Chapter 1395

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Chapter 1395: Chapter 1394 a general is like a beauty since ancient times

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Liang Xue was old. Just looking at the surgery made his back ache. After Ling ran entered the complicated stage of removing cancer bolts, he looked at it for a while before he finally could not help but leave the operating theater for some fresh air.

There were people walking in and out of the operating theater. Most of them were nurses who were in a hurry. They had to constantly take medicine, blood, and other instruments. There were people who made four or five trips during a surgery.

When the doctors passed by, they also rushed over and left in a hurry.

The doctors on the day of the surgery would never know when they would be able to get off work before the last surgery was completed. If they had to perform another surgery, they would have to stay up until very late.

Liang Xue looked at the familiar surgical corridor. For a moment, he felt like he was being pulled away.

“Are you tired?”Department director Hou Fu also walked out.

Liang Xue Hummed in acknowledgement. He rubbed his waist and said with a bitter smile, “I’ve performed too many surgeries in the past few days.”

He had already rested for a round, but when he went on stage to perform surgeries, he still felt like he was injured.

Speaking of which, Liang Xue used to be a surgical maniac. He was also proud that after he turned fifty, he still performed the same amount of surgeries as young people. However, the feeling of performing surgeries with Ling ran was clearly different.

“Young people nowadays are amazing.”Department director Hou Fu also sighed. The first thing that came to his mind was the group of young nurses protecting Ling ran. He said, “I can’t be jealous.”

“We’re already at this age. Why would we be jealous?”Liang Xue snorted twice, he said casually, “I even met old Zhu, the anesthetist, today. He told me to try this surgery again in the future. Their department of Anesthesiology is preparing to write a research paper on long-term anesthesia…”

“Old Zhu…”department director Hou Fu smacked his lips. Anesthesiology was the most important department in the operating area. It had its own lounge and office. It was so busy that it had to settle down on the operating floor all year round. A large department like the general surgery department usually did not care much about them, but they would not offend them. Everyone had to cooperate with their work.

And the need to write an article was usually given when it was convenient.

“Sooner or later, my waist will be broken.”Liang Xue complained and stretched his waist. “I’ll go to the ward to take a look. What About You?”

“I’ll follow you.”Hou Fu was behind by half a step. He followed Liang Xue out of the operating area.

The two of them came out of the fire passage on the side. When they opened the door, a buzzing noise was heard.

The people standing there could be said to be the family members of the patients who were the most emotional in the hospital. The fear of surgeries, the hope of successful surgeries, and the confusion about the future were all gathered in a few large halls. The atmosphere was suffocating.

Even though department director Liang and department director Zhu did not have to face their family members’gazes to be baptized. However, the image of the patient who was being operated on by Ling ran appeared in Department Director Liang’s mind.

“I’ll stay here and take a look. I’ll go to the ward later,”chief Liang said to chief Zhu before he turned around and started searching.

It did not take long for Chief Liang to see the family members of the patients.

There was a man, a woman, an old man, and a child wearing a school uniform.

Chief Liang stood behind the glass window and did not walk towards them.

He was a little familiar with the patients and their family members, but he was also a little unfamiliar with them.

To be honest, he could barely think of a few words to describe the features of the patient’s face, even if it was someone he had just met. He could get a clearer picture of the features of the patient’s face, but there were still many things that could be used to make a face.

“Department Director Liang?”Nurse Wang Jia came from behind. When she saw Liang Xue, she looked at him in surprise and greeted him generously.

“Oh, you’re… You’re from Ling Ran’s team?”Liang Xue clearly did not remember the name of a young nurse. When he saw Wang Jia, he only looked a little surprised.

“Yes, I’m here to bring some food to the patient’s family. The surgery takes a long time, and I happen to have nothing to do,”Wang Jia deliberately explained to prevent department director Liang from misunderstanding. After all, this was Tai Wu Central Hospital’s territory.

Liang Xue tilted his head and saw that Wang Jia was holding a very beautiful lunchbox in her hand. She looked a little familiar. It was the meal that Ling ran had shared with everyone this morning.

Liang Xue could not help but smile. “You’re serving food to the patient’s family now?”

“There happened to be some leftovers, so I took the untouched one and put it in a box.”Wang Jia was not afraid because of the other party’s age or status. She had seen many doctors of similar rank, however, she said, “Doctor Ling and so many people are busy because of this patient. I have nothing to do… It’s not easy to be an only child family.”

Liang Xue hummed and asked, “Are you also an only child?”

It was really his first time meeting a nurse who brought food to the patient.

Wang Jia nodded and then smiled. “It’s very obvious when you’re on a business trip. Your family can’t take care of you. If someone is seriously ill, they’ll be even busier.”

“Mm. There’s nothing good about being sick.”Liang Xue Sighed. It was mostly because of the hepatobiliary cancer embolus.

Even in cancer, the hepatobiliary cancer embolus was a complicated and annoying type. It cost a lot of money, and the prognosis was poor. It could be said that it was both sad and painful to fall into a family with poor conditions.

Many times, when department director Liang saw the expectant eyes of the family members, he would persuade them to lower their expectations.

“Today’s surgery is a good thing for the family members of the patient.”Wang Jia had been through a lot with Ling ran, and she did not seem to be confused or uncertain like department director Liang, she said with great confidence, “I believe that Doctor Ling’s surgery will be very successful.”

Department director Liang could not help but laugh. “You young people…”

“I’ll send food to them first. It’ll be cold in a while.”Wang Jia did not argue with department director Liang, who was an old scumbag. She only said, “When the patient leaves the operating theater, they’ll probably be even busier and won’t be able to eat.”

“Okay…”Liang Xue definitely couldn’t drag Wang Jia to chat with him. He couldn’t help but sigh as he watched her enter the operating theater.

Every doctor longed for and experienced something like magical hand rejuvenation. When Liang Xue reached a certain age, most of it was memories. Especially when his level had reached a certain level, the difficulty of the diseases he faced had also reached an extremely high level. As a result, magical hand rejuvenation became less and less common.

What the Da Vinci robot brought to Liang Xue was a brand new experience. After he began to try robotic surgery, Liang Xue consciously reduced the difficulty of the surgery. The surgical direction was mostly the gallbladder bile duct and pancreas, the success rate of the treatment was also quite high.

However, a faint regret was inevitable in the end.

Now, looking at the family members of the patients in the waiting room, Liang Xue became sentimental once again.

“Since ancient times, generals are like beauties…”Liang Xue held his cell phone and turned back to the operating room.