Chapter 1377

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Chapter 1377: Chapter 1376 was unhappy

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“Doctor Ling… Oh, and chief physician, um… the surgery is ready.”A nurse from the surgery department rushed into the room excitedly. She looked at Ling ran with a smile on her face, and when she saw chief physician Liang Xue.., her expression became strange.

“What? You Can’t stand to see Chief Physician Liang now that you’ve seen Chief Physician Ling?”Liang Xue revealed an amiable smile.

The nurse from the surgery department was shocked. Then, she looked at Liang Xue helplessly. “Chief, the operating theater is ready. Are we going to assemble the robot now?”

The robot arm for every surgery had to be reinstalled. Even the skilled medical staff would need 15 minutes to coordinate with each other. If the time was slightly slower to half an hour, based on the time, this could be considered a disadvantage of robotic surgery.

However, it was still relatively easy to improve this disadvantage. The core of robotic surgery was that it provided a medium for remote surgery. Once the speed and quality of the network reached the standard, it could be imagined that medical ethics and laws would tend to give opportunities. After all, the benefits of remote surgery were too great, especially for regions and small cities. If 20 million yuan could be used to receive medical assistance from big cities, it would be a revolutionary change to the health environment and life expectancy of the region.

But before long-distance surgery could be carried out, freelance surgeries would still be popular for a long time.

Liang Xue took two steps back. He acted like he was facing a big shot from an outer court who came to perform freelance surgeries. He said in a consulting tone, “Doctor Ling, what do you think…”

“Let’s begin.”Ling ran had been waiting anxiously for a long time.

“Check the signal and take it over,”Liang Xue instructed. He then pretended to look at his watch in the waiting room and said, “It’s just time for afternoon tea. Do you want to have some tea or something?”

“I’ll just have a cup of tea.”Ling ran answered very quickly. After he said what he wanted, he gestured to Zuo Cidian. At the same time, he raised the cup of Chrysanthemum tea and drank it in one gulp along with the energy serum.

His current state of energy was actually very good, but when he considered that the operation of the Da Vinci robot was still not considered skilled, and the surgery itself took a long time, he made preparations in advance. The most important thing was that he had enough energy serum. Otherwise, he could also take an afternoon nap at this time.

Zuo cidian could not help but yawn. He quickly covered his mouth and coughed twice. Then, he said to Liang Xue, “If it’s convenient for the department director, just give us some snacks to fill our stomachs.”

The doctors in Tai Wu Central Hospital did not know how Crazy Ling ran was when he performed surgeries, but Zuo Cidian and the others knew that if they did not take the opportunity to eat something to replenish their energy, they would not be able to last until night, then, someone would have to become a zombie who drooled during surgeries.

Lu Wenbin even skillfully took out a large water cup with white powder from his backpack. He started to fill it with water and explained, “I’ve been increasing my muscle mass recently, so I need to replenish some protein powder.”

Ma Yanlin took out a small dried fish from his hometown, Zhoushan, without saying a word. He silently tore the dried fish into pieces. He looked as if he was saying, ‘it’s up to you whether I’m allowed to eat or not. I Won’t starve to death…’

“There are snacks in the cupboard.”The middle-aged doctor turned around and went to the cupboard in the waiting room. He felt that his twisted thoughts had already come back to him. Only by pleasing Ling ran and his lackeys could he ensure that he would not be punished later.

The crisp sound of glass bottles knocking against each other could be heard from Yu Yuan’s pocket.

“Did Doctor Yu bring food? Do you need to heat it up or something?”The middle-aged doctor asked with concern.

Yu Yuan lowered her head. She could only see the reflection of light on the top of her head. She said calmly, “It’s not food. There’s no need.”

“Alright, I’ll order some takeout. What do you want?”

“Beef curry.”This thought appeared in Yu Yuan’s mind, and she said it.

Ma Yanlin’s mouth, which was chewing on the dried fish, gradually stopped. He felt that the dried fish from his hometown no longer smelled good.

Da Vinci Robot Control Room.

Ling ran was still the chief surgeon, and the middle-aged doctor assisted in the two-person opening. However, there were more doctors standing in the room.

Compared to regular surgeries, there was not much need to control the number of people in the operating control room, which had a cubicle. As long as the people in the room were willing to do so, the equipment was ready-made, and they could be stuffed into a bus and played a fool’s game.

The advantage of being in the same room as the surgeon was that it was convenient to talk and chat, unless… the surgeon was not willing to participate in talking and chatting.

Three minutes after the official surgery began, director Liang realized this and could not help but stop praising.

“Our Doctor Ling doesn’t like to talk much.”Zuo Cidian looked at the screen in front of him and repeated what he had said countless times.

In front of his subordinates, director Liang forced a smile. “Doctor Ling is indeed focused…”

“Actually…”Zuo Cidian interrupted director Liang, he said, “It’s mainly because our doctor Ling is too handsome. He usually meets girls who are trying to hit on him. When he rejects a lot of people, he will sometimes do this… It’s a little special. It’s said that when he gets hit on a lot of times, he will be able to understand this.”

When Director Liang heard this, his head was full of question marks. He looked at Zuo Cidian, whose face was full of potholes, and asked, “Do you understand?”

“I’ve seen a lot of things. Sometimes, I can understand a little.”Zuo Cidian revealed an experienced and knowledgeable smile.

Chief Physician Liang found it funny when he saw this. He did not smile because of the consensus of the experts.

On the screen above his head, da Vinci’s robotic arm had just penetrated deep into the patient’s body. Lu Wenbin, who was in the operating theater next door, was still doing the preparatory work in boredom. Everything was as calm as usual.

Chief Physician Liang was thinking about something in his heart, and he was also thinking about how he should praise Ling ran again later.

He had watched other people perform surgeries for his entire life. He had seen many ordinary doctors, and even more amazing doctors. He did not think too highly of the surgery today. He had naturally heard of Ling ran’s fame in Yun Hua Hospital, but China was so big, and the world was so big. He had heard of many famous doctors.

It was precisely because of this that when Ling ran first came here, he did not even bother to greet him. He was already old, and he was too lazy to spend his time like when he was young, sending and receiving patients.

In fact, even if Ling Ran’s skills were a little better, he would not take it to heart.

Right now, the strongest thing in a hospital was still their scientific research ability. The ability to use projects as projects was important when it came to clinical skills, but when it came to his level..

“Huh.”Department director Liang focused his gaze, but he noticed that the scene on the screen above his head had undergone a huge change.

He could not help but turn his head to look at the control panel. After confirming that Ling ran was still operating, he said, “Didn’t department director Ling just start working on the Da Vinci Robot?”

“Yes, he just started working on it a few days ago,”Zuo Cidian said.

Department director Liang looked at him unhappily. “How is this what it looks like when you just started working on it a few days ago?”

Zuo Cidian smiled. “It’s true. Moreover, this is the second splenectomy today. It’s very normal for Doctor Ling to be so skilled.”

This surgery was the middle-aged Doctor’s Choice, and he had also given it up.

However, regardless of whether it was the second surgery or the third surgery, who wouldn’t perform dozens or even hundreds of similar surgeries? Even so, the operation might not be as smooth as this.

“This is too abnormal.”Director Liang tried his best to express his doubts tactfully, and there was a hint of unhappiness in his voice. “I treat you guys sincerely. Are you guys trying to trick me?”?

Zuo cidian understood this very well. He said softly, “Look at Doctor Ling’s age…”

Director Liang became even more unhappy.