Chapter 1397

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Chapter 1397: Chapter 1396, the liver

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It took Ling ran 13 hours to complete the operation on the tumor thrombus in the hepatic and biliary ducts.

This was also an extremely long period of time in the course of his surgery. Other than the patients with severe syndromes during the emergency department, the patients who chose the time of the surgery had never given Ling ran such a long period of enjoyment.

When Ling ran finished the surgery, he took a long breath and drank an entire bottle of energy serums to celebrate.

He drank three bottles of energy serums during the entire surgery before he could maintain his focus.

“Close the abdomen.”Ling ran entered the operating theater and re-checked the patient’s condition before he gave the order.

Lu Wenbin and the others immediately got busy.

At the same time, the nurse also placed the four bags full of cancer emboli in the operating theater. There were also people who took pictures out of curiosity.

“Doctor Ling, you’ve worked hard. The patient seems to be in good condition. Do you want to rest first or not?”Department director Liang came forward to greet Ling ran. At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief. ‘I’m finally done.’.

“Let’s eat first.”Ling ran was not sleepy. On the contrary, he was a little excited. However, his stomach was really hungry.

Zuo cidian secretly wiped his wrinkled, black, thick, wrinkled, dirty, and squishy face. He came forward and smiled. “I’ve already informed chef Zhu. If we walk over, we should be able to eat.”

“Alright, let’s go over then.”Ling ran took the lead.

Department director Liang quickly caught up and said with a sigh, “Doctor Ling, you’ve worked hard. Since the surgery is done, why don’t we go out and eat something? Let us treat you as a host.”

“It’s not hard.”Ling ran cut off department director Liang’s words and commented with a smile on his face, “The da Vinci robot is very good to be able to perform surgery for such a long time.”

“HMM?”Chief Liang did not get what Ling ran wanted at all. He immediately looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo cidian wiped his face again and asked after some thought, “Doctor Ling, do you mean that… The Da Vinci robot can make the surgery last longer and be more valuable?”

Ling ran corrected him, “It’s very difficult for patients who undergo laparotomy to last for thirteen hours.”

“That’s true.”Zuo Cidian understood what Ling ran meant. He then looked at department director Liang with an inquiring gaze, as if he was saying, “That’s how it is. That’s how the situation is.”.

Department director Liang was embarrassed. “That’s true. When patients undergo hepatectomy and have their stomachs open for thirteen hours, even if they don’t die, they should die…”

“Moreover, it’s refined and valuable.”Ling ran did not say more. He never needed to fight for allies or peers. He naturally understood what he understood, but he did not care too much about what he did not understand.

From Ling ran’s point of view, the value of the Da Vinci robot was reflected in the long-term surgery. It turned the violent laparotomy into a gentle and sustainable intracavitary surgery, reducing the trauma during the surgery, it also made the surgeon happy to another high point. Of course, it was a matter of opinion as to what the other surgeons thought.

However, if they wanted to perform surgeries in the future, they would have to face new difficulties if they wanted to achieve the same duration as today.

On one hand, as Ling Ran’s skills increased, the duration of the surgery would naturally be shortened. On the other hand, it was not always easy to find patients who needed such a long time for surgery.

Intrahepatic bile duct tumor thrombus was a common disease, but the goal of Ling ran’s surgery was to make the patient recover as quickly as possible. Correspondingly, the scope of the surgery was inevitably reduced. The scope of modern surgeries.., in fact, it was quite limited. Even if clinicians tried their best to expand the boundaries of the surgery, there were still a large number of restricted areas of the human body, and there were even more complex restricted areas.

From this point of view, the human body was a whore. The more it experienced, the more taboo it had.

Especially when Ling ran did not pursue such a simple surgery, the chance of thirteen hours of surgery became even more valuable.

“Doctor Ling, today’s main dish is beef stew with Hungarian red wine…”when chef Zhu saw Ling ran and the others, he was immediately filled with energy.

“Liver.”Ling ran’s thoughts were disrupted. He skipped the part where he greeted them and directly ordered the dishes.

Chef Zhu was very used to Ling ran’s habit. He smiled and said, “Then, we’ll use the simplest foie gras with bread. Put some fresh fruit as seasoning. Wait a moment, it’ll be ready soon.”

He turned around and took out fresh foie gras from the freezer. Once he was ready, he raised his head and asked in a very insincere manner, “How about you guys? Do you want to try the foie gras? The foie gras today is also very good.”

The doctors who followed Ling ran in nodded casually. Only a sweet-looking female reporter who followed them was stunned for a long time. Then, she looked at the fresh and huge foie gras, covered her mouth, and ran out of the door.

The group of doctors did not even have the interest to discuss this matter. They each chatted about their favorite topics.

Ling ran ate quietly and tried his best to fill up his empty stomach.

At the same time, he was also thinking about the surgeries he had performed in the past two days.

Although every surgery went very smoothly, there were different interpretations for different types of surgeries that went smoothly. From Ling ran’s perspective, there were too many things for him to read.

“Doctor Zuo, regarding the consensus of the experts, where exactly are they?”Department director Liang looked at the time when everyone was whispering to each other and asked Zuo Cidian in a low voice.

Zuo Cidian took a sip of coffee and said, “When we go back today, I’ll send out an invitation. We’ll have a briefing at the latest in a week.”

“So Soon?”Department director Liang became suspicious instead. He said solemnly, “Doctor Zuo, if you need my help, just tell me directly. You Don’t have to be polite with me. We have everything we need here…”

Even though he was half-dead from exhaustion and had used up a lot of hospital beds and other resources, in the end, these were common resources that many department directors of Tertiary Grade A hospitals could provide. In comparison, it was not so easy to obtain a national reputation. Even if it was only in a subfield, those who had a name had a name. Department director Liang did not want anything else. He was willing to bet heavily just so that he could be more influential after he retired.

Zuo Cidian was amused by director Liang’s expression. He coughed twice and changed to a serious expression, he said, “To be honest, director Liang, we have basically prepared this consensus. You just need to participate as usual. Generally speaking, there won’t be any problems.”

Director Liang continued to look at Zuo Cidian with a doubtful expression.

Zuo Cidian was helpless. He could only change to his new matai version of Versailles tone. “Director Liang, it’s just an expert consensus. For us, Doctor Ling, it’s already very well prepared.”

“Oh…”director Liang tidied his clothes.

“If you’re worried… it just so happens that we also need to use people to cooperate. Why Don’t you send someone back with us so that we can keep up with the Progress?”

“It’s not that serious. What’s there to be worried about?”Director Liang smiled. His laughter stopped for a moment, and he continued to act nonchalantly, he said, “Our department’s Zang Tiangong is the one who wants to perform the surgery for cancer embolus. Why don’t we let him go to Yun Hua with you guys? If there’s a chance, he can accompany Doctor Ling to perform two surgeries?”

“Sure.”Zuo Cidian agreed immediately. He was extremely skilled in using temporary workers, so he could use any type of temporary workers.