Chapter 1381

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Chapter 1381: Chapter 1380 Appendix

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“I’ll go.”Liang Xue woke up from his dream once again. He raised his head and saw that the sky was still dark, but he was no longer sleepy.

He had not experienced such a terrible sleep for a long time.

Liang Xue sat at the head of the bed and reflected on himself. He could not help but shake his head. “I don’t know what fame and fortune are like… If there’s something I want, there must be something I can’t ask for…”

After muttering to himself for a while, Liang Xue got up and used the landline in the waiting room to call the emergency department.

“If there are any suitable patients tonight, try your best to transfer all of them to our side.”Liang Xue was not very familiar with the emergency department doctor on the other end of the phone, so he requested politely.

This was what he had thought of in his dream just now.

There were only so many patients in the general surgery department, and most of them were unwilling to perform the Da Vinci robotic surgery. However, the consumption today was equivalent to two to three days of surgery on a normal day, even if they could perform a few more surgeries tomorrow morning, if Ling ran did not leave, they would not be able to perform the follow-up surgeries. They could not just give Ling ran the surgeries prepared by their own people in the department, right? If that happened, the doctors under them would be in an uproar.

It must be known that the Da Vinci robotic surgery was different from other conventional surgeries. It only needed the chief surgeon to have a clear mind, and the operation could be performed smoothly. The requirements for the assistant were infinitely low, and the demand for the second assistant was even lower. This led to a reduction in the number of doctors needed in the department. If the young doctors in the past could still familiarize themselves with the operation step by step by being assistants and then upgrade it, then after the use of the Da Vinci robot.., this pattern was not so clear.

This was not a problem in the United States. The United States’medical system made independent surgeons an absolute mainstream, and the vast majority of these surgeons did not have a fixed assistant. Therefore, reducing the number of assistants was the best thing for American doctors.

The reduction in labor costs was a huge motivation for doctors to buy the Da Vinci Robot.

However, in China, the situation faced by high-level doctors was much more complicated.

It could be said that when Liang Xue began to invest in the surgery for the Da Vinci Robot, he began to face more and more pressure.

At the beginning, everyone thought that it was very good. After all, it was a Grade A equipment that was invested heavily. It was not easy to get approval from the Ministry of Health. After it landed.., everyone seemed to feel the charm of the world’s medical frontier.

But soon after, the timing of the surgery became a fatal problem.

After so many years of development, the operating theater of the General Surgery Department was no longer a problem. As long as young doctors were allocated beds, they could perform minor surgeries without any problems. But when it came to the Da Vinci robot, it was impossible for it to be so Buddhist.

Before Ling ran arrived, the Da Vinci surgical robot in Tai Wu Central Hospital was basically operating at full capacity during the day, and it was basically free at night. However, this was due to the lack of patients, it was also because the senior doctors who mastered the “Core technology”could not stay in the hospital all night long. And since they were not in the hospital, the surgeries that the junior doctors could perform were limited. Otherwise, if they were to call a third-string doctor over whenever they encountered a patient who switched to laparotomy, it would definitely be the one who was on duty and the one who was not willing.

Since the opportunity for surgery was so tight, the best way to satisfy Ling ran’s surgical requirements was to increase the number of surgeries performed.

The emergency department was the best option to temporarily increase the number of patients.

Liang Xue looked at his phone again. He was prepared to wait until morning before he called the chief physician of the emergency department.

“Let’s sleep for a while more.”He flipped himself onto the bed and forced himself into a state of sleep.

The moment the alarm rang, Liang Xue sat up.

But he did not have time to rest.

Liang Xue covered his head and called his phone first. He asked immediately, “How’s the situation?”

The middle-aged doctor on the other side of the phone was also exhausted. He mumbled and said in a half-conscious state, “It’s pretty good. The surgery went quite smoothly…”

“Say something useful.”

“Well… I’ve seen super-talented doctors, but I’ve never seen such a genius. The progress of learning surgery is ten times faster than ours, especially the splenectomy. The splenectomy is like poking a rubber ball… no wonder… No wonder…”

Liang Xue felt a numbness when he heard this. Perhaps he was in a state of confusion, but hearing this kind of big truth while he was not clear-headed made him especially envious and jealous.

“How many more patients are there in the queue?”Liang Xue interrupted the middle-aged doctor.

The director’s voice also woke the latter up. The middle-aged doctor was stunned for a moment before he said in a low voice, “I’ll go and take a look.”

The voice on the phone stopped for a moment. There were sounds of doors opening and closing as well as sounds of running.

After a while, the middle-aged doctor picked up the phone again. “Hello, Hello.”His tone became serious. “Director, there are still two more patients who are preparing for surgery.”

“There are only two left?”

“Didn’t the emergency department send anyone over?”

“Of the two patients, one was sent over by the emergency department. It’s acute cholecystitis, and they’re willing to use da Vinci robots to do it.”. “I confiscated the other 13-year-old patient.”The middle-aged doctor said hesitantly, “Because it’s an appendicitis patient, I assigned him to another doctor.”

Appendicitis was a primary surgery in general surgery, and it was usually left to new doctors to do. This was not only because it was an entry-level simple surgery, but also because senior doctors were not very willing to do appendicitis surgery — all the challenges of appendicitis surgery were in the position of the appendix. Therefore, in the eyes of most doctors, this was a lucky surgery, not a technical surgery. When a patient with a strange position of the appendix was encountered, the chief doctor could also perform the surgery for three hours.

“Give it to him.”Liang Xue could not care less. He had promised Zuo cidian that he would ensure the number of surgeries performed. No matter what considerations he had, in short, it was right to schedule the surgery first.

When the middle-aged doctor received the order, he did not dare to ask anything and quickly agreed.

Therefore, when Liang Xue washed up a little before he went out, the patient with appendicitis was ready to be sent to the operating theater.

“Doctor Ling, since it’s a minor surgery, I’ll let you arrange it first,”the middle-aged doctor came up and explained.

Liang Xue nodded slightly, and he could only apologize to Ling ran. “I didn’t expect that I would have to trouble you with such a small surgery in the end. If you don’t mind…”

If they had not met, he would have probably muddled through the surgery. Now that they had met, he could only explain himself.

Ling ran, however, shook his head in surprise. He still said happily, “The appendectomy is not bad either. I haven’t performed it for some time. It might be an interesting surgery.”

Liang Xue chuckled. It was just an appendectomy. What could be interesting about it.

The progress of the surgery was not out of his expectations. An inflamed appendix was successfully pulled out by Ling ran.

“The young man is quite lucky,”Liang Xue said with a smile. The main reason was to praise Ling ran from the side.

Ling ran nodded and shook his head, but he turned his head and said, “Bring up the video footage of his previous examination. I’ll take a look again.”

Liang Xue was stunned. He quickly looked at the screen as well.

If something really happened, he would not be able to feel comfortable either.

“Is there a problem?”The middle-aged doctor beside him asked on his behalf.

Ling ran hummed and said, “I suspect that there are two appendices.”