Chapter 1392

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Chapter 1392: Chapter 1391: wake up early tomorrow

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“Based on this plan, it should be able to be done within four hours. Use Da Vinci.”Liang Xue sat in the conference room and sized up he yuanzheng on the screen with his eyes wide open.

The director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery who lived under Ling ran’s shadow was like a small hotpot restaurant that was opened next to Haidilao. Even if there were no customers, it would not be to the extent of.., there would always be customers who were tired of queuing at the entrance of Haidilao. However, it was impossible to say how comfortable their lives were. They even had to wait in line for customers who were waiting for their turn at Haidilao. The team that they had painstakingly maintained looked like they were being nurtured by Haidilao in the end.

Liang Xuedu could not imagine it,

zuo Cidian was the host. He nodded in agreement and said, “Then, let’s work hard in this direction. Department directors, Let’s see how we land on the ground.”

The big screen in front of him split into two. It was the director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of Yun Hua Hospital, he yuanzheng, and the Deputy Director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, Zhang Anmin.

The two of them looked at each other with a straight face, he Yuanzheng was the first to say, “I haven’t used the Da Vinci robot yet. However, since Doctor Ling can perform an open hepatectomy for an hour, I think it’s meaningless to perform the surgery with Doctor Ling as the standard.”

“What do you think?”Zuo Cidian asked.

“Relax a little. For example, five hours, five and a half hours.”

“Our average completion time now is more than six hours,”Liang Xue said at this time. He was not very familiar with he yuanzheng, so he only gave his opinion tentatively.

He yuanzheng said, “OH. Then, do you think it can be done from six hours to four hours?”

Liang Xue was silent for a few seconds before he sighed and said, “Doctor Ling’s plan looks promising. Besides, if we manage to complete a project, it would be meaningless if we don’t increase it to four hours.”

In fact, he did not want to follow the path that Ling ran had given him, but if he did not, the project would not be established. It should be said that only if Ling ran could resume the project for four hours would it have the value of establishing a project. Liang Xue was not confident that he could do it better and faster, so he could only follow Ling ran’s plan.

Fortunately, the hospital was not a research institute. It was not embarrassing for clinicians to freeload off projects. At Liang Xue’s level, as long as he was not embarrassed, everyone else would be embarrassed.

He Yuanzheng understood now. This person was also someone who had suffered a lot. From the looks of it, he no longer cared about his reputation. He only wanted to be practical and practical, just like himself.

He yuanzheng sighed to himself and said, “Then, should we prepare our own beds and patients?”

Liang Xue nodded without thinking too much and said, “That’s about it.”

“Should we target the patients in the middle lobe of the liver?”

“Then, let’s work hard on our own.”

He Yuanzheng and Zhang Anmin glanced at each other imperceptibly. Liang Xue did not want to talk about the number of beds and patients, which meant that he had not realized the main point of following Ling ran.

At that moment, the two of them felt like they were in the same trenches. The feeling of fighting against the enemy together and being on guard against each other was as if they were inviting prostitutes together. It was actually very exciting.

“Where’s Doctor Ling?”Zhang Anmin came back to his senses and quickly asked again.

Zuo cidian smiled and said, “Doctor Ling went to eat.”

When Zhang Anmin saw Old Zuo’s smile, he came to a realization. “Miss Tian Qi is here?”

“Yes. She just happened to have a few hours of free time when she was on a connecting flight to Japan, so she came straight to Taiwu.”As Zuo Cidian spoke, he sighed emotionally. “Miss Tian Qi worked too hard. I heard that the Tian family has increased the management rights of several groups to miss Tian Qi. They’re currently organizing the procedures, so they don’t have much time…”

“No Wonder Doctor Ling wants to open a new field to do projects.”While Zhang Anmin understood a little, he also secretly warned himself. He had stayed in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery for too long, so much so that he could not completely grasp the information of this treatment group, this was not possible.

After dinner, Ling ran and Tian Qi walked all the way back to the hospital. They sent them all the way to the parking lot before they returned to the operating theater. They poured themselves a bottle of energy serum and started to look at the information of the last patient.

Compared to the surgery in the middle lobe of the liver, the difficulty of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer thrombus was much lower.

It was actually very difficult to perform surgeries involving the bile duct, but it depended on who they compared to. For example, when performing cholecystectomy, a very big risk was whether there was a problem with the bile duct. If there was a problem with the bile duct, then it was basically not a problem that a junior attending physician could handle. However, when compared to hepatectomy, the bile duct was not a big problem. The middle hepatic lobe was a highly difficult surgery in hepatectomy, so it was naturally even more difficult than hepatobiliary tumor thrombus.

However, from another perspective, any level four surgery could not be taken lightly. Since it was a level four surgery, it was a surgery where if one was not careful, he or she might not be able to leave the operating table.

The risks in the surgery were very unpredictable.

There were always some high-level old chief physicians who did the surgery and did it, but they did less. As they did it, they gradually stopped doing level four surgeries. Many of them were traumatized by the surgery — to the patients and their families.., it was very difficult to accept the death of a patient during the surgery. For the chief surgeon, dying during the surgery was also an extremely difficult mental illness to overcome. Not everyone could handle it properly.

Ling ran had a lower acceptance of accidents during the surgery. Therefore, even if it was a relatively simple surgery, he would still make sufficient preoperative preparations.

“Doctor Ling, do you want to sleep?”Zuo Cidian came in from the outside and looked at Ling ran a little uneasily. Even for Doctor Ling, the duration of the surgery was too long.

“Is the patient ready?”Ling ran asked first.

“Yes. However, I’m afraid that department director Liang Won’t be able to hold on any longer.”Zuo Cidian showed some sympathy.

Ling ran looked at the sky and said, “Then, we’ll rest for a few hours. We’ll perform the surgery at Midnight Tomorrow. After the surgery is completed, we’ll return to Yun Hua.”

“Okay.”Chief physician Zuo ci heaved a sigh of relief. He also felt a lot of pressure when he was on Taiwu’s side. Moreover, he had not been on a date for such a long time. No matter how good-tempered a woman was, she would not be happy.

“The surgery tomorrow will probably take a long time. The medical staff participating in the surgery must eat and drink to their heart’s content. Get Chef Zhu to prepare,”Ling ran reminded him again. The surgery for hepatobiliary cancer thrombus would take longer than the surgery for the middle lobe of the liver. Under normal circumstances, it was possible for the surgery to take seven to eight hours, or even ten hours.

At times like this, Ling ran was used to having chef Zhu and the others prepare meals.

Zuo Cidian had just nodded when he heard Ling ran say, “They seem to have brought a big fish and a sheep. If it’s not convenient for them to bring them back, they can eat them.”

“Okay.”Zuo Cidian decided to get up early tomorrow and participate in the surgery.