Chapter 1399

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Chapter 1399: Chapter 1398

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Yu Yuan walked briskly like a cowherd who had gone out for a long time. She finally came home and could not wait to see her cow. She wanted to see if it had lost weight due to hunger and if it had eaten well, she wanted to see if it had slept soundly and if it had produced a lot of cow dung.

“Has doctor zang done any emergency treatment before?”Yu Yuan asked as she walked.

“When he was in rotation, he stayed for about a month. The Emergency Department of our hospital isn’t very big, and the beds are also very tight. It’s a normal level.”Zang Tiangong did not understand why he followed Yu Yuan. To be honest, he was still writing a report at Taiwu Central Hospital This Morning. Now that he was in Yun Hua and had become a junior doctor with a low status, it was really difficult for him to adapt to it. However, the director had arranged for him to work here. What could he do? Not to mention his desire for cancer thrombus surgery, even if he did not have any desire, how many things had he done to force a woman to become a prostitute?

And now that he had boarded Yun Hua Hospital’s pirate ship — or was it a pirate’s private plane? Zang Tiangong was even less able to adapt to it. It could only be said that Zuo Cidian was really a little fierce. And this little thing in front of him… according to the legends of the martial arts world, small and strange female characters were all extremely dangerous, zang Tiangong did not dare to challenge him.

All surgeons had such contradictory personalities. On one hand, they were willing to take risks in order to obtain certain benefits. On the other hand, they were especially careful when facing things that ordinary people were used to. It was just like how some surgeons would dare to secretly hide in the office next to their wives and have a fight with their sex partners during the afternoon tea break. However, if their sex partners said that they did not use condoms, they would immediately back down.

Zang Tiangong looked at Yu Yuan’s back. He wanted to befriend her, so he said, “I often stay in the emergency department in the General Surgery Department. The attending physicians in our hospital are always on duty together with the inpatients. I’m really tired, but I can do the surgery…”

Under normal circumstances, it was more common for doctors to talk about duty and surgery than to talk about the weather. It was especially so for the doctors who stayed in the hospital for a long time. They enjoyed the constant temperature and humidity day after day, and they did not even remember what the weather was like.

Yu Yuan, on the other hand, tilted her head back and asked faintly, “Shouldn’t the attending physician be on duty?”

Zang Tiangong immediately panicked. The little thing that is holding me is not even an attending physician? My status is so low?

“You are fine with the common gastrointestinal surgery, right?”Yu Yuan asked again.

“I will. I will be fine,”Zang Tiangong quickly replied. If he were in the hospital, he would rather say that he did not know anything so that he would not be pressured by others. However, it was not wrong for people to leave their hometown and leave the hospital. It was always right for him to be diligent and sweet-mouthed.

“It’s up to you in a while.”Yu Yuan put her hands behind her back again and walked two steps faster.

Zang Tiangong slowed down a little so that the former’s efforts would not be in vain.

“What’s the patient’s number?”Yu Yuan asked the nurse as she reached the consultation table and squeezed some alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

“Number 8,”the nurse replied and said, “There are interns coming today. Why Don’t you pick up a few?”

“Don’t pick up the tall ones. They look tired,”Yu Yuan replied. Although she had become an attending physician, the Ling Treatment Group had a large workload, so the number of interns that needed to be accepted would also increase. Moreover, Yu Yuan did not want the special treatment of an attending physician now.

The nurse smiled lightly and said, “I’ve already prepared it for you. There are six people. The tallest one is 1.61 meters. You have to report it yourself. Go and see the Doctor first. I’ll ask them to come and look for you.”

“Doctor Ling is here,”the nurse reminded him again.

“He hasn’t gone home yet. However, his house is already filled with patients. The patients here might be more interesting.”Yu Yuan joked a little before giving Zang Tiangong a temporary employee badge from Yun Hua Hospital. She then entered the emergency room.

As she pushed open the door and entered, she felt like she was in a market.

Injured patients, dispirited family members, and old men and women carrying thermos bottles appeared all over the place. It was the original appearance of the emergency room.

Yu Yuan curled her lips and explained to zang tiangong, “Doctor Ling asked for it to be neat and tidy. Therefore, the emergency room and the critical care room inside are much better. The outside is the most chaotic. The patients and family members don’t listen to you.”

“Everyone thinks that their illness is the most important,”Zang Tiangong said in an understanding voice, he said, “The patients in the emergency department are much more difficult to deal with than the ones we choose. Sometimes, I don’t like to go to the emergency department for surgery and treatment. The attitude of the same patient is different in both our ward and the emergency ward.”

“Believe me, we have seen many people with yin-yang faces. Doctor Ling has his own characteristics,”Yu Yuan said as she came to bed no. 8.

She saw a thin middle-aged man leaning against the headboard of the bed with his eyes closed.

“Li Tanmo?”Yu Yuan confirmed the name of the man.

“Yes.”The thin middle-aged man opened his eyes and smiled like a stray dog that had lost its loveliness.

“Abdominal pain? Where else do you feel uncomfortable?”Yu Yuan came to the side of the bed and gave Zang Tiangong a look.

Zang Tiangong took a few seconds to think and tried to pull up the curtain surrounding the bed, forming a relatively private space.

Yu Yuan nodded her head in satisfaction. Doctors who were attending physicians basically had online IQ.

