Chapter 1373

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Chapter 1373: Chapter 1372 I’ll wait for you to ask

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Taowu Hospital’s Da Vinci Robot Operating Theater was in high demand. It was impossible for it to be arranged in advance to wait for a doctor like a normal operating theater. Instead, it could only be arranged for a doctor to wait for a machine.

Ling ran’s treatment group did not have any special privileges here. Similarly, they could only watch people rearrange the operating theater in the inner room through the glass.

Ling ran took the time to go out and look at the patient who had just undergone surgery. He was a strong man in his forties. A few holes in his stomach had already been bandaged. His face was still pale, but it was mainly the result of anesthesia.

Judging from the indicators of the instruments hanging on the wall, the patient’s condition was stable. Although his heart rate was lower, it was still within the range. Ling ran did not feel much more at ease.

Based on the paramecium level of logical thinking, the patient’s main body signs did not change even when all the operating methods remained the same, and only when the operating equipment changed, that at least meant that the robotic arm of the Da Vinci robot was not poisonous!

After a while, another patient was sent in.

“Doctor Ling, this is a splenectomy.”The middle-aged doctor spoke through the glass window through the walkie-talkie on the wall.

Ling ran nodded and went forward to check on the patient’s condition.

Around the same time, the anesthetist started to intervene in his work. Ling ran returned to the operating room. When he was about to change his clothes, he stopped and stood in front of the glass window with some disappointment.

The middle-aged doctor drank half a cup of coffee in one go and rubbed his hands, he said, “Doctor Ling, splenectomy is relatively difficult. You may have performed laparotomy or laparoscopic splenectomy before, but there are still some differences in using da Vinci’s splenectomy. If it’s difficult for you to be the chief surgeon…”

“I’ll do it.”Ling ran interrupted the middle-aged doctor with certainty.

The skill level of his splenectomy was perfect. It was a completely different concept from cholecystectomy. Even if he were to use da Vinci robot, his understanding of the surgical method and the various medical knowledge during the perioperative period of the surgery far surpassed that of the instruments in this kind of difficult surgery.

Zuo Cidian and the others showed understanding smiles.

The middle-aged doctor curled his lips and said, “I know that splenectomy is a common surgical method in the emergency department, so I chose splenectomy. However, a da Vinci robot splenectomy is different.”

“Let’s try it first, Doctor Ling.”Zuo Cidian did not say it out loud.

The middle-aged doctor replied with an “Mm”and did not dare to say anything big.

Naturally, he did not choose the splenectomy because it was a common surgical procedure in the emergency department. From the perspective of his heart, he really wanted to make things difficult for Ling ran and show off a little. However, being difficult was difficult, and showing off was just showing off. First of all, if you could not choose a surgery that the other party did not do at all, then it would not be called difficult. It would be irresponsible for the patient. If the patient did not get what he wanted, then it would be fine, but it would really be what he wanted, that would be equivalent to forcing a little widow on the summit of the Forbidden City. She would be happy for a while, but she would be buried for the rest of her life.

However, when he was secretly asking about other surgical methods, he had clearly encountered a difficult problem — Ling ran’s surgery coverage was too wide.

Forget about the heart surgery department, which was a surgical method that he could not come into contact with as a minor general surgery department. Even the general surgery department itself, from the stomach to the intestines, ling ran had basically performed surgeries before, and he had even published a paper on it. When the middle-aged doctor saw the densely packed words ‘liver’, even his small liver trembled slightly.

Hepatectomy was known as the jewel in the Crown of surgery. It was no joke. Most elite doctors who were middle-aged might not even have the chance to get involved in it. If they were not elite enough when they were young, middle-aged doctors would not even have the chance to get involved in it, just like the middle-aged doctor.

In short, it was too difficult and too biased. Even the middle-aged doctor could not do it himself, let alone have the space to perform it. Splenectomy was already within his range, so it was a more appropriate choice. Of course, there had to be a suitable patient.

