Chapter 1385

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Chapter 1385: Chapter 1384, procedures

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“Department Director Liang, shall we compare the surgical procedures?”Ling ran had his hands in his pockets. He walked in the middle with his back straight, causing the doctors in Tai Wu Central Hospital to avoid him.

Department director Liang was shorter than Ling ran by a head. He was ugly, old, had sparse hair, and had a bad physique. He did not have any imposing manner at all.

Moreover, when it came to the surgical procedure, department director Liang could not help but feel guilty. He hesitated for a moment before he said, “Then, let’s compare it. Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since I’ve performed a hepatectomy.”

In fact, there was not a single hepatectomy performed by him as the chief surgeon. The so-called hepatectomy performed a long time ago was the surgery performed by a senior doctor a long time ago. Based on his age, it could be seen how long he had been performing surgeries with his senior.

However, this kind of situation was normal in the hospital. Other than a few highly talented doctors, if ordinary genius-level doctors could not focus on a particular direction in a certain field, they would soon be eliminated. They would not even have the qualifications to become a director.

This was because the hospital looked at the highest achievements and the highest abilities. It was just like a doctor who came to chief physician Liang Xue for a pancreatic surgery. He did not care whether Liang Xue knew how to perform the middle lobe surgery or how good his abilities were.

Of course, in terms of clinical medicine abilities, erudite knowledge and specialization were not incompatible. It was just like Liang Xue’s hepatectomy skills were still among the best in the department. When ordinary attending physicians or associate chief physicians mastered a higher level of skills.., they must have learned a lot of parallel skills.

From this perspective, erudite knowledge was the only way to climb to a higher skill tree. It was an indispensable part of a doctor’s skill curve. Especially for doctors who were self-reliant, skill climbing was like building a pyramid. Only after they had built a foundation would they be able to climb up step by step. A skill tree that went straight up and straight down was something that could only be obtained by learning from a teacher, in the end, this model would also encounter the same bottleneck.

Director Liang Xue had inherited his master’s mantle for more than ten years. Before he became a department director and when he had just become a department director, there were senior doctors in the department who specialized in hepatectomy. However, Liang Xue’s main focus was the pancreas, and in the initial period of time.., he did not have the energy to care about other things.

By the time he had the energy to care about other types of surgeries, he no longer had any senior doctors to learn from.

If the medical world was considered jianghu, the position of Tai Wu Central Hospital was probably the position of the Huashan sect. Liang Xue’s personal strength was not weak, and his position was not low. However, in the cruel jianghu world, he could only be said to be normal.

He might be able to inherit a branch of the Qi sect or the sword sect, but in the end, he had to give up something.

Most hospitals and departments were the same. Everyone would always move from a large circle to a small circle, and then from a small circle to a smaller circle. Before Super Geniuses appeared, they would constantly become more specialized. Then, as jianghu itself changed, they would become stronger, or even weaker.

Chief Physician Liang Xue was able to open up a new field in the general surgery department of the Da Vinci Robot Tai Wu Central Hospital. It was already a pioneering achievement, but if he wanted to take it one step further.., using the Da Vinci robot to complete a high-level surgery was the only way.

The pancreas was one of his directions, but if he only wanted to do the pancreas, the probability of him reaching a higher level was too low.

Liang Xue had only thought about it before. Now that he met Ling ran, and after a few rounds of surgery, his train of thought was completely changed. Or rather, it should be said that his train of thought was completely opened up.

He found a conference room and entered. Liang Xue said humbly, “Doctor Ling, you’ll be the chief surgeon. The procedure will be decided by you.”

Ling ran nodded and said, “Then, the first plan will start from the first hepatic hilum. First, we’ll cut off the round ligament and the sickle ligament…”

He spoke in a neither too fast nor too slow manner. He could not be said to be meticulous, but he would not miss out on the important parts either.

Needless to say, this was the experience gained from years of studying the procedure.

Ling ran often went out to perform freelance surgeries. Naturally, he could not follow the established procedure like the doctors in the hospital all year round.

Because it was a surgery performed by a da Vinci Robot, LING RAN’s first plan was still rather conservative. When he explained it to Liang Xue, he did not encounter any problems.

“Next is the backup plan. The second plan is to pre-position the first hepatic portal and inferior vena cava to block, remove the gallbladder to free it, and pull down the hepatic portal plate…”Ling ran continued to explain the second plan. Compared to the first plan.., this plan was much more radical. At the beginning, he cut off the good gallbladder.

Liang Xue’s expression did not change at all. The middle hepatic lobe was such a big surgery. Sacrificing a gallbladder was really not a big deal. As long as the surgery went smoothly, it was theoretically worth it to increase the safety by 20% , not to mention that Ling ran was only using it as a backup plan. When the backup plan was implemented, the patient and the patient’s family should not be concerned about whether a gallbladder would be removed or not.

“If there’s no problem, then prepare for it. We’ll start the surgery after the meal.”Ling ran waved at Zuo Cidian, indicating that they could serve the simple meal now.

Liang Xue was stunned for a while before he realized what Ling ran meant. He quickly asked, “What’s the time frame for the surgery?”

“We’ll calculate it according to six hours. You can sleep for a while first.”Ling ran then looked at Liang Xue and asked, “Is that okay?”

“No problem.”Liang Xue answered very quickly. When he finished speaking, he could not help but be stunned again. He felt that his attitude was not quite suitable for his status..

After a while, chef Zhu, who had been waiting outside for a long time, sent over some freshly baked soviet-style snacks and some german-style sausages. Each of them had a lunchbox, and they seemed to be able to eat until they were fifty percent full.

“It’s easy to fall asleep if you eat too much,”Zuo Cidian explained to Liang Xuexue. Then, he looked at Ling ran worriedly and said, “Doctor Ling, why don’t you rest for a while?”

He did not know that Ling ran had the energy serum to support him. He just thought that Ling ran had already endured the whole night.

Ling ran thought about it and nodded. He then said, “You guys prepare for the surgery first. I’ll sleep for an hour.”

Energy serums could solve the problem of energy, but the fatigue in the muscles would still accumulate.

Ling ran finished all the food in a few bites and went straight to the lounge to sleep.

Liang Xue and the others only felt that something was not right after they left. They quickly said, “Our lounge is very strict. Let Me Help You Swipe Your Card.”

“There’s no need. Your Head Nurse already prepared a room for Doctor Ling,”Zuo Cidian said calmly.

Liang Xue, who was the chief physician, was a little absent-minded. “She didn’t tell me.”

“It’s probably because the matter is too small. The subordinates didn’t have the time to tell you.”Zuo Cidian smiled.

Chief Physician Liang thought even more and could not help but shake his head. “I’m really embarrassed for the chief physician of the General Surgery Department and the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of your hospital.”