Chapter 1393

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Chapter 1393: Chapter 1392: Where to learn from

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“This is the legendary tuna.”A doctor stood in the small cafeteria, eating the fish that the chef had just cut out. At the same time, he did not forget to use his phone to capture the shape of the whole fish.

Zuo Cidian, who was proud of himself, said, “Yellowfin tuna is not as rare as bluefin tuna.”

“Do you eat like this often?”A host chewed on the lamb chops with both hands and took the time to speak.

Zuo cidian nodded and enjoyed the aftertaste of 3.14 seconds. He said, “We can’t eat like this every day. It’s easy to get fat, right? The chef will occasionally make some salads or light food.”

“Big Fish and big meat will last for a few days. After eating grass for a few days, it will also be quite fragrant.”

“In fact, the salads made by professional chefs are quite delicious.”. “Every time our team eats salads, we have to attract half of the nurses from the surgery department to come over. Nowadays, when chefs make Caesar salads, they usually make two buckets. One bucket is not enough. “Some of them even bring home a portion.”Zuo Cidian was thinking about Versailles. When the town health center organized the new Matai study tour group, Zuo Cidian chatted with the people in the group and obtained a lot of first-hand knowledge about the new matai tourism, he then blew on the barbecue stall at night.

Now, the new Matai tour that felt fresh when he was young had become old, but Zuo Cidian felt that he had become young again.

The Doctor from Tai Wu Central Hospital showed an envious expression. “You can take it away?”

“Of course. In the words of our Miss Tian Qi, if we really calculate the cost, the cost of materials is only a small piece, but allowing everyone to bring food home will bring more than double the happiness…”

“That’s really what rich people say.”Tai Wu’s doctor picked up two pieces of raw fish and stuffed them into his mouth. “Then, I’ll bring a box of this back.”

“I’ll get someone to prepare it for you,”Zuo Cidian answered without any hesitation.

“It’s true. There’s so much, and we can’t finish it all.”Zuo cidian sighed as he spoke, he said, “Miss Tian Qi is always worried that Doctor Ling will have additional needs, so she has prepared more types and quantity. If you want to take them away, then take them away. First Come, first served.”

“I…”Tai Wu’s doctor scooped another bowl of soup and drank it. He sighed and said, “You only said this when you’re about to leave… why don’t you stay for another two days?”

Zuo Cidian put his hands on his hips and smiled. He then said, “You don’t have many suitable patients anymore. We’ll definitely do it next time.”

The other party was also joking at first. He chuckled and buried his head in his food.

The people who came to the operating theater so early in the morning were all the people who stayed up late the previous night. Of course, the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital were not counted. They were just used to getting up early.

Ling ran got up even earlier. He sat alone at the side. The chefs would bring the prepared food to him.

If one looked at Ling ran from an outsider’s point of view, the current Ling ran was like an extravagant young master who did not fit in with the environment around him. However, those who were familiar with Ling ran knew that even if there were no chefs wearing high hats to serve him, Ling ran would still not fit in with the environment around him.

“The operating theater is ready.”The young nurse who won the game of rock-paper-scissors skipped over. She carefully put on makeup two hours in advance, revealing a very beautiful school Belle’s face. She raised her head, she looked at Ling ran with an admiring expression.

“Is the patient here?”Ling ran asked calmly. Then, while he was drinking water, he poured a bottle of energy serum into the bottle.

“He’s here. The patient’s family is also outside.”The young nurse blinked.

“Got it.”Ling ran nodded and continued to eat with his head lowered.

The tumor thrombus in the hepatobiliary duct was not difficult for him. The core of the tumor was still hepatectomy, but it was inevitable that it would take a long time. Moreover, he could not eat or drink during the surgery..

Ling ran paused for a moment. He raised his head and said very naturally, “If the surgery is done with a da Vinci Robot, you can eat in the middle?”

“I see that foreign doctors drink coffee.”Ma Yanlin turned his head and thought for a moment before he said, “Taiwu and our operating theater are separated in the middle, but it’s still in the operating area.”

“It’ll be interesting if the next generation of da Vinci can operate from a greater distance.”Lu Wenbin woke up early to do some exercise. He had a clear mind and ate a lot. He stuffed eggs into his mouth as he did so, he said, “If we can add something like 5G, we can directly install da Vinci in a field hospital hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. The doctors have already performed surgeries in the city. What’s the point of eating? It’s best if we work from home…”

Ma Yanlin chuckled. “You can also make pig trotters remotely. When that time comes, there will be pure Lu’s pig trotters thousands of kilometers away.”

“When that time comes, I’ll just stay in the gym.”Lu Wenbin immediately fell into a state of madness.

Chief Physician Hou Fu from Tai Wu Pu watched as the few of them finished their breakfast in no time and then went to the operating theater. He slowly put down the lamb chops in his hand.

“You’re not eating the lamb chops anymore? Did I take away what’s on the plate?”The attending physician beside him moved his hands over.

“You just want to eat?”Director Hou Fu pushed the plate away and exhaled. “Did you hear what the people from Yun Hua Hospital said just now?”

“What Pork Trotters?”

Director Hou Fu glared at him and said, “They went to do a liver and bile duct cancer embolus.”

“That’s right. The surgery today is for the liver and bile duct cancer embolus.”The attending physician glanced at the associate director and wondered if he had eaten too much lamb chops.

“I’m asking you to take a look at his condition.”

Only then did the attending physician wipe off the oil at the corner of his mouth. With a “Ha”sound, he said, “I saw it.”

“It was easy,”the attending physician said indifferently.

“He did a cholecystectomy for the hepatobiliary tumor thrombus. It was such a big surgery, but he did it as if it was a small surgery.”Chief Physician Hou Fu curled his lips, he looked a little envious and jealous, and said, “I’ve Been to Yun Hua before. Yun Hua Hospital is better than us, so it’s just like that.”

The attending physician remained calm. “You’re right. However, don’t you think that they also wake up early to eat?”

“That’s because they want to go back early.”Director hou fu said bitterly, “The people in our department only know how to eat. They don’t even think about learning some skills.”

“From whom?”The attending physician asked as he chewed on a lamb chop.

Director Hou Fu’s square face, which was filled with justice and love, suddenly became stiff.

He had woken up too early today, so he did not think carefully at all and only focused on teaching others a lesson.

This was a very definite threat.

The attending physician expressed that he knew. He also realized that his IQ was not high enough in the early morning hours. He pretended to giggle and said, “I just feel that since we have switched to being da Vinci, we don’t need to worry about liver surgery anymore…”

“This is because da Vinci is still not common yet. Have you heard of any doctor or hospital that is famous for being good at performing laparoscopies? Changing the tools will ultimately reflect the disease,”director Hou Fu said, he did not waste any more time and went to the operating theater to watch the surgery.

Compared to the attending physicians, he did not even have the right to ask, “Who should I learn from?”He had to rely on self-study.