For example, the top three doctors in the region like Tai Wu Central Hospital, the middle-and high-ranking doctors all had a stack of patient hospitalization forms in their hands. They were all patients who had been accumulated for elective surgery on a daily basis. Because there were not enough beds, the patients’conditions were not urgent, therefore, they were all arranged according to the situation. When there were empty seats, they would call the patients and inform them to come to the hospital for surgery. The middle-aged doctor had also found quite a few doctors that he was familiar with before he chose a doctor who was willing to use the da Vinci robot to perform a splenectomy.

Using the Da Vinci robot to perform a splenectomy was already considered a high-end operation by the Da Vinci Robot. It was impossible for them to completely replicate the laparoscopic and open surgery models. Instead, they had some creative ideas.

The middle-aged doctor was quite experienced in this. He sat steadily in front of the control panel and said, “If Doctor Ling is confident, let’s begin. Doctor Ling, do you want to watch a video of the surgery?”

Ling ran closed his eyes and pondered. He did not immediately answer.

The middle-aged doctor waited for half a minute before he was ready to speak again.

At that moment, Ling ran opened his eyes and said, “If the splenic artery is detached and pre-ligated, it shouldn’t be a big problem. The splenic pedicle can be severed as a backup plan. HMM, if there’s a video of the surgery, let’s watch it.”

The middle-aged doctor was stunned when he heard that. He forced a smile, took out his phone, and flipped through it for a long time.

The two questions showed Ling ran’s understanding of splenectomy without mercy. The middle-aged doctor could not help but feel like he was about to overtake Ling ran when he realized that he was still trapped in his mind.

Before he could flip through it, Yu Yuan had already raised her phone, which was as big as half of her face, and stood in front of Ling ran. She placed the phone on her forehead and pressed her forehead against it. The height was just right.

After Ling ran thanked her, he quickly swiped the screen above Yu Yuan’s head. In just a short while, he finished watching the surgery.

In fact, he did not need to look at most of the steps. The Da Vinci robot was not some mysterious and special machine. Other than the fact that the angle of rotation of the mechanical arm was abnormally large, it did not change the nature of the surgery. In fact, the Da Vinci robot was more of a benefit to the patient. It could allow the doctor to complete the surgery under less trauma. It could also allow the doctor to carry out the surgery smoothly even when his physical strength was not good, or even when his hands were shaking. It also improved his vision, it could help the doctor clarify the organizational relationship. But to be honest, if the patient’s tolerance was not considered and only the surgery itself was considered, most doctors would rather do an open surgery.

Open surgery was the romance of a surgeon. Looking at the dripping blood was the passion of a surgeon!

Of course, with the popularity of the Da Vinci robot, some new surgical methods would definitely be invented, and some improved surgical methods would definitely appear. However, this did not mean that the old surgical methods could not be used, or that they were not easy to use.

It was just like a car with automatic transmission replacing a car with manual transmission. For newbies or ordinary drivers, the world seemed to have changed a little, but for high-end drivers, automatic transmission was quite good, the era of manual transmission was far from over. The skills of the era of manual transmission were still useful. More importantly, the logic of racing cars in the era of manual transmission had not changed.

“If we use da Vinci, we can see the relative relationship between the front and back of the organization very clearly.”Ling ran nodded. He looked at the middle-aged doctor and said, “Then, shall we start the surgery?”

“If you think there’s no problem, we’ll start.”The middle-aged doctor had originally been waiting for Ling Ran’s humble consultation. After all, there was a difference between video and practice. Otherwise, how could the young doctors of so many small hospitals in remote areas not have a chance to make a name for themselves? There would always be a few children who were willing to watch the video seriously or even memorize the video.

However, since Ling ran did not ask, the middle-aged doctor could not be bothered to talk about it. In other words, he had no way to talk about it. He could not drag Ling ran into a lesson.

Therefore, all of his thoughts eventually condensed into one thought. It was the same thought that he had when he went on stage to perform the surgery.’I will wait for you to ask.’.

Behind the control panel, among the doctors who were looking up at the screen, Ma Yanlin’s thought was much more important. ‘this world seems to be different from what I thought.’?