Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396: Chapter 1395 — better to steal than to be a penguin

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The extrahepatic bile duct in Ling ran’s field of vision was filled with tumors.

The bile duct, which was like a tree branch, was originally a channel for the secretion of bile. But now, it was blocked by a cancer embolus, and it became a channel for the spread of cancer. It was like a sewer that had lost its function, and it was just a place where dirt and dirt were hidden.

However, unlike a real sewer, the bile duct not only did not have a blueprint, but it was also crisscrossed with the adjacent small blood vessels, forming all kinds of dangerous structures.

They were inside the liver itself, and there were so many blood connections. It could be said that it was a typical case of the whole body being affected by a single incident. In traditional hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, the treatment of hepatobiliary tumor thrombus was always a big problem. In other words, there was no better treatment plan at all. Most of the time, palliative treatment could only be performed.

Ling ran agreed with palliative care, but he had never performed similar surgeries himself.

Now that the patients were queuing up for treatment, Ling ran’s offensive nature of the surgery became stronger day by day.

Intentionally or unintentionally, his choice of surgery, as well as the patients’choice of him, suddenly became an aggressive atmosphere.

For today’s surgery, Ling ran took an all-out offensive stance. For all the cancer emboli that he could see with his eyes, no matter how big or small they were, regardless of whether they were young or old, he would remove them all.

This was a relatively rare pattern in traditional surgeries. In traditional open surgeries, those that were more meticulous would remove the larger bile duct cancer emboli, and those that were small and dense would usually be removed.

Of course, this was also a surgical strategy, but just like all surgical strategies, the purpose of using new techniques and new methods was not necessarily to negate the old strategy. It was more to expand the boundaries of the surgery, it was just like from Newton to Einstein.

If it was an open surgery, Ling ran would still mostly use the method of hepatectomy. Not only could he not see it clearly, but because of the patient’s physical condition, it was also difficult for the patient to sustain a long-term laparotomy.

In comparison, the patient’s endurance was much better when the surgery was performed with the Da Vinci Robot. Moreover, the robot’s robotic hands were also exceptionally flexible after they were used skillfully. Through them, Ling ran could completely remove the cancer bolts one by one along the direction where the cancer bolts grew, and he did not damage any of the blood vessels.

At the beginning of the surgery, everyone only paid attention to the former. However, as the surgery progressed, the latter gradually became more eye-catching.

Because the surgery took a long time, someone suddenly spoke on the quiet yunli live broadcast platform:

“It can’t be. He didn’t touch the blood vessels during the entire process?”

Because no one spoke for a while, this sentence immediately became more conspicuous.

Yu Yuan, who was a little tired, poked her head out from behind the stool while she stood guard in the corner. She said in surprise, “It really doesn’t seem to touch the blood vessels?”

“Because it’s very dangerous to touch the blood vessels.”Ling ran raised his head at that moment and let the muscles of his cervical spine relax for a moment, he then explained to the doctors under him, “Based on the current position, if you touch the blood vessels, it’s very likely that your organs will fail and the patient will die.”

“Because if the blood vessels are ruptured at this time, you might not even have the chance to resect them?”Yu Yuan still had enough theoretical knowledge. With Ling ran’s reminder, she quickly found a reason.

Ling ran nodded gently and said, “Theoretically, we can resect the liver to make up for it, but the significance of this surgery doesn’t exist. Moreover, based on the patient’s current condition, it will be very difficult to make up for it.”

“The remaining liver is not enough.”Even Zuo Cidian could easily make a deduction.

Ling ran nodded and returned to the operating table. He asked the nurse inside to take out another specimen bag and stuff it into the patient’s abdominal cavity. He then continued to peel off the cancer embolus and put it into the specimen bag.

This process was still very long and tedious.

If the surgery was compared to repairing a car, the workload of removing a cancer embolus was about the same as maintaining the engine of a car. And countless cancer embolus would require an infinite amount of time.

In fact, most doctors would easily make mistakes when they faced this kind of long work. It was normal for them to give up further.

If it were not for the strong motivation and sense of achievement, it would be difficult for normal doctors to persist in performing this kind of surgery.

After a long period of bottleneck, the number of doctors who watched the surgery live increased steadily.

In fact, those who could watch five or six or seven hours of surgery basically could not give up at this time.

The live broadcast system set up by Yunli was a professional platform. It required the cooperation of professional equipment to be able to broadcast images. The high threshold caused the number of people who watched its live broadcast to be generally low. It was normal for a few people or even no one to watch the live broadcast.

However, it was the live broadcast system that was the closest to the operating theater.

