Chapter 1375

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Chapter 1375: Chapter 1374 gave too much

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Using the Da Vinci robot to perform splenectomy was difficult. It was not a relatively easy option, let alone the choice of a novice doctor.

This was mainly because using the robot to perform splenectomy required a longer time. On average, using the laparoscope to perform a splenectomy usually took about 120 minutes. However, using the Da Vinci robot, the average time is more than 160 minutes.

Although the Da Vinci robot with its own seat and hand rest can greatly relieve the burden of the surgeon, the main criteria for the success of the surgery and whether it is appropriate is based on the patient, the length of time is obviously an important factor.

However, as an early development of a surgical equipment, the average time at this time can not be a negative factor. It could only be said that there was still a lot of room for development through the use of the Da Vinci robot to perform splenectomy. Whether it was developing new surgical methods, improving the effectiveness of the Da Vinci robot, or improving surgical skills, they could all be the direction of development. They could all be used to do projects, write articles, and apply for funds.

And this was also one of the research directions of the middle-aged doctor.

After much deliberation, he chose to let Ling ran be the chief surgeon of splenectomy. It was also because he had more research in this direction, and he was confident that he could turn the tide when Ling ran asked for help, gave up, or even made a mistake.

He did not expect that Ling ran would be so ruthless and overpowered all the way. He also did not expect that the splenectomy performed by the Da Vinci Robot, which was unusually complicated and difficult in his eyes, would actually be overpowered by Ling ran’s most ordinary.., there was no optimization at all.

Ling ran, who performed the splenectomy purely according to the laparoscopic procedure, only did it for 120 minutes before he raised his head.

“If there’s no problem, then we’ll suture it,”Ling ran politely asked the middle-aged doctor.

“Let’s suture it.”The middle-aged doctor was calm… calm. The chair that came with the three-million-dollar machine was soft and comfortable. It could support his buttocks and also protect his knees, so that he would not slide down with a squeak, he knelt on the flat ground.

Ling ran did not have that many thoughts.

The $3,000,000 machine was very fun. The joystick was very sensitive, and his vision was very clear. After a two-hour surgery was completed, Ling ran felt like he was sitting on a transformer to perform surgery on a titan.

“It’s quite interesting.”Ling ran let out a long breath and revealed a hint of a smile.

Zuo cidian laughed so hard that his mouth could fit a wild goose. As the saying went, ‘The Lord rejoices in his subject’s glory.’Ling ran liked it and was happy about it, so the people around him who were laughing along with him naturally worked hard.

Ling ran’s smile did not disappear. He said in a satisfied tone, “Prepare the next one.”

From the corner of Ling Ran’s smile, the middle-aged doctor seemed to see a hint of praise. At the very least, he felt excited that he was being praised.

However, the excitement did not last for long, because he quickly realized a problem. “There’s no next surgery. We only prepared two surgeries.”

“There’s no more…”Ling ran sighed, as if he wanted more.

Indeed, two surgeries were not a small number for a doctor. Many surgeons only performed three or four surgeries two days a week. Moreover, he was only here to perform the Da Vinci robot certification, not to perform freelance surgeries. If Ling ran arranged for two surgeries, he would be at his limit.

However, Ling ran, who had just practiced two da Vinci surgeries, was like a novice driver who had just gotten his driver’s license and drove two times. Regardless of whether his skills were good or not, he was indeed addicted.

Zuo Cidian could tell at a glance. Even Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and the others could tell.

At that moment, it was time for the main concern to be about the humiliation of his subjects.

Zuo cidian furrowed his brows tightly. While his mind was working quickly, his eyes darted around, and he arrived in front of Luo Guan, the local doctor who was watching the show. He quietly pulled him out of the room.

“Doctor Luo, you’re also a general surgeon, right? Can you arrange a few more robot surgeries for our Doctor Ling?”Zuo Cidian said with a smile.

Luo Guan was amused. “Look at what you’re saying. can surgeries be arranged just because you want to? You’re making things too difficult for me.”

“Then, tell your chief that our Doctor Ling will perform freelance surgeries for free.”

Luo Guan looked at Zuo Cidian in surprise. Performing freelance surgeries was, after all, an extremely risky thing for doctors. If it was not for the sake of making money, who would be willing to fly around and perform surgeries? They would also have to bear all kinds of risks, that would be even worse.

However, Luo Guan could not be bothered to probe further. He said in an apologetic tone, “Doctor Zuo, you’re making things difficult for me. I can’t interfere with who the department allows to operate freelance surgeries and when.”

“How about this…”Zuo cidian muttered to himself. He also realized that letting Luo Guan make a decision was a little hasty.

Luo Guan smiled and waited for a while before he was ready to leave.

“I see!”Zuo Cidian stopped him again, but his tone was different, he said, “It just so happens that during this period of time, we are preparing to have a consensus among the experts on accelerated rehabilitation during the perioperative period of hepatectomy. Ask your director if he is interested in participating.”

“F * ck…”Luo Guan almost cursed out loud. He wished that he could agree on the spot on behalf of the director.

Indeed, he was not qualified to participate in the complicated department decision-making process of throwing knives, nor could he bear the responsibility. However, it was a good thing to give the director honor. No matter how heavy the burden was, it did not seem as heavy.

Fortunately, Luo Guan’s IQ was still there. He could not help but ask, “Is it necessary? Don’t you already have a da Vinci Robot in your own hospital?”

With the same tone, his heart was saying, are you crazy?

Writing the consensus of experts wasn’t just something that you could write, you also had to be qualified to write it. Because this was a suggestion to guide the clinical practice, in other words, it was to let all the doctors doing similar clinical work in the country listen to you. Therefore, a problem that existed all over the world would arise: Why?

In China, this thing was mostly written by organizations like the XX Professional Committee. It was equivalent to a group of experts gathering together to endorse it and solve the “Why”problem at the same time. In practice, it could be started by a big bull, and operated by a discussion held by the XX Professional Committee. It could also be started by a big bull, gathered in the wild, and operated in the opposite direction. But no matter what kind of plan it was, this was usually something that only the big shots in Beijing and Shanghai would do. In local hospitals, there were very few departments that could do this.

Tai Wu Central Hospital had big shots that could afford to play games with them, but it did not include the department director of the General Surgery Department.

However, Luo Guan was certain that if his department director knew that he had the chance to get a signed expert consensus, he would definitely be willing to save Doctor Ling’s life a week in advance.

That was also Luo Guan’s question. ‘you guys have given too much!’!

Zuo Cidian was the person in charge of the practical details, he only said, “We were originally willing to find a few clinicians from the local hospitals to sign their names and publish them together. The experts have a consensus. Of course, there must be a lot of experts who will study and approve it. Of course, the part that should be shouldered by you guys…”

“Of course, of course. I understand.”Luo Guan quickly nodded and said in a flattering tone, “Then, shall I call our director?”