Chapter 1398

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Chapter 1398: Chapter 1397 was the same

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Zang Tiangong was excited, but he was also worried as he boarded the private plane where Ling treatment group was.

Unlike ordinary passenger planes, today’s private plane was in the middle of two long and narrow corridors, with a lounge, a conference room, an office, a restaurant, and so on.

The arrangement of several functional zones was quite tense, but when Zang Tiangong walked into the lounge along the corridor, he felt that it was unexpectedly spacious.

“Doctor Zang.”Zuo Cidian was called over and smiled at Zang Tiangong. “Have a seat first. Director Liang asked you to come over, but he didn’t tell you the exact location. Did you come in on your own?”

“Yes. He didn’t even tell me to turn around during the security check. He just went around me.”Zang Tiangong smiled very simply.

Zuo Cidian smiled and passed. How could an attending physician who was almost forty years old be simple? Other than a few transcendents, even if he wasn’t greasy, he would still be taken as a gangster by the pharmaceutical sales representative.

However, Zuo Cidian did not care about these things. It was just like how he would never give moral lessons to the doctors in the training camp. Most of the temporary doctors existed to serve the temporary work. Whether they could stay for a longer period of time would depend on their performance. As for whether they could go ashore, it would depend on their luck.

“Sit, sit first.”Zuo cidian slightly displayed the imposing manner of a little big shot in the department. He swept his gaze to both sides, and a few of the young doctors who were swaying in the lounge quickly slipped away.

Zang Tiangong immediately felt the strength and obediently sat opposite Zuo Cidian.

“HMM, what are you thinking?”Zuo cidian nodded his chin and said, “Do you want to take advantage of two surgeries, or do you want to learn the cancer embolus surgery? Or do you want to be a monk and ring the bell for a day and endure for a period of time?”

Zang Tiangong was flustered by Zuo Cidian’s question. He subconsciously lowered his head and saw the beautiful teak floor. Then, he realized again that he was actually flying on a private plane today.

A medical team with a private plane could not be said to be too rare given the current situation of the country. However, this was like a “My friend”that everyone would have around them. Most of them had only heard of it and blown it, it was the same as blowing it for him. He had rarely seen it.

“What do you need me to do for the three types you mentioned?”Zang Tiangong asked in a low voice.

“If you want to take advantage of the surgery…”Zuo Cidian pursed his lips and pointed at the tea table in the corner of the lounge. “Then, do your job well. If there’s a chance, I’ll let you help other doctors.”

“HMM…”Zang Tiangong was stunned by Zuo Cidian’s straightforwardness. Fortunately, they were all rude surgeons, so it was not completely unacceptable for them to have such a conversation.

Zuo Cidian waited for two seconds before he continued, “If you want to learn how to operate on cancer suppositories, this is a high requirement. You have to do a good job in your service. If there’s a chance, I’ll let you be Doctor Ling’s assistant.”

Before Zang Tiangong could react, zuo cidian continued, “If you want to be a bell-ringing monk, your requirements aren’t high. You just have to do a good job in your service.”

Zang Tiangong finally understood and couldn’t help but smile wryly. “Doctor Zuo, you’ve made up your mind to make me a waiter…”

“A waiter isn’t a waiter. There’s no distinction between high and low professions.”When Zuo Cidian saw that Zang Tiangong’s resistance wasn’t too obvious, he couldn’t help but nod secretly. As expected of a person who had worked in the big departments of Tertiary Grade A hospitals for more than ten years, his tolerance was quite good. He nodded slightly and said, “Do well. We will give priority to letting you go on stage for our cancer embolus surgery.”

“Why?”Zang Tiangong suddenly raised his head. This time, he began to not believe it.

Zuo cidian clicked his tongue and thought to himself, this fellow doesn’t seem to know much. He looks like Liang Xuexue. is he really from the same lineage?

“Doctor Zuo?”Zang Tiangong was a little anxious.

Zuo cidian pursed his lips and said, “You’ll know when you get to Yun Hua Hospital. For the time being, I don’t think anyone in our department will learn how to perform cancer embolus surgery.”

He really could not handle the workload.

Based on the current state of the Ling Treatment Group, Lu Wenbin had only mastered the M-tang technique. Needless to say, it would take a lot of time and effort for him to be able to perform finger replantation surgery on his own. Ma Yanlin had made some breakthroughs in Achilles tendon surgery, but he was still far from being able to perform surgeries on athletes. Zuo Cidian had performed knee arthroscopic surgeries. After accumulating a large amount of experience, he was slightly better than ordinary attending physicians in the orthopedics department. However, he could not even be said to be outstanding.

As for Ling Ran’s truly high-end hepatectomy, heart bypass, and other skills, the doctors in Ling treatment group could only learn crazily without being confident.

In contrast, no one in Ling treatment group had the time to study the surgery of removing cancer emboli in the subfield.

Zang Tiangong looked at zuo cidian’s talkative eyes and held back his discomfort. He understood once again that the Rome that he was pursuing was just a place that they were tired of living in.

“I will definitely do a good job.”Zang Tiangong did not care too much. He just wanted to learn how to perform cancer emboli surgery anyway, because this was a subfield that was very suitable for the Tai Wu Central Hospital. Tai Wu’s general surgery department’s Liver Technology was originally mediocre. If he could perform the surgery in his own way, he would have a place in the department. Moreover, the surgery to remove the cancer embolus could use the da Vinci robot, and it had a clear advantage over traditional surgeries. This was what the department and the hospital liked the most, which meant that they could reform and replace it as a matter of course, the chief surgeon could also get more money for the consumables, which was a happy conclusion for everyone.

Zang Tiangong was not familiar with Zuo Cidian, but before he went out, he did not expect to receive any good treatment.

Going to other people’s hospitals and using other people’s beds and patients to learn other people’s skills, if he was unwilling to be bullied, that would be the strangest thing.

“Clean up the lounge first. Be Smart.”Zuo Cidian was certain that this was a smooth donkey. He felt slightly at ease and went to the other rooms to patrol.

During the flight, Ling ran preferred to read books, read theses, and spend time alone. Zuo Cidian would have to manage the order in the cabin. On the other hand, Ling treatment group’s team meetings were often held during this period to save time.

After all, everyone had the need to climb up the technology tree. Not only that, everyone was climbing up the technology tree crazily. Everyone had their own goals, and there was also no time to waste.

Zuo Cidian was also very self-aware of this. Ling ran could freely use the time of everyone in the department, but it was not something that Zuo Cidian could wantonly waste.

People like Zang Tiangong who came to spend money were naturally not included in the list.

The plane landed at Yun Hua Airport and was then transported by helicopters.

When they returned to the hospital, it was needless to say that everyone was completely immersed in their daily work.

The members of the Ling treatment group were used to enjoying the services that only top-tier medical groups could enjoy. At the same time, they also knew clearly that this part was exchanged by Ling ran with a freelance surgeon, and the other part was exchanged by Ling ran with a handsome man.

The only thing that everyone could do was to treat patients and save people. They could only work hard to improve themselves.

Zang Tiangong was like a dirty rabbit. He was abandoned in an unfamiliar emergency room. He looked at everyone in a daze as they began their work in Yun Hua Hospital seamlessly.

“You’re new.”A loud question pulled Zang Tiangong out of his daze.

“I am,”Zang Tiangong quickly answered.

“Well, come with me.”Yu Yuan held Zang Tiangong’s hands behind her back.