do the certification first. After that, we have time. Let’s have a meal together or something?”Luo Guan, the doctor who came to receive them, was very polite and amiable.

“Thank you for your concern.”Zuo Cidian pulled Luo Guan and thanked him first before he said, “We’ll probably be busy for another two days. I’ll look for You Later…”

The doctors were very busy with their daily work. If they did not make a decision this time, most of them would not be able to return. However, Luo Guan did not care much about it. He smiled and said a few polite words before he sent the doctor to the certification center and left.

In the end, there was no special treatment.

Young doctors like Ma Yanlin could see that. He wanted to say something, but for some reason, he felt a little guilty.

Ma Yanlin was shocked. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for. There were so many doctors in Yun Hua Hospital, but he was the only one who had completed the certification in advance. It was the time for him to go on a killing spree, show his ability, and help the team.

Ma Yanlin turned around and glanced at Ling ran, who was calm and composed. He suddenly found the source of his guilty conscience.

Initially, when they were performing freelance surgeries outside, everyone had doctor Ling to rely on. No matter which hospital he ran into, as long as he saw Ling ran, he would know that the damn arrogance of this doctor was about to be folded up again.

But today, he was here to do the certification for the Da Vinci Robot, and the situation was different. He did not say that he was living under someone else’s roof, but in the end, he still felt that he was inferior to someone else. Most importantly, Ma Yanlin suddenly lost his confidence.

“If you’re welcoming me, I won’t say anything else. Let me first introduce our verification process to everyone…”another middle-aged doctor entered the room. He looked like he was in a hurry, and he spoke a few sentences, then, he revealed his identity as a veteran in the verification process. After he spoke for a while, he looked at Ling ran and said, “After Doctor Ling is familiar with this place, we can perform a surgery together.”

“Okay.”When Ling ran heard that they were going to perform a surgery, the probability of him agreeing to it naturally increased.

“Actually, I’ve watched Doctor Ling’s surgery live broadcast before. He did a really good job. Our chief physician said that he did not expect the doctors in the emergency department to be so good at performing general surgeries.”The middle-aged doctor smiled and said nice things, then, he changed the topic and said, “However, the operation of our da Vinci robot is quite different from laparoscopy and open surgery. Next, I’ll demonstrate it to you.”