Chapter 1387

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Chapter 1387: Chapter 1386, two types

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“Hepatic portal obstruction, fifteen minutes countdown.”Ling ran gave an order, and the nurses inside and outside the operating theater immediately adjusted the time.

Liang Xue took a deep breath and focused his attention at the same time.

The most difficult part of liver surgery was the rich blood flow in the liver. The bleeding caused by knife, needle, and drill was difficult to control. The great difference between modern medicine and early Western medicine was that the amount of bleeding had to be controlled throughout the entire surgery, it could not be like the early barbaric medicine, where the patient had a quick mind and often performed a trick of amputation for a few seconds to stop the bleeding.

However, compared to other organs in the human body, the liver was particularly fragile and important. After the blood supply of the liver was blocked, the probability of failure was very high when the surgery was completed and the patient was reperfused. Therefore, early clinicians created the “Hypothermic anesthesia”. The principle was similar to cardiopulmonary bypass. By using the hypothermic method, the body’s resistance was reduced, and the blood flow could be blocked for a longer period of time.

However, the damage caused by this method was also very great, and it would cause considerable pain to the patient. That was why when Wu Mengchao proposed the “Intermittent hepatectomy at normal temperature”, the patient’s heart would be filled with pain, that was why it attracted world-class attention.

What Ling ran used today was the traditional “Intermittent hepatectomy at normal temperature”. First of all, without hypothermic anesthesia, the patient’s pain would be reduced, and the prognosis would be better. Second, intermittently blocking the hepatic portal, that is, intermittently supplying blood to the liver, could maximize the liver’s activity. This time was also determined by Wu Mengchao’s experimental dog after several attempts.

Blocking the hepatic portal for 15 minutes and releasing it for 5 minutes could greatly reduce the rate of acute liver failure after surgery, and also reduce the occurrence of ischemia-reperfusion injury of the liver, this improves the safety and success rate of surgery. This model was once the “Magic weapon”of Chinese liver surgery. At that time, it was a trick that could be used at any time to “Shock”foreigners.

Of course, after repeated shocks, it was promoted so quickly internationally that it quickly became one of the standard procedures of the international liver surgery.

However, no matter how good the plan was, it could only reduce the damage, and it was impossible to achieve no damage.

Therefore, during the 15-minute hepatic portal block time, the surgeon needed to operate with all his might. In this 15-minute and 15-minute cycle, the fewer the number of cycles, the less damage the patient’s body would suffer.

From this perspective, the speed of the surgery became a very important indicator.

The reason why modern surgical instruments and equipment were updated so quickly was not only because of the addition of medical capitalization, but also because of the new technologies and new discoveries that were harsh on time.

If the same surgeon used a traditional surgical knife and needle and thread to perform surgery, the speed of cutting and suturing would definitely be much slower than the speed of a surgeon using an electric knife. Similarly, the speed of a surgeon using an ultrasonic knife.., would definitely be the best among his peers.

The robotic arm of the Da Vinci robot had synthesized a large number of functions. Logically speaking, it also had the function of increasing speed. However, in actual use, the operating space greatly restricted the doctors’ability to perform.

No matter how big the pneumoperitoneum that could be created was, the operating space could not be compared to open surgery. The 720 degree rotation of the robotic arm could only be made up for when it was used as a training hall in a spiral lion’s shell. Therefore, the total time taken for the Da Vinci robot to perform surgery might be longer than that. Correspondingly, the precision of the surgery would be improved.

At this time, the only thing a doctor could do was to focus their energy and use their skills to make up for the technical gap.

Liang Xue’s expression was solemn. He used all the knowledge he had learned in his life and followed Ling ran’s operation closely.

He was a doctor who came from the general surgery department. It would be difficult for him to say that his skills in the field of liver were top-notch in the country, but he was very good at being an assistant. His understanding of the anatomical relationship in the abdominal cavity, his grasp of various advanced theories, his experience in the problems in clinical surgeries, and his familiarity with the Da Vinci robot in the beginning all belonged to the position of an assistant, but he did not need to use such extravagant skills at all.

Because of this, Liang Xue was also very confident as he lay on the control panel and cooperated with Ling ran’s operation.

It was originally a very simple operation.

In reality, it was also very simple. From the start of the surgery until the first hepatic portal was blocked, Liang Xue cooperated very easily. When the first hepatic portal was blocked, Liang Xue was even more confident and calm.

Then, he heard Ling ran shout “Attention”again.

Liang Xue had a smile on his face and paid attention to Ling ran, and then..

He suddenly had a question about the control lever of the Da Vinci robot.

‘why can’t I keep up?’Liang Xue muttered in his heart. He quickly went to work on Ling ran’s operation, but he still felt a little slow.

Ling ran, who had accumulated more than ten surgeries, now had control over the Da Vinci robot that far exceeded his proficiency.

And when he was able to control the robot perfectly, his perfect level hepatectomy skills became extremely powerful.

What was even more different from open surgery was that because the da Vinci robot’s robotic arm could rotate at 720 degrees, when the chief surgeon really rotated the robotic arm, it was a huge test for the doctor’s spatial imagination, it was a huge test.

If one had to describe it, a normal chief surgeon using da Vinci was like flying a commercial airplane. Although this airplane could rotate forward, backward, left, right, clockwise, and counterclockwise, generally speaking.., they would not do that. Even a doctor who was a bit wild with his piloting skills would try his best to ensure the degree of rotation.

Ling ran’s operation today was like that of a crazy fighter pilot.

When it was needed, the mechanical hand under his control would rotate almost all the time.

It rotated continuously.

Liang Xue felt that it was already a blessing for his body that he did not vomit.

“Ten Seconds to go,”Lu Wenbin reminded him in the operating theater.

Ling ran acted as if he did not hear him and continued to operate crazily.

“Five, four, three…”Lu Wenbin’s reminder did not stop either.

Ling ran only released the hepatic portal block at the last moment.

“The countdown is five minutes.”Lu Wenbin started the timer again.

Ling ran only raised his head at this moment. He looked at the control panel on the left and asked, “How do you feel?”

Chief Physician Liang Xue raised his head and forced a smile. “No problem.”

When he faced the doctors inside and outside the room, Liang Xue still puffed out his chest and raised his head. He showed a calm expression, but in his heart, he was roaring like a typhoon. “Why doesn’t the machine I used look like the same one ling ran used?”