The patients were trapped in an independent space, and their emotions became a little more relaxed, with a frown, she said, “I still have a little fever… it’s just that after eating today, I suddenly felt a severe abdominal pain. It’s different from my usual abdominal pain.”

“You usually have stomachache?”Yu Yuan asked.

Yu Yuan raised her head. “Then did you just say that it’s different from your usual stomachache?”

The patient said, “It’s different from my previous stomachache. When I said that it’s different, it was just an adjective…”

“They’re on the way. There seems to be a traffic jam. We can call them…”

“Why should I call the Family?”Yu Yuan could tell that the man was not very intelligent. She instructed the patient to adjust his posture and then pressed her hand on the lower right side of the patient. “If it hurts, shout…”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…”the thin man immediately shouted.

“Don’t shout too much. What about this side?”Yu Yuan placed her hand on the left side again.

“It’s lighter than before, right?”

“You didn’t listen carefully. There were three aches just now, and now there’s one.”

Yu Yuan was stunned by his words. Then, she chuckled and took her hand away. “How many are there now?”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts…”

Yu Yuan nodded. She was basically certain that it was appendicitis. Although her brain seemed to be damaged, it was still very easy to judge a patient who had such obvious rebound pain. However, it was a little hasty to make such a simple judgment for appendicitis that required surgery.

“You need to be prepared for the surgery. Where are your family members? Hurry them up. I’ll give you a few more tests. We’ll talk about it after the diagnosis is confirmed…”Yu Yuan reminded him in a procedural manner. The family members had to be present during the general anesthesia surgery. It was just like how it was in foreign countries. Going to the hospital alone for a major surgery required a few procedures in China.

“What’s the diagnosis?”The patient, Li Tanmo, asked.

“The initial suspicion is that it’s inflammation. Go and have a check-up first. We’ll talk about it when you’re back.”Yu Yuan paused for a moment and then said, “It shouldn’t be a big problem. You Don’t have to worry too much.”

The patient said uneasily, “You didn’t even listen to your pulse, and the stethoscope is useless. You didn’t even measure the temperature. You guys don’t know how to use the things that you used in the past anymore. All of you use instruments to make diagnoses, and the fees are also expensive…”

Just as he was complaining, someone said from outside the curtain, “Doctor Yu, we’re the new interns…”

Yu Yuan replied, and a few short interns opened the curtain and came in.

The few of them bowed their heads and greeted each other. Then, they looked at each other, and strange thoughts rose in their minds.

“Just in time. I’ll let you touch this patient.”After Yu Yuan said that, she said to the patient, “These are interns from our hospital. Let them give you a physical examination.”

“You can’t even get a stethoscope,”the patient complained.

Yu Yuan was silent for two seconds. “How about this? Let them touch it first. After they touch it, I’ll use a thermometer to measure it for you. You should be able to confirm the diagnosis.”

“You don’t need the instrument to do it?”

“You can do two fewer things. It’ll be more convenient for the preoperative diagnosis.”After Yu Yuan finished bargaining, she gestured for the interns to get started one by one.

The interns who had just arrived at the hospital were a little confused. They caressed the man on the bed in confusion.

Li Tanmo laid on the bed from half-lying to full lying. Then, he lay flat and gradually calmed down.

“Come, put a thermometer in your mouth.”In a trance, Yu Yuan stuffed a thermometer into Li Tanmo’s mouth.

“OH.”Li Tanmo subconsciously put it in his mouth.

“Lie down again and take the temperature of your anus.”Yu Yuan put on a pair of gloves and reconfirmed the thermometer. She said to herself, “I didn’t put it in the wrong place.”

Li Tanmo started to say one word. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t because of the thermometer in his mouth.

Yu Yuan slowly and firmly put Li Tanmo in the right position. She firmly and slowly poked the thermometer into the right position.

“Do you know why you measure it like this?”Yu Yuan took off her gloves, threw them into the trash can, and then asked a few interns.

“Because the patient requested it?”An intern said timidly.

“Because the test was accurate?”Another intern began to think deeply.

Zang Tiangong, who was next to him, frowned deeply. “Yes, why?”

The patient lay on the bed with a thermometer in his mouth and a thermometer in his mouth. His face was full of questions.

“Before there were all kinds of advanced instruments, this method could be used to diagnose appendicitis more safely and accurately.”Yu Yuan patted the edge of the bed, “You can check it later. If the temperature of the anus is obviously higher than the temperature of the mouth, you can confirm the diagnosis.”

“It’s quite painful? Is it too painful?”The thin man said vaguely.

“It’s not serious. It’s fine as long as it’s removed.”Yu Yuan paused for a moment and said, “OH.”Then she said, “Appendicitis is not appendectomy. Appendectomy is enough.”

“Then isn’t it appendicitis?”

“That’s what the people call it, but I told the interns to be more academic.”Yu Yuan looked serious. She called Zang Tiangong again and asked him to pull the curtain and go out.

Leaving the six interns behind, they stared at the patient’s two thermometers, and their train of thought gradually widened:

“The anal temperature is obviously higher than the oral temperature. How many degrees is it considered obvious?”

“Right, do you want to poke it a little deeper so that it doesn’t fall out?”

“Just let the patient clamp it tightly.”

The patient’s expression gradually hardened.