Chapter 1380

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Chapter 1380: Chapter 1379 the Moon was bright and the stars were sparse

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“Director, director…”director Hou Fu called out softly, as gentle as if he was speaking to a 22-year-old mistress.

Director Liang Xue sat up with a ‘whoosh’and looked at the familiar light blue color around him in a daze, he immediately let out a sigh of relief. “I was scared to death. I dreamt that I couldn’t even find the pants of a 22 or 23-year-old young man…”

As he spoke, his voice became softer.

Chief physician Hou Fu lowered his head and pretended not to hear him.

“Ling ran…”Liang Xue completely woke up. “My dream was not pure.”

Chief physician Hou fu humbly laughed and said, “The dreams are all reversed.”

Liang Xue looked at his subordinate, associate chief physician Hou, and laughed as well. He thought to himself, ‘If I perform surgery in my dream, at least I’ll still be a chief physician. If it were reversed, wouldn’t I be trampled on to the ground by you?’?

As he thought about this, his smile turned cold.

Chief physician Hou Fu did not know that he had already been recorded in the chief physician’s notebook. He still pretended to be innocent as he smiled and said, “Chief physician, why don’t you go back and sleep?”

“Where’s Ling ran?”Liang Xue looked at the time and asked with a frown.

“He’s still performing surgeries.”

“Still performing surgeries?”

“Yes, it’s the sixth one. I just changed to a new robotic arm.”The robotic arm was used ten times. The purchase price of Tai Wu Central Hospital was 330,000 yuan. In other words, the cost of each use was 33,000 yuan. It was purely at their own expense.

To the hospital and da Vinci’s parent company, the price of da Vinci’s robot did not have much meaning. The real core was the use of the robot arm and the profits it brought.

With 20 million yuan of the robot, they could make back their money in half a year’s time by performing surgery. Da Vinci’s robot company could naturally earn more from it. Just by looking at their strict recovery of the robot arm, it was clear that they used it ten times or something. It was pure capitalism.

At this moment, Liang Xue naturally liked this kind of capitalism.

He smacked his lips and shook his head. “A fierce person of a generation.”

“He hasn’t slept for 20 hours and he rushed here from outside. If I didn’t know, I would have thought that he owed a huge mortgage.”

“Be careful with your words.”Liang Xue’s expression suddenly became serious.

In private, there was a joke among the doctors. They were not afraid of the severity of the illness, but they were afraid that the doctor would have a mortgage. It was fine if everyone said such things, but if the big shots in the Outer Court heard it, they might even write it down in a small notebook.

“I’ll go take a look.”Liang Xue rubbed his face as he spoke. He casually took out a wet towel and tore it apart. He then casually wiped it before he went to the operating theater.

It was much quieter in the operating theater in the early morning.

Ling ran still had his back facing the crowd. He held the joystick in his hand and moved his fingers joyfully.

The mechanical arm that was separated by the glass moved very rhythmically. It went up and down, left, right, left, right, and back. It was as if an excellent dancer was electrocuted. It was very sensual.

“Doctor Ling, after this surgery is done, shall we take a break?”Liang Xue asked politely.

“I don’t need to take a break.”Ling ran had taken an energy serum. He was currently full of energy, so how could he bear to take a break.

“How can a person not rest…”

“Department Director Liang.”Ling ran paused for a moment and asked, “How do you think my current surgery is going?”

“Good! It’s done perfectly…”Liang Xue commented weakly. It was late at night, and he could not praise Ling ran anymore.

Ling ran nodded. “If there’s no problem, I’ll continue with the surgery.”

Then, the robotic arm in the operating theater next door continued to move, like four long-distance lovers.

Liang Xue was so sleepy that he could not help but yawn. He covered his mouth and wanted to speak, but he was stopped by Zuo Cidian, who had just gotten up.

“Chief Liang, Doctor Ling’s habit is to enjoy doing surgeries. So, there shouldn’t be any problems with the surgery, right?”Zuo Cidian asked a little seriously.

