Chapter 1372

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Chapter 1372: Chapter 1371: Bow Down to evil forces

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“I’m familiar with this rhythm.”Lu Wenbin raised his head and looked at the screen in the operating room, revealing a mysterious smile.

The large screen in the operating room naturally did not have a 3D effect. The high-definition screen looked a little like a laparoscope, but the operation was not laparoscopic at all.

However, it was easier for Lu Wenbin and the others to read such images.

In their opinion, Ling ran’s robotic arm might not be that flexible, but he was able to deal with the gallbladder triangle in a straightforward manner.

After performing surgery for a period of time, the surgeons actually understood that it was not difficult to occasionally display cool, high-difficulty operations during surgery, because that was just a flash of light, the difficulty lay in the correct treatment of the surgical area with perseverance. The latter was not only a marathon test, but also an understanding of anatomy and a requirement for basic skills — and these two things were precisely the most difficult.

The goal of the surgery was ultimately responsible for the results. Many practitioners in many industries and professions in this world could openly say, “I only care about the process, not the results.”Only medical practitioners.., if they dared to say that, they would be scolded on the back.

However, most surgeons were more willing to talk about the moment when they shone and show off their cool and difficult movements. However, very few people really tracked the prognosis of the patient and calculated the success rate of their surgery, they analyzed the gains and losses.

Even if it was a simple cholecystectomy, there were some doctors who were muddle-headed. There were many doctors who basically knew it, but there were few doctors who understood it clearly.

“You’ll have your own experience whenever you watch Doctor Ling’s surgery,”Zuo Cidian said slowly and began to suck up to him.

“Doctor Ling’s cholecystectomy is really beautiful.”

“That’s why we call it a robot or a tool. Whether it’s powerful or not, it still depends on the doctors who perform the surgery.”

“Even the robot arm that Doctor Ling operates feels more handsome,”Zuo Cidian summarized his opinion and began to suck up to a wider world.

He now quite liked the da Vinci robot mode, especially when the control panel was outside the operating theater. Everyone dressed neatly and flattered him, making him feel more elegant and serious. It was unlike the operating theater, where he had to take off his clothes and take a shower to change into his uniform at any time, and there were fewer people who cooperated with him.

Ling ran was also used to listening to all kinds of voices, and he had long been used to filtering out all kinds of voices.

Focusing on something and focusing on what he needed to pay attention to was a habit that Ling ran had developed over the years. On the operating table, most of his thoughts were focused on the patient.

Cholecystectomy was simple, but if it was done well or not, the impact of the difference was not small. If he made a mistake and injured the bile duct or liver, it would be even more troublesome.

Due to this, Ling ran, who was still a novice in da Vinci robotics, did not even consider showing off his skills. He just used the most basic operations and continued to do it in order.

This was the most difficult to make mistakes, but it was also the most time-consuming mode. At the same time, it was also the most boring mode. Everyone was a doctor who had performed cholecystectomy before. Naturally, they did not like to watch this most basic surgical method.

However, because it was Ling ran who did it, Zuo Cidian and the others still had to hold back all their strength to praise him:

Zuo Cidian was the first to say, “The rhythm is really good.”

Lu Wenbin continued, “Doctor Ling’s dissection is like a roundworm in the stomach.”

Ma Yanlin quickly rebuked him. “You’re a roundworm that has been cut off, right? You’re thick and stupid.”

Yu Yuan commented, “I happened to dig out a roundworm that was more than one meter long last time, and it was cut off just in time. It died before it could soak in formalin, but if you want to call it thick…”

“That’s just right.”Everyone stared at Yu Yuan and interrupted her excited explanation.

“It’s boring.”Yu Yuan shrugged and returned to her original position. She continued to watch Ling ran’s operation with great interest. Her practical skills were poor, and she had long since given up on showing off her skills. Instead, she watched as Ling ran performed the most basic surgery.

The middle-aged doctor cooperated with Ling ran out of boredom. To him, this kind of surgery was too boring.

However, Ling ran did not encounter any obstacles at all, and this was something that he did not expect.

The Da Vinci robot was not a magical technology, but to a surgeon, it was equivalent to changing a full set of equipment. Even a plumber would feel uncomfortable when he moved after changing all the sets, moreover, the operation of a surgeon was very complicated.

From what the middle-aged doctor saw, a surgeon who had just started practicing was not much better than a newbie, but Ling ran’s operation was a little more skilled.

“Doctor Ling, you practiced da Vinci in Yun Hua Hospital for a period of time?”The middle-aged doctor asked at this moment.

“I played for a whole night.”Ling ran thought about it and said, “It’s mainly basic operations such as tying knots and suturing.”

“HMM… basic skills are fine…”the middle-aged doctor pursed his lips, but he could not find too many flaws.

The operating theater became quiet again until someone knocked on the door and came in.

“Doctor Luo.”The young doctor from Tai Wu Central Hospital greeted everyone. He was very obedient.

Luo Guan smiled and greeted him before he said, “I came over to take a look. How are things going over here?”

He had seen Ling ran and the others during a meeting in the past. At that time, he could only take advantage of them. Now that he met them in his own hospital, he felt even more confident. The way he greeted them became much more natural.

The middle-aged doctor smiled and replied, “Doctor Ling, you’re doing quite well.”

“Oh…”Luo Guan raised his head to take a look and said, “Are you going to perform cholecystectomy?”

“The first surgery? Using da Vinci’s?”

“Yes, the first surgery.”

“Then you did quite well.”Luo Guan could not help but comment. When he finished his sentence, the two doctors from Tai Wu Central Hospital felt that something was a little strange.

Luo Guan felt that it was strange because he did not expect that he would one day use this sentence pattern to comment on Ling ran from Yun Hua Hospital. Meanwhile, the middle-aged doctor looked back at Ling ran’s surgery and was a little surprised by his technical performance.

“I feel that the second half of the surgery is a little better than the first half. I think it went smoothly…”the middle-aged doctor mumbled to himself, but he did not say anything else.

The surgery was too small, and it did not show anything.

Meanwhile, Ling ran himself was getting better and better.

After he obtained the certification, the system gave him ten times the experience. For Ling ran, who was already well-versed in related skills, it was like a ripening agent. It rapidly increased his familiarity with the Da Vinci robot.

When the entire surgery was done, Ling ran felt even more at ease.

The Da Vinci robot was not that difficult to begin with.

In fact, the Da Vinci robot was not difficult to begin with.

The main control parts of this thing were the two joysticks in his hands and the two rows of six pedals under his feet. To use a more figurative analogy, it was not much more complicated than the new PS handle. It was also a arcade-style structure, so it was not difficult to operate.

The company did not intend to make this thing complicated. On the contrary, in order to convince doctors to use it, the Da Vinci robot had been based on the concept of “Intuition”since the beginning of its design. It did not need special training, so in the hospitals in the United States, doctors could use the da Vinci robot independently after they performed two surgeries.

In comparison, the cost of learning laparoscopy was slightly higher.

And for Ling ran, everything was much simpler.

“Next?”Ling ran’s mood became high.

“Uh…”the middle-aged doctor was stunned for a moment before he said, “Then, we still need some time to prepare.”

“Yes.”Ling ran nodded.

When Zuo Cidian saw that Ling ran successfully completed a surgery, he was already very confident. He pulled a long face and said, “Hurry up.”

The middle-aged doctor’s expression could not help but change. However, he was just an ordinary doctor from Tai Wu Hospital. He could not withstand zuo cidian’s imposing manner, and he subconsciously lowered his head for the evil forces. “Right away…”