Chapter 1382

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Chapter 1382: Chapter 1381: Brotherly Appendix

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“Two appendices?”The patient’s family member looked at Zuo Cidian with doubt.

“Two appendices?”Yu Yuan looked at Zuo Cidian with anticipation.

Zuo Cidian used his hand to pull Yu Yuan away, he nodded at the patient’s parents and said, “It is indeed rare, but the patient does have two appendices. We have already cut off one of the appendices, and we are now processing the second appendix. Please sign another informed consent form.”

After he finished speaking, a doctor from Tai Wu Central Hospital handed over the informed consent form. It was not necessary, but to be on the safe side, the hospital still felt that the more they signed, the more confident they would be.

The patient’s family did not have any objections. They roughly read the consent form and signed it. Then, they asked, “How can a person have two appendices?”

“The probability is very low, but it’s possible that your son does have them. I’ll inform you when I have confirmed the news later.”The person who spoke was their attending physician, he spoke very cautiously. He put away the informed consent form and said, “You guys should wait outside for a while. We’ll talk in detail after the surgery is completed.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll have to trouble the Doctor.”The two family members thanked him profusely and watched the two of them return to the operating theater.

Yu Yuan followed them into the operating theater.

“Are there really two appendices?”Yu Yuan asked as she walked, her footsteps hurried.

“There should be two appendices.”Zuo cidian strolled leisurely. He had endured for a long time, and he was tired and sleepy. Not to mention that the patient only had two appendices, he would not be too excited if he had two penises.

Yu Yuan was actually quite tired, but she had an advantage. She could find a place to sleep anytime and anywhere. Although she did not sleep very soundly and often had to worry about being trampled by others, in general.., her energy was still a little better than the others. At this moment, when she encountered something that she was interested in, her excitement was ignited, and her entire body was filled with energy.

“If I had known earlier, I would have snatched this surgery,”Yu Yuan muttered to herself. “The incidence of double appendicitis should be very low.”

“The incidence is between four to nine out of 100,000,”the attending physician of Taowu Hospital, who was walking at the same time, interjected.

Yu Yuan could not help but look at him.

“When they were talking, I did some research. I could have written a case report,”the attending physician said with some regret. “It’s a waste to give it to you, Doctor Ling.”

“I’ll write a case report. After the article is published, I’ll send you an email.”The corners of Yu Yuan’s mouth curled up into a smile. Since this kind of article fell into Ling ran’s hands during his surgery, it was the same as falling into her hands.

As they spoke, the three of them entered the operating theater.

Ling ran was still the one with a graceful back like a lightning dragon. There were three to five doctors standing beside him with pale faces. At this moment, they were discussing the story of appendicitis with great interest.

“Doctor Ling, explain it clearly to the patient’s family,”Zuo Cidian reported before he raised his head to look at the screen.

At this moment, a swollen appendix appeared before his eyes.

Zuo Cidian could not help but look at the pathological specimen on display next door. The other appendix, which looked like a blood-related appendix, seemed to be glowing..

“This child is really rare.”Yu Yuan climbed onto the stool and looked up. Her face was also glowing.

“It was almost a medical accident. Fortunately, it was discovered in time.”Zuo Cidian was full of emotions.

Usually, the patient would only come to the doctor when he or she felt pain in the appendix. For a patient with a single appendix, the abdominal pain would end after a single appendectomy. However, for a patient with two appendices.., if only one appendix was removed in a surgery, the abdominal pain would definitely erupt in the next very short period of time. If another appendix was removed because of this, the patient’s family would definitely have doubts.

Liang Xue also sighed with emotion. Today was a surgery performed by a freelance surgeon, and Ling ran was the one performing the surgery. If it were another doctor, there was a 70-80% chance that they would not be able to discover the second appendix. The probability of four out of 100,000 cases could be imagined. A normal doctor would never encounter such a case in their lifetime, and it was even less likely that they would pay special attention to such a thing.

And if a problem arose because of this, the freelance surgeon would become very troublesome.

“You are not allowed to use da Vinci to perform appendectomy in the future.”Liang Xue quickly made a decision that did not need to be reasoned with.

His subordinates did not have any objections and agreed. In any case, there were very few people who were willing to use da Vinci robot to perform appendectomy. If it was not for the sake of practicing their skills, the doctors would not have much interest in appendectomy. Except for those who liked to play hide-and-seek and Yu Yuan.

“It’s almost done. Let’s suture it.”Ling ran removed the appendix completely. He waited for the nurse who cooperated with the operating theater next door to place the two appendices side by side before he stood up.

Ma Yanlin accepted his fate and accepted the task of performing abdominal closure. He cherished it even more.

There were even fewer opportunities for da Vinci robots to perform surgeries compared to ordinary surgeries. Ma Yanlin had already given up on the wildest dream in his heart — to teach Ling ran how to perform surgeries. Besides this thought, he was also looking forward to the opportunity to surpass other doctors of the same level.

Based on the current situation, if he could perform a little more surgeries, he could greatly increase the chances of him performing surgeries.

Even if he returned to Yun Hua Hospital, with only one da Vinci robot, the chances that other young doctors could obtain were very limited. If he could guarantee that he would be fully present 24/7, he might be able to anger half of his competitors to death before he suddenly died.

“Zuo Cidian, buy another da Vinci.”Ling ran did two stretches and gave himself a massage on his shoulders and neck before he made his decision.

Ma Yanlin, who was secretly happy because he was the only candidate, could not help but be stunned. If it were not for his reflexes after performing surgeries all year round, he would have been blown away with a single stitch.

Zuo Cidian naturally agreed and said, “Then, I’ll call department director Huo.”

“Okay, let me know if you need anything.”Ling ran also knew that it would take a long time to buy a da Vinci robot.

Zuo cidian said, “I’ll compile the medical records here into a report and bring back a few surgical videos for department director Huo to see.”

“Sure. You still have to buy them as soon as possible.”

“Yes.”Zuo Cidian’s tone was quite confident. For a unit like a hospital, it was actually not a problem to buy any expensive equipment and instruments. The key was the results and the profits. For example, the most expensive proton scalpel in the hospital’s equipment, the cost of the infrastructure and equipment would easily be in the billions of yuan. The annual maintenance and labor cost would also be in the hundreds of millions. However, because the effect was obvious, many hospitals were applying for it.

Hospitals were most afraid of investments that could not produce benefits. Whether they could make money or not was secondary. If they could not train the team and could not use it for scientific research, that would be a pure scam. Even if the cost was only one or two million, most hospitals were unwilling to invest in it, such as the canteen..

The doctors from Tai Wu Central Hospital looked at Ling ran with a puzzled expression. After spending two days together, even though Ling ran did not talk much, everyone could see how he did things. At this stage, there was naturally no need for doctors to lie anymore.

It was precisely because of this that Ling ran’s way of saying that he wanted to buy da Vinci was even more enviable.

The general surgeons of Tai Wu Central Hospital knew very well that the robots in their department were not easy to come by. When they saw that other people seemed to be able to obtain them easily, they could not help but feel uneasy.

“If you can short the patients in the department, you can buy whatever you want…”Liang Xueyi was also very helpless. He could only pua his subordinates.

“Department director Liang, there’s only one patient left.”Zuo Cidian waited for him to finish his lecture before he quietly went forward and reminded him again.

“This…”Liang Xueyi did not dare to say much about the lawsuit on his head. He could only agree while thinking about how to solve it. At the same time, he smiled bitterly in his heart. It was indeed never easy to get something like a signature.