Chapter 1370

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Chapter 1370: Chapter 1369 certification completed

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“Thank you for your trouble.”Zuo Cidian continued, making the atmosphere at the scene harmonious.

Lu Wenbin stood at the back and looked at the middle-aged doctor sitting on the chair at the control panel. He could not help but smile and said in a low voice, “It feels like a familiar show.”

When they went out to perform freelance surgeries, they would occasionally meet some doctors who were good teachers. In fact, doctors who had reached a high level were just like other intellectuals who had reached a high level. They always had the urge to do something, which was the performance of being good at being teachers.

However, no matter how high-level an intellectual was, they all had their limitations. Those who were high-level throughout the city, those who were high-level throughout the province, those who were high-level throughout the country, and those who were high-level throughout the world all had different performances.

Lu Wenbin and the others followed Ling ran out to perform freelance surgeries. The people who liked to be teachers the most were the high-level doctors who looked at the whole city. The most common thing they said was that even though… They were similar to XX hospitals. In the same context, when they were students, there was also a fixed phrase — “Even though our school is XX, The XX specialty in our school is similar to those in northern Qing dynasty.”.

Ling ran naturally faced more similar situations, so it was needless to say how strong his immunity was. Therefore, when he was invited to perform freelance surgeries and the other party provided him with a hospital bed, Ling ran would usually let the other party perform as he pleased.

Lu Wenbin and the others were a little less resistant, especially when they performed robotic surgeries today. Lu Wenbin could not help but complain.

Ma yanlin snorted and said, “However, we can’t directly slap his face this time. With Doctor Ling’s talent, he can come back next year and let this person experience it as an assistant.”

Lu Wenbin was a little displeased and said, “In less than a year, the surgery is a surgery. There won’t be any difference in the anatomy of the human body and the judgment of the surgery. We just need to familiarize ourselves with the usage of Da Vinci.”

Ma Yanlin shook his head. “Based on the information I’ve read, an average doctor needs to perform an average of 150 surgeries to master da Vinci, and 250 surgeries to be very proficient. “If Doctor Ling wants to perform 200 surgeries, he might need to be on a higher level than the other party. “The doctors in the certification base still have some skills.”

He had already said it in a rather conservative manner. Based on the actual thoughts in his heart, Ma Yanlin felt that even Ling ran would need at least a few hundred surgeries before he could use the da Vinci robot as if it was his arm. As for the abilities of surgeons.., only when they could master the tools in their hands would they be able to fully utilize their abilities.

Lu Wenbin did not learn it before. Instead, he felt that it was simple. However, he also admitted that he needed two hundred surgeries. He only said, “With Doctor Ling’s speed, two hundred surgeries will only take a few months.”

“Da Vinci is not that simple,”Ma Yanlin said. “The indications need to be limited. The use of this robotic arm is self-financed. I don’t know how much our hospital will order in the end. In any case, many patients are unwilling to use the cheaper ones that cost more than 20,000 yuan each time and the more expensive ones that cost 60,000 yuan each time. “This is especially so for small surgeries such as cholecystectomy. Many people will save as much as they can. “Therefore, there’s no time limit for finding a large number of patients to perform the surgery.”

Besides that, there were also operational and technical problems. Ma Yanlin did not need to be mentioned, but Lu Wenbin actually understood it as well.

Familiar surgeries were all the same, but unfamiliar surgeries had their own conditions.

Lu Wenbin nodded slowly. “It’s just like how the secret sauce pork trotters that cost eight yuan are not as easy to sell as the cheap plain pork trotters.”

Ma Yanlin was stunned for a moment before he shook his head. “That’s different. The secret sauce pork trotters that you guys just released are really not delicious.”

“After you become familiar with the Da Vinci robot, it will only be easier than using a laparoscope.”The middle-aged doctor leaned on the control panel and spoke while operating the robotic arm.

Zuo Cidian was still the only one who answered, “The feeling of 3D is clearer than that of 2d.”

“That’s not just a question of clarity. There are many benefits. It’s like a normal cholecystectomy. It’s much easier to do with da Vinci,”the middle-aged doctor said in a slightly boastful tone. No matter what, he was a famous doctor in the country. He could only pretend for a while in front of the other party.

Zuo Cidian still nodded and said in understanding, “Cholecystectomy is such a simple surgery. It can be even simpler. It’s really amazing.”

