Chapter 1379

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Chapter 1379: Chapter 1378 was time to change careers

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Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap.

When the surgery was completed, Department Director Liang took the lead and started clapping.

“It’s different, it’s really different.”Department director Liang sighed and said, “In the future, if someone tells me that people are more or less the same and that there is no such thing as a genius, I will show him the video of today’s surgery.”

“That’s a good idea.”. “It’s fortunate that there’s a video today. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone would be able to explain it to me.”. “Now that I think about it, I’ve been in contact with the Da Vinci robot for two years, and my performance is still the same… compared to Doctor Ling, I’m Just a monkey.”The deputy director who had been standing beside director Liang all this time made everyone laugh.

Zuo cidian unconsciously looked over and smiled. “Director Hou, if you say so, I don’t know how to address you in the future. What if it’s a misunderstanding and it’s sarcasm?”

The deputy director standing behind Director Liang was indeed surnamed Hou.

Director Hou laughed even louder. “You can call me deputy director. Director Hou Fu is fine too.”

His real name was Hou Fu. After a series of punches, the effect of brushing his face was Max. The only ones who were “Pitiful”were the doctors below him. Every time they saw him, they had to think twice.

In Zuo Cidian’s opinion, this kind of person who could joke around with him and joke around for a long time was really not ordinary. He thought for a moment and could not help but shake his head with a smile. “Doctor Hou is not suitable either. Your Name Is Awesome.”

“Hahaha.”The operating theater was instantly filled with the air of joy, as if the air was filled with Mr. Lu Xun.

Chief Physician Liang Xue also laughed and panted. He took the opportunity to say, “Doctor Ling, you must be tired, right? I have prepared…”

“I’m not tired.”Ling ran quickly interrupted chief physician Liang’s words and clearly expressed his attitude.

Zuo cidian laughed and quickly said, “Let’s continue with the surgery.”

“HMM… aren’t you going to rest for a while?”

“No.”Ling ran’s answer could be said to be resolute.

“We still need to prepare dinner, right? We can make some simple dishes nearby.”Department director Liang still wanted to pull some strings at the dining table.

Ling ran shook his head without hesitation.

Zuo Cidian understood more clearly. When he saw that department director Liang’s expression was a little uncomfortable, he simply said, “Department Director Liang, don’t mind us. We brought a chef with us.”

“Bring a chef out?”Chief Liang was not someone who had never seen the world, but he still felt that he had not seen the world.

There were many doctors who were freelance surgeons. It was interesting that they could fly so arrogantly.

Zuo Cidian could not help but laugh. After thinking for a moment, he gave an explanation. “In terms of chefs, it is Doctor Ling’s personal relationship. He does not have much of a relationship with the doctors.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard someone talk about being rich in such a fresh and refined manner.”Department director Liang smiled.

Zuo Cidian shook his head. “You’ve misunderstood. It’s mainly because he’s handsome.”

Department director Liang was speechless for a moment. Then, he felt that it made a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, the other people around him nodded all over the floor.

After another surgery, Ling ran took advantage of the time when the patients were changing and the robotic arms were being replaced to come out for dinner.

The dinner was in the small dining room on the operating floor of Tai Wu Central Hospital. The equipment in the small dining room was slightly worse, but the area was not too different. For chef Zhu and the others who came on the same plane, this was more than enough.

The original microwave ovens and other appliances used for heating were discarded. Chef Zhu asked someone to bring over things like electric ovens and steamer boxes. He also called over a white-desk Master and a sushi master, along with two other workers, they occupied the canteen and were extremely busy.

Tian Qi arrived at the canteen on time. She arrived only five minutes earlier than Ling ran, but she felt exceptionally at ease. In fact, she could only spare one hour, but it felt like she had more time than Ling ran.

“It feels similar to Yun Hua Hospital.”Tian Qi and Ling ran sat opposite each other at a small table. The canteen was not cleared, and the doctors and nurses who came and went could not only see the two of them, but they could also sit at the table next to them and eat, moreover, it was also a meal prepared by chef Zhu and the others.

“It’s livelier than Yun Hua Hospital.”Ling ran picked up a piece of tuna sushi and ate a piece of grilled beef. Then, he looked at Tian Qi and relaxed.

