Chapter 1383

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Chapter 1383: Chapter 1382

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After Ma Yanlin finished the surgery, he also removed himself from the control panel and started to move around.

Ling ran went out to check on the patient’s condition, but Ma Yanlin, who was the surgical assistant, had nothing to do. It would still take some time for the room next door to be ready. Ma Yanlin ate some unknown pastries with coffee. He walked up to zuo cidian and whispered, “I think department director Liang is jumping around. Is it because there aren’t enough patients?”

“Yes.”Zuo cidian nodded. He looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to him, then, he said, “He should have fished the patients from the emergency department over, but what we want here is someone who is willing to be da Vinci. They only have two patients from the emergency department. That’s definitely not enough.”

“No matter who asked Doctor Ling to perform the surgery like this, it’s still not enough.”Ma Yanlin sighed, then, he said, “Chief Liang probably hasn’t had time to think about the hospital bed yet. By the time he thinks about the hospital bed, his blood pressure will probably soar to 180.”

“So, we don’t cheat people. If we say that we’re delivering the signature, it definitely won’t make people think that the signature is worthless.”Zuo cidian laughed as he spoke.

They did not come to Taiwu Central Hospital this time to make any preparations. The main reason was that robotic surgery was still relatively rare. If they suddenly came over, they would not be able to get anything out of them even if they wanted to, therefore, it was normal for them to be treated coldly by Zuo Cidian. However, it was normal for them to find some trouble that was not enough.

“When are you going to sell it? Don’t really cut off the supply later.”Ma Yanlin was also very familiar with Zuo Cidian’s tricks. In the past two years, they had traveled to many hospitals across the country to do freelance surgeries. They had encountered all kinds of local tyrants. Zuo Cidian had also tried many tricks to make Ling treatment group appear to be smooth sailing and calm.

“In another ten minutes.”Zuo cidian shrugged and said, “When he really can’t find a suitable one, I will prepare to suggest that he find a liver resection case.”

“Eh, can it be done?”Ma Yanlin was a little surprised. The difficulty of liver resection itself was extremely high. If it was performed by adding da Vinci, the risk of just practicing it was not small, especially when it was performed by freelance surgeries.

“Doctor Ling said that he can do it.”

“That’s true. The worst case scenario would be to switch to laparotomy.”Ma Yanlin thought of this, he could not help but sigh. “In that case, if department director Liang wants to carry out the da Vinci robot hepatectomy, he might have to beg us to do it.”

Open surgery was the safety of laparoscopic surgery. Whether it was laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, or hysteroscopy, it was done step by step. When there were no problems, it would be an excellent surgical plan. However, once the situation outside of the information appeared, open surgery was the last insurance measure.

Because of this, the first to carry out laparoscopy and the first to carry out cardiac stents in the country were all general surgery departments and the most mature hospitals in the department of cardiac surgery. Otherwise, the development of new surgeries would be completely groundless. In a hospital environment, no one dared to imagine that the surgery would never go wrong, because once something happened, it would be a major event, a fatal event.

From an institutional point of view, it was not that accidents were not allowed, but when it came to the investigation stage, whether there was sufficient preparation and whether the correct and adequate rescue measures were taken was the focus of the death discussion, for the Da Vinci Robot Surgery, before something went wrong, switching to a laparotomy was naturally the most necessary method.

In fact, when using the Da Vinci robot to perform surgery, there was always a certain probability that something would go wrong and switch to a laparotomy. This was just like how a pregnant woman who gave birth naturally would have no choice but to switch to a caesarean section. In terms of the development of modern medicine, this was something that could not be helped.

However, if something went wrong during the conversion to open surgery, or worse, if there was no preparation for open surgery, then it was not that there was nothing that could be done, but that it was a medical accident.

Zuo Cidian looked at Ma Yanlin with some surprise. He rubbed his chin with his hand and said, “Don’t tell me, Little Ma, your train of thought is a little strange.”

“Huh?”Ma Yanlin looked at Zuo Cidian with even more surprise. “What did you see?”

“Tai Wu Central Hospital is a general surgery hospital. The liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are not independent,”Zuo Cidian said.

“They should also make livers.”

“They do make livers, but… Director Liang’s specialty is the pancreas and duodenum.”

“That’s very impressive.”Ma Yanlin sighed.

“Impressive, but are there any general surgery surgeons who don’t care about the liver?”Zuo cidian paused for a moment, then, he said, “Tai Wu’s general surgery is so big. It’s impossible for them not to have the ambition to do the liver, especially if they use the da Vinci robot to do it. It’s a good opportunity to overtake the car on the bend…”

“Don’t they have their own liver surgeons?”

“For a surgery of this level, without a big tiger guarding it, how many people would dare to do it? At most, they would only have two lone wolves. They won’t be able to support it.”Zuo Cidian became even more spirited as he spoke.

There was one more thing that he did not want to tell Ma Yanlin. Just as the old Buddha had said, it was better to have friends than slaves. He also did not know the internal situation of the General Surgery Department of Taiwu Central Hospital. However, based on Old Zuo’s travels over the past few years.., based on his experience from hearsay and hearsay, the interpersonal relationships of the Tertiary Grade A hospitals in the world were only worse. There was no worst.

Of course, there was more speculation in this. There was no data or theory to support it. Moreover, it seemed a little gloomy. Old Zuo was not willing to tell Ma Yanlin about it.

Anyway, he just had to do it.

Zuo cidian spread his legs and shook his confidence. He looked at the time when the chief physician, Liang Xue, was alone, and inserted himself into the CT scan.

After a simple meal of paella and a Japanese stove, Ling Ran’s face was filled with all kinds of imaging data of his liver.

Ling ran excitedly looked at the CT scan and then looked at the MRI scan. From time to time, he would compare it with the previous MRI scan. He was very busy.

A few doctors from the general surgery department were accompanying him, and they appeared to be a little worried.

Department director Hou Fu was instructed to say in a low voice, “Doctor Ling, please take a look first. If it’s not easy, we’ll put it aside for now.”

“We can work together to operate the scalpel.”Department director Liang Xue was more inclined to this plan. Just as Zuo Cidian and Ma Yanlin had expected, Liang Xue wanted to perform a hepatectomy. He also knew about Ling ran’s reputation in hepatectomy. After reading the relevant cases and reports again, Liang Xue even admired Ling ran a little.

The difficulty of hepatectomy was too high. It was just like the engine in airplane manufacturing. If you said that there was no technical content in the other parts of an airplane, it would definitely be nonsense, and you would even be scolded by others. However, the difficulty of making an engine.., was even more unquestionable.

In terms of acting cool, the person who made the engine would definitely be full. And in terms of how complicated the problem would be in the future, the engine would definitely have to fight for first place.

However, using the Da Vinci robot was still a little different. Liang Xue was more like he was the one handling the operation, and Ling ran would be the escort.

“Let’s see the patient first.”Ling ran waved his hand, still firmly holding the decision.

Liang Xue hesitated for a few seconds, but in the end, he did not try to fight for it.

He did not have much capital, so naturally, he could not be said to be fighting for it.