Chapter 1389

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Chapter 1389: Chapter 1388, the follow-up development

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As the patient’s condition was better understood, Ling ran’s surgery became smoother and smoother, and the people around him started to talk about it more and more.

It was not that there was more to talk about in the current surgical content. On the contrary, it was precisely because the surgery progressed rapidly and reached the core of the middle hepatic lobe surgery that.., most of the doctors present could no longer understand it.

Since they could not understand it, they naturally could only send out comments. This was just like when they were studying, the top students would always listen to the class and speak actively. Those who were at the end might not really not want to listen, but they could not understand it either. After a few minutes, it became difficult to endure, they had no choice but to find something fun to do.

Some of the people present were not here for the surgery in the first place. At this moment, they were even raising their phones to share with others:

“Doctor Ling’s hand shape is really beautiful.”

“It’s fast and accurate. It feels like plucking the strings should be like this.”

“It feels like this da Vinci is quite happy.”

As the few young doctors spoke, they gathered together and started to extend the topic.

“When Chief Liang raised his head just now, did you notice his expression? He suddenly felt a little familiar.”

“Now that you say it, it seems to be the case. He’s not as serious as before. He feels a little more peaceful.”

“He’s a lot more peaceful. It’s like, it’s like…”

“It’s like he’s lying flat on his back?”

“It really is like that!”

Someone could not help but think of something good. “If department director Liang becomes gentler in the future, that would be very comfortable.”

The few of them were so happy that their toes were raised.

Actually, department director Liang was also in a state where his toes were raised.

During the first and middle stages of the surgery, he and Ling ran were getting used to each other. Ling ran was also getting used to the fact that he was using the Da Vinci robot to perform hepatectomy. It was almost giving department director Liang a lot of pressure. This was to reduce the burden on him, it was also to test the boundaries of department director Liang’s ability, so that he would not be unable to properly distribute the pressure to department director Liang when the difficulty of the surgery increased.

When it came to the core part of the surgery, Ling Ran’s test was completed, and the reverse-feeding technique began to play its role.

He reduced the pressure on department director Liang to a little more than the limit. It was challenging, but it was not to the extent that the surgery would collapse. If it was department director Liang’s side, it would be a comfortable and fulfilling state. For a doctor.., a surgery in this state would not even change for a wild model.

Anyone who was comfortable and had a sense of accomplishment in their daily work state would be extremely happy.

In fact, from Lu Wenbin to Ma Yanlin, to Yu Yuan, Zuo Cidian, and the others, they were able to perform surgeries with Ling ran for a night and a night. The effect of the reverse feeding operation was indispensable.

Liang Xue was enjoying himself. He was also very comfortable.

On the other hand, when the pressure on his side decreased, and the pressure on Ling ran’s surgery increased, he could not understand the process of the surgery even more.

Since he could not understand it at this level, Liang Xue could only lie flat on his back with peace of mind.

When the difference in skill levels was so great that it could not be bridged, what else could he do other than lie flat on his back?

Learn? How To Learn? What to learn? To what extent could he learn?

Strive for it? Where was his direction? What was his goal? What was the result of his struggle?

Liang Xue did not really need to think too much. His brain instinctively started to give up on thinking about this matter.

Ling ran’s orders came one round after another. There was not the slightest interruption in his operation. It was a feast for the eyes until they could not cope with it.

When the surgery ended, the fifty-something-year-old chief physician, Liang Xue, threw his head back and slept on the expensive chair. He did not even want to get up.

“Five hours and twenty minutes. It takes a total of time.”Lu Wenbin reported another time through the glass.

Compared to open surgery, this time was really not good.

Liang Xue smiled in satisfaction and said weakly, “I thought it would take eight or nine hours.”

Ling ran agreed with him. He nodded and said, “The patient is relatively young, so he’ll do it faster.”

Liang Xue and the others nodded.

At that moment, Ling ran said again, “If we do it again in the future, we still have to increase the speed. We should increase it to within four hours.”

This was about the same time as an open surgery.

Liang Xue’s eyebrows twitched when he heard this. He said, “Four hours is still too difficult. Is this… necessary?”

If it were a few hours ago, he would have said something like “Necessary”with a questioning tone. But after performing a round of surgery with Ling ran, Liang Xue felt that his hostility was no longer as strong as before, his entire state of mind became calm.

This state of mind was like walking on the road. If a child gave him the middle finger, he would definitely be furious. But if Tyson gave him the middle finger, he would still be able to endure it and smile like an adult.

Ling ran stood up and massaged his arm and wrist, he said, “The patient chose the da Vinci robot for the sake of better surgical results. By shortening the duration of the surgery, the benefits will be greater. Of course, the surgical refinement is the first priority.”

When he spoke like this, his gaze swept past Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan did not need to remind him. She immediately took out a small notebook the size of Yu Jie’s palm and a pen the length of Yu Jie’s finger. She recorded what Ling ran said just now.

These were all things that could be used in the future research papers.

Liang Xue smiled hesitantly. He had many things in his mind that he wanted to say, but it was a little difficult to ask.

Compared to open surgery, the advantage of the Da Vinci robot was its refinement. It could magnify the target area 10 times so that it could perform the surgery in a more refined way. This was also a preferred direction in the field of surgery. For example, for breast cancer surgery, if it was 20 or 30 years ago, the first choice would be to remove half of the breast directly. However, in this era, many patients preferred to only remove the breast.

In terms of curative effect, it was definitely safer to remove the whole breast. However, with the development of refined surgery, the comprehensive benefits of patients who used the mastectomy method were likely to be greater.

And for hepatectomy, the situation was similar. The more liver tissue was removed, the worse the prognosis of the patient. But if the liver was not removed enough, it would directly endanger the patient’s life.

The balance between the two was the survival space of the meticulous surgery.

Correspondingly, the more meticulous the surgery was, the more time it would take. If it took too long, the problem of prognosis would still become prominent.

Therefore, when it came to the total profit of the patient, this was a very chaotic problem.

Ling ran’s suggestion to reduce the time was naturally a very good plan. However, from Liang Xue’s point of view, it was not that everyone did not know about this. It was just that no one could do it.

Doing things in a meticulous and fast manner was not something that could be done just because one wanted to.

“This is indeed a direction of development for the future…”the associate director stepped forward and said some polite words. He was ready to invite Ling ran to have a rest and a meal.

However, Ling ran did not wait for him to ask. He said, “HMM, I have some ideas. Let’s discuss them.”

Then, Ling ran ignored the group of people who were looking forward to socializing. He stepped on the door and walked into the conference room, as if he was in his own hospital.