Professional doctors watched professional surgeries, and because of that, they formed some fixed group relationships. It could be considered as the core charm of Yunli. For Ling ran, this was also a more meaningful state.

Just having the number of people watching and the appreciation of fans was nothing new to Ling ran. It was even less likely that it was the goal he was pursuing. In comparison, what professional observers learned or gained through his surgery was something that Ling ran liked more.

It was easy to obtain his skills, and if he could promote it, Ling ran would be happy to see it happen.

However, just like Professor Ling ran, Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and the others, he was not used to nagging during surgeries. For the viewers in the live broadcast room, simply watching the surgery.., became a little like stealing someone’s skills.

As the saying went, it was better to steal than to be a penguin. When they found out that your surgery was awesome, those who were willing to steal someone’s skills would work very hard.

As for the long duration of the surgery, it’s not a problem.

If you steal, are you afraid that you’ll train for too long?

When Director Liang and the others turned around once again, they saw that the number of viewers on the live broadcast screen had already exceeded 100.

Director Liang was a little envious.

From the point of view of the medical world, with over 100 viewers, it was already a small-scale medical conference. In the past, if so many people gathered to watch him perform the surgery, a normal department would have to save up a few months’worth of money.

“The surgery went very smoothly?”Liang Xue went to Zuo Cidian and praised him.

“Doctor Ling is in good condition,”Zuo Cidian answered with a little pride.

“That’s right. How about you guys? Have you learned anything?”Director Liang asked the doctors around him with his hands behind his back and a little imposing.

The senior attending physician who was closest to them had also watched the surgery for a long time. His eyes were a little dazed. He first shook his legs before he said, “I just felt that I was really awesome, and then I was awesome all the way.”

Liang Xuexue could not help but recall the experience he had in the past few hours. He realized that it could be said in the same sentence.

Department director Liang nodded slowly. Then, he used a calm and wise tone and said, “That’s why I say that you guys have to learn from Doctor Ling. Many people have performed thrombectomy before, but who could do it like this, right?”

“Yes…”everyone cooperated with chief physician Liang’s words.

The senior attending physician was silent for a few seconds. Suddenly, he felt that this was an opportunity that could not be missed. He mustered up his courage and said, “I feel that I have learned something. I can try to do it next time.”

“Oh?”Liang Xue looked over and was truly a little surprised.

It was difficult to brag about performing surgeries from afar, but it was not impossible. However, if one were to brag about it in front of others, especially in front of their own senior doctors, no matter what, they would not be able to brag about it.

Liang Xue sized up the attending physician in front of him and said in a low voice, “It’s not so easy to perform cancer embolectomy.”

“I… I’ve never performed hepatectomy before, but I’ve watched Doctor Ling remove the cancer embolus for several hours. I think I can give it a try,”the attending physician answered in a low voice. He had also thought about it for a long time.

Ling ran’s surgery had been performed for a long time. It was difficult, but it was extremely repetitive. The attending physician had watched the surgery for a long time and tried it several times with his bare hands. At this moment, he finally could not hold it in anymore.

If he did not bring it up now, he might not have the chance to ask Ling ran to say this in the future. He might not even be able to get the chance to perform the surgery if he said the same thing on another occasion the next day.

Of course, he might not be able to get it now. There was still some hope in the end.

“Doctor Ling has been doing this for so long, but he hasn’t even broken a single blood vessel,”Liang Xue said.

“I… I think that if I were to find an early-to mid-stage cancer embolus surgery, I should be able to do it as well. Doctor Ling’s technique is very delicate, and it should be able to effectively increase the success rate.”The attending physician tried his best to fight for it. The Da Vinci robot had yet to be popularized. There were only a few people who were willing to watch Ling Ran’s cancer embolus surgery, and there were even fewer people who could watch the whole process.

The difference between Ling ran and most doctors was that when other doctors focused their attention on high-difficulty operations such as blood vessels, the attending physician would constantly try to figure out Ling ran’s “Pulling out the cancer thrombus”technique.

The long-term, identical surgery process was like having a question taught and a practice book refreshed countless times. It constantly accumulated confidence for the attending physician.

Perhaps in another two to three years, three to four years, when da Vinci became more popular, this technique would become relatively normal. However, based on the current time frame, if Ling ran could replicate 30% of his abilities.., for an ordinary attending physician from a tertiary grade a hospital, this was a rare moment of glory.

“You can look around and see if there are any suitable patients.”Liang Xue did not say that he was dead, but he did leave a gap in the door.

“Okay. Okay.”The attending physician answered repeatedly. He could not wait to rush back to look for patients right now.