Liang Xue was also afraid of misunderstanding, so he quickly said, “No, no. I’m just afraid of tiring Doctor Ling.”

“It’s okay. Our Doctor Ling likes this type of surgery.”Zuo cidian paused for a few seconds, he said, “You don’t have to worry about anything else. Our Doctor Ling is very dedicated to the surgery. He won’t force himself to perform the surgery. There’s no need for that either. On your side, you just have to ensure that there are patients who need to perform the surgery to replace them.”

“Haha, that’s Easy…”Liang Xue laughed.

“That’s good. We only have one request.”Zuo Cidian also laughed, he said, “You should go back and rest. Just send someone over here to contact them. The consensus of the experts is that our doctor ling directly initiated it. When we get to the bottom of it, we’ll send an invitation letter over. It’ll take a few days.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Sigh, then I won’t stay up anymore…”Liang Xue really couldn’t hold on any longer, as the director of the department, he had indeed endured it. However, in the past few years, as he had more time to rest, his energy had become worse, especially when he stayed up late on non-surgical days. He himself did not have the motivation to stay up too late.

After he left the operating theater, Liang Xue yawned so much that he could stuff a pigeon’s milk into it. He just wanted to go back to sleep.

“Director.”Director Hou Fu clung to Liang Xue like a little chick.

“You should go back and sleep as well. Just arrange for someone to look after him at midnight,”Liang Xue said with a relaxed expression.

However, Hou Fu shook his head and said, “Just now, Doctor Zuo said that we have to ensure that the surgical patients can be replaced…”

“You just have to look after the arrangements…”Liang Xue paused for a moment as he spoke, and he looked at Hou Fu with a slightly higher IQ.

“If Doctor Ling carries out the surgery like this, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to make up for it.”As expected, Hou Fu said something that Liang Xue was worried about.

Chief Liang Xue frowned. “How is that possible? He has only performed six surgeries.”

“There were so many people who saw the surgery yesterday. Many of them went back and performed additional surgeries.”Hou Fu sighed, then, he said, “Moreover, we can’t calculate according to the six surgeries. I see that Doctor Ling can finish one surgery in more than an hour based on his speed. If he doesn’t rest, he will need to perform at least six or seven surgeries by noon tomorrow. There aren’t that many patients who are ready.”

Most elective surgeries required preparation before the surgery. He had to remind them to abstain from eating and drinking. He also had to perform routine checks like blood pressure and blood sugar. He also had to screen for infectious diseases. He also had to prepare imaging films..

He had no choice but to perform emergency surgeries as soon as they arrived. For example, surgeries in the abdominal cavity were often performed directly through laparotomy. From this, the scars of the surgery were especially large, and the patients’recovery was also slow.

If the conditions were right, they naturally could not do this, especially for some special groups of people. For patients with basic diseases, if they could not control their blood pressure and blood sugar beforehand, there would definitely be a lot of trouble for them to recover with medication afterward.

The General Surgery Department of Taiwu Central Hospital was a large department, so they could easily pull out a double-digit number of patients awaiting surgery. This number was already very large, and it would not be easy to increase it.

“At this time…”Liang Xue looked at his watch and said helplessly, “Start making the call tomorrow morning.”

“You won’t be unable to make it through the entire night, right?”Liang Xue frowned. He had just made a frank promise to Zuo Cidian, but in the blink of an eye, he had gone back on his word. He would lose face first.

Hou Fu nodded and said, “I can only promise until tomorrow morning. I see that Doctor Ling is getting faster and faster…”

As he spoke, he stopped.

When had the directors of the General Surgery Department ever complained about the speed of a clinician’s surgery..

“The weather is bad. I’m not going back. I’m going to sleep in the lounge.”Director Liang Xue glanced out of the window, turned around, and went back to the elevator.

Hou Fu turned around to take a look. The Moon was bright and the stars were sparse outside the window. It was supposed to be a rare good day.

“The weather is quite bad, I also sleep in the lounge.”Hou Fu sighed, also looked back.