Compared to the usual operating procedures, operating on unfamiliar equipment in an unfamiliar place would always put a heavier psychological burden on them.

Tian Qi pursed her lips and smiled. “The doctors in Yun Hua Hospital are used to looking at us, so they don’t bother with us anymore.”

The two of them chatted very naturally, and the chief physicians beside them found it awkward and funny.

The operating floor today was not only filled with people, but there were also people who rushed over from the inpatient building. They looked at Ling ran and Tian Qi, took a few bites of food, took a few more bites, and left reluctantly.

The treatment of the department directors was naturally different. They sat in front of the table in front of them in advance, but everyone’s tables did not sit together. Under such circumstances, it would be a little difficult to say that everyone was eating together, but it would be inappropriate to say that the environment for eating was not suitable. This was also how they ate their daily work meals.

Moreover, the food today was much better… much better.

The tuna was bluefin, the beef was Brazilian beef, the soup dumplings were chicken juice, and the quicksand buns were hot..

The few of them ate, and they were too lazy to talk.

It was tiring to chat. If there was something delicious to eat, they could just enjoy it.

Ling ran and Tian Qi did not feel uncomfortable at all. Ling ran had been eating at home since he was young. There were neighbors who came to the clinic with bowls in their hands. They chatted while they watched him eat. When they arrived at school, they were often surrounded by people in the cafeteria, and they were watched while they ate, being photographed was just a normal day.

Tian Qi’s dining environment was also not quiet. The waiters who shuttled through the hall, the Butler who was the main force at the side, and the relatives and friends who would appear from time to time. There would always be dozens of people appearing in the dining space.

Ling ran and Tian Qi could be said to be immune to gazes.

After a pleasant meal, the two of them sat down and rested for a while before Ling ran sent Tian Qi up the elevator to the helipad on the top floor.

When he turned around, Ling ran said to department director Liang, who was stuffing the sushi, “Let’s continue with the surgery.”

“Uh…”department director Liang looked at the sushi in front of him and could not help but pat his stomach. He said somewhat reluctantly, “Are we going to do it?”

“Yes. The patient should be ready as well.”

“Then let’s go. Sigh, I forgot to thank Miss Tian Qi for providing dinner. I’m really embarrassed.”As department director Liang spoke, he looked back and said, “Yun Li really has a lot of capital.”

The few doctors who followed behind him nodded one after another. They all had a deep impression of Yun Li.

Ling ran charged toward the operating theater with an indomitable will.

He did not even need to change his clothes when he performed the surgery with the Da Vinci Robot. He only needed to tidy up a little before Ling ran’s hands grabbed the joystick.

When his eyes were placed on the eyepiece, Ling ran’s entire body tensed up. From his back, he looked as beautiful as a lightning dragon.

Compared to the previous two surgeries, the efficiency of Ling ran’s surgery had risen to a terrifying level.

The experience of the first sequence of surgeries, coupled with his familiarity with the surgical methods, could easily bring out his extraordinary strength.

In fact, most of the surgeries that Ling ran had mastered, especially the perfect-level surgeries, could be ranked among the top one hundred surgeries in the country. And this level of knowledge far surpassed the understanding of the medical world towards him.

After all, it was impossible for the medical world to rank doctors purely based on their clinical skills. The stronger a doctor was, the more impossible it was for them to rank doctors in such a way.

When Ling ran used an open or laparoscopic surgery, due to the variety of related clinical techniques and the maturity of his skills, it was difficult for ordinary people to judge him.

However, when he used a da Vinci robot to perform surgery, there were not so many tricks up his sleeve. When everyone saw Ling ran use the same surgical method to perform the same surgery, they immediately wanted to make a comparison.

“I want to change careers.”Associate chief physician Hou suddenly sighed.

“It’s time to change careers.”Everyone felt something and nodded one after another.

Even Ma Yanlin, who was in Ling ran’s treatment group, had tears in his eyes. Speaking of which, he learned the da Vinci robot much earlier than Ling ran. However, when he looked at the current Ling ran and then looked at himself, he could no longer understand why he wanted to learn the da Vinci robot in the first place.