“Isn’t it…”the middle-aged doctor said before he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He thought about it for a few seconds and raised his head to look at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo cidian smiled and nodded innocently, as if he agreed with the other party’s point of view.

The following certification process was not very interesting. The middle-aged doctor from Taiwu was not very serious, and the doctors from Yun Hua also had a hard time learning it.

Ling ran did not find it easy either. When he was studying, he did not have any outstanding learning ability. It was like a medical book that had a few hundred pages. Some students who were famous for their speed would only need three or four all-nighters to finish it, and Ling ran would need to read two or three of them, he would even need to ask the teacher occasionally for three or four weeks. Even though he often scored more than forty points higher than his classmates, Ling ran was not good at learning speed.

It was the same for learning the Da Vinci Robot. Ling ran listened to the class and practiced. He was very slow throughout the whole process.

However, certification was originally a process. As he walked, he eventually completed the certification.

“Congratulations, Doctor Ling.”The middle-aged doctor placed a thin piece of paper in the Little Red booklet and handed it to Ling ran, Lu Wenbin, and the others, he then said, “Shall I accompany you to perform two more surgeries? It’s our custom in Taowu to do things for ourselves and others. We still have to let the students practice well.”

“Alright.”Ling ran also wanted to perform two surgeries on da Vinci, so he did not care about what the other party meant by “Students.”.

Zuo cidian coughed twice and said unhappily, “Doctor Ling, it’s actually about time. Why don’t we go back and perform the surgery again?”

When they returned to their own territory, they could naturally hire doctors to perform da Vinci’s surgery, just like other freelance surgeons. and freelance surgeons who were hired from outside would usually be easier to talk to.

However, Ling ran did not understand Zuo Cidian’s hidden meaning. He first browsed through the system’s page:

[ mission completed: obtain certification. ]

[ mission content: complete the preliminary practice of the Da Vinci robot and obtain the qualifications to operate it. ].

-LSB- mission reward: 1,000% of the effects of the surgical instruments. ]

“I’m not in a hurry to go back. I’ll do the surgery first.”Ling ran was not sure how long the effect of the ten times practice would last, and he did not want to waste it.

Moreover, it would be too much of a waste to go back without performing a few serious surgeries even after traveling thousands of kilometers back and forth to Taiwu.

“Wait a moment, I’ll contact them.”The middle-aged doctor smiled. He went out to make two phone calls before he returned and said, “Then, let’s go to the operating area. There’s a surgery scheduled there today.”

Seeing this, Zuo Cidian could only quietly follow and casually ask, “How many da Vinci machines do you have in the operating area?”

“There are two more, both of which have dual consoles,”the middle-aged doctor said. “The mechanical arms with dual consoles are easy to fight with, so you have to be extra careful when operating.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. Follow the instructions and you’ll usually have no problems.”As they spoke, they came to the operating area and entered the operating room of another da Vinci robot.

Luo Guan, who had received everyone before, was also there. He smiled and said, “It just so happens that it’s my surgery, so I’ll do it for you.”

“Thank you, chief physician Luo.”Zuo Cidian could only thank him.

Luo Guan revealed a kind and curious smile that did not match his age.

In the chaos, Ling ran and the middle-aged doctor took their seats respectively.

“Follow my instructions.”The middle-aged doctor started with a commanding tone.

“Okay.”Ling ran did not seem to mind at all and agreed. However, it made Ma Yanlin, Lu Wenbin, and the others behind him feel a little annoyed.

Lu Wenbin was even more angry behind ma yanlin and said, “It was all your evil idea.”

Ma Yanlin felt guilty. “This is the direction of future development. Besides, I was trained in Prince of Wales Hospital…”

“The other students should take a good look.”The middle-aged doctor raised his head.

“Yes, take a good look.”Ling ran did not raise his head, but he expressed his agreement.

Everyone immediately became solemn.

The middle-aged doctor turned his head around with a little envy. He moved the joystick again, ready to show Ling ran another trick.

He cut in without saying a word and carried out the surgery step by step.

One of the advantages of the Da Vinci robot was to reduce the number of operators. In theory, it could still perform small and medium-sized surgeries without an assistant. However, it was also very convenient to have an assistant when it was training.

Ling ran followed the steps of the middle-aged doctor and followed them step by step. He also slowly experienced the differences.

Even though he did not have much room to operate as an assistant, Ling ran continued to accumulate the sense of familiarity as he watched the operation of the robotic arm in the operating field.