Chapter 1391

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Chapter 1391: Chapter 1390 if his superior was incited to betray him

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“Director, you called for Me?”Zhang Anmin knocked on the door and pushed he Yuanzheng’s office open.

“Come in.”Smoke lingered in front of he Yuanzheng’s desk. He was buried in a chair with an IPAD in front of him.

Zhang Anmin sat opposite he yuanzheng obediently.

After he was promoted to associate director, Zhang Anmin was semi-independent in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He formed his own team and opened his own outpatient clinic to receive patients. He also did his own surgeries and bed care. However, he used medicine, equipment, and operating rooms, he was still in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He did not profit from any scientific research projects either. He basically had the status of a slightly more powerful associate director.

However, no matter what kind of situation he was in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, the reputation of being the associate director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of Yun Hua Hospital had been hanging around for more than a year. The public’s evaluation of him had gradually changed. Now, not only did units like Bazhaizi village hospital invite him to perform freelance surgeries, the county hospitals in the more remote areas were often willing to invite him to perform bile duct surgeries and the like. Even though there were only one or two surgeries each time.., the freelance surgery fee for each surgery was only 5,000 yuan, not including the travel expenses. However, compared to other doctors of the same level, especially Zhang Anmin from before, he felt much happier.

For example, even though he was wearing a white lab coat, he had an 800-yuan golden belt on his waist. It was similar to the belt that the director of the hospital had worn when he first joined the hospital.

Even though he yuanzheng, the director of the department, did not like him very much, Zhang Anmin did not even have the chance to be looked at, let alone be liked.

With this thought in mind, he sat opposite he yuanzheng and felt much more cheerful.

“Did you see what Zuo Cidian said?”He Yuanzheng’s voice was deep and there was smoke coming out of his mouth.

Zhang Anmin replied with an “Mm”and said, “It should be Doctor Ling’s recent research direction. I asked Yu Yuan about it. The middle lobe of the liver was removed using a da Vinci robot, and it’s a world-leading technology.”

He Yuanzheng curled his lips and thought to himself, why does he keep talking about Doctor Ling? He really wants others to know that you’re a scoundrel.

Fortunately, he was past his frivolous age. Even if he didn’t like it, he could still say things with a straight face, “Doctor Ling just wants the hospital bed and the patients, right? Let’s allocate them?”

Zhang Anmin chuckled, “There’s no need to distribute them, right? I’ll definitely do my best to find the patient. Also, there’s still room for me to prepare the bed. As for the rest, you can see how much you can cooperate with.”

He Yuanzheng’s eyelids twitched. He could not help but say sarcastically, “Are you going to do your best?”

Zhang Anmin smiled. He could not be bothered to compete with he yuanzheng.

The two of them had different statuses to begin with. He Yuanzheng had the mentality of completing a mission, and Zhang Anmin could not control him. However, he himself would definitely give it his all.

In his heart, Zhang Anmin could not wait for he yuanzheng to go against Ling ran’s wishes. If both sides really went against each other, based on Ling ran’s current situation, if he wanted to separate the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, the entire hospital would raise their hands in approval. At that time, it was possible for he yuanzheng, the director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, to become the director of the Second Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. This was already considered the best outcome.

“We don’t have much experience with da Vinci robots. Ling ran himself has only just started working on them. I feel that it’s a little too early for him to pull everyone together to tackle this problem,”he yuanzheng added.

Zhang Anmin still did not want to argue with him. He smiled and said, “If you don’t want to do it, I’ll represent our department to participate.”

He Yuanzheng’s expression changed again. This was how it was when there were two or five people in the department. Before anything happened on his side, the two or five people were already thinking of snatching the position of the department director. If he was a department director with complete authority, he would be furious at this moment.

Theoretically speaking, he yuanzheng really did have complete authority as a department director!

However, the angry scolding only reverberated in his chest a few times. He Yuanzheng, who was already used to a similar life, calmed down.

“Do you think there is potential in doing this?”He Yuanzheng asked another question that was a little repetitive.

Zhang Anmin was inexperienced in fighting after all. He did not think much and replied, “When Doctor Ling did a project, there was no failure. Moreover, this time, he mobilized everyone.”

He Yuanzheng did not have much information. When he heard Zhang Anmin’s answer, he could not help but fall into deep thought.

Zhang Anmin did not even realize that he had provided internal information. He continued to sit across from him and secretly complained that he yuanzheng did not know the current situation.

“Let’s allocate the beds for the patients.”He Yuanzheng thought it through and said, “Just like before, whose patients have whose beds? whose patients are in charge of whose beds? Is that appropriate?”

Zhang Anmin waved his hand again and said casually, “No need. You can see a few beds. If it’s not enough, I’ll take over.”

“Really?”He Yuanzheng smiled.

Zhang Anmin nodded. “Really.”

“Then I’ll offer 20 beds.”He Yuanzheng looked at Zhang Anmin.

Zhang Anmin was stunned.

After Zhang Anmin became the associate chief physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, the most important resource he received was 12 beds. Usually, this number was enough for a medical team to survive. Not everyone was like Ling ran, who could perform a large department’s surgery alone.

After Zhang Anmin distributed the 12 hospital beds, he Yuanzheng’s hospital beds were not so abundant anymore. This was because not only did he have to perform the surgery himself, but he also had to support the other attending physicians in the department.

According to the normal procedure of the project, Zhang Anmin felt that it was normal for he yuanzheng to be willing to take out two or three beds at a time like this. He did not even have to provide a hospital bed and was only responsible for the prognosis. On this basis, Zhang Anmin did not feel any heartache even if he gave up ten or eight beds. In any case, since he was participating, the kittens under him would learn from him for a period of time without any delay.

What Zhang Anmin did not expect was for he yuanzheng to directly take 20 hospital beds. What kind of concept was this? In a department where hospital beds were quickly overturned, 20 hospital beds could be used to build another department. As for the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, it was a small department within Yun Hua Hospital. After removing 32 hospital beds, how many beds would be left? This was like cutting the liver of an old man with cirrhosis. After cutting off the rest, it would really be just scraps.

Most importantly, he Yuanzheng’s attitude at this moment was completely different from when he first entered the room.

“I only have twelve beds in total…”Zhang Anmin was a little confused about the situation.

He yuanzheng said calmly, “You give me five beds, I’ll give you twenty beds, and we’ll make up twenty-five beds. When Ling ran comes back, we’ll just allocate them according to the 4:1 surgical volume.”

“You…”Zhang Anmin’s eyes widened. ‘didn’t you lie flat on your back?’? ‘Why are you defecting again?’? ‘this is too unreasonable!’!

He Yuanzheng was calm and composed. Instead, he advised, “The number of hospital beds and patients is compatible. If you want to have patients who are undergoing hepatectomy, you’ll be lucky if you can get five in two weeks.”

According to Ling ran’s policy, among the patients who were hospitalized for long periods of time, it was the minimum for patients who were undergoing hepatectomy to stay in the hospital for two weeks. If Zhang Anmin could get five patients who were undergoing hepatectomy in two weeks.., he would also need to get some temporary hospital beds.

“I… I’ll give you ten!”Zhang Anmin threw caution to the wind.

He Yuanzheng chuckled. “I’ll give you thirty? That’s a total of forty. I might not need that many.”

“Then, you’ll also give me ten.”

“You mean that our department will reduce the number of hospital beds for Doctor Ling?”He Yuanzheng’s question stunned Zhang Anmin.

At this time, Zhang Anmin’s mind was full of wild thoughts, which converged into a question: if the spy’s superior was turned against him and began to compete with him for merits, then what should the two or five young men do?