Chapter 1401

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Chapter 1401: Chapter 1400, what was a surprise

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“Ling ran.”Huo Congjun walked out of the resuscitation room, took off his mask, and waved at Ling ran cheerfully.

“Department director Huo, did you go for the surgery?”Ling ran frowned slightly. From the perspective of his physical health, he was department director Huo’s doctor.

“No, I didn’t do the surgery.”Department director Huo quickly explained, “There’s a burn patient. Let me take a look at him.”

If the emergency department had not started operating on him, department director Huo would most likely have expanded into the burn surgery department. He himself had quite a lot of say in this field. However, with Ling ran joining the department, Department director Huo’s emphasis on this field had obviously decreased. This was mainly because it was difficult to train doctors who specialized in burns. Department director Huo had to face many big shots, and it was very difficult for him to live like how he did when he was young. He could no longer watch over the burn patient overnight and count his days.

“I’ll check your body.”Ling ran did not spoil department director Huo. He pulled him along and found a place to do a physical examination.

Department director Huo followed him helplessly. He said, “I’ve been sleeping early and waking up early recently. My body has recovered, really.”

“Even if there’s nothing wrong with my body, I still have to do a regular check-up,”Ling ran said while he checked his body. After that, he asked, “Have you been feeling unwell recently?”

Department director Huo said decisively, “No, I’m fine.”

Ling ran nodded. “I need to take good care of my body. I still don’t have much experience in performing a second heart bypass. It might take me some time to familiarize myself with the use of the Da Vinci Robot in the heart surgery department…”

“I won’t need it. Don’t worry.”Department director Huo had long been familiar with Ling ran’s style of speaking, so he made a guarantee without hesitation.

Ling ran only remained silent for a few seconds after he finished his physical examination. He said, “It looks like that for now. As for the specific situation, I’ll still need to do a physical examination in a few days.”

“I’ll definitely do it then.”Department director Huo could not wait to pat his chest to make a promise, but he was also afraid that his heartbeat would be irregular.

“Are there enough people when we’re not around?”Ling ran let go of the department director and asked again.

“Yes, basically.”Department director Huo clicked his tongue and said, “Everyone was quite excited the first two days. I’ve missed all of you for the past two days.”

As he spoke, he laughed. After the emergency department was promoted to an emergency medical center, the number of beds and surgeries increased greatly. The radiation exposure of the local population also increased. However, other than the Ling treatment group, the other treatment groups did not expand much, it was nothing more than adding a few more advanced doctors to each treatment group and a few more intern dogs. Therefore, when Ling ran was in the department, the allocation of surgeries was very flexible. However, when Ling ran went out to hunt for wild animals, the arrangements made at home were very stressful.

However, this model was beneficial to the peace and harmony in the department. Department director Huo was happy to see it happen.

Ling ran was calmer. He was always surrounded by people who were envious, jealous, and hateful. It was very difficult for him to live in peace. When he was in university a few years ago, even if Ling ran went to the autopsy room.., there would always be girls who would send over dumplings made by themselves. Only in the operating theater of the hospital would it be slightly more comfortable.

“I just bought a new da Vinci…”Ling ran thought of his big toy.

But before he could finish, department director Huo had already clapped his hands and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve prepared a surprise for you.”

“HMM?”Ling ran had a very clear concept of a surprise.

“It’s definitely a surprise that you can’t imagine…”Huo Congjun said casually. He paused for a moment and read Ling Ran’s face carefully before he corrected himself, “At least it’s a surprise that you rarely encounter. It’s a surprise on the head.”

Ling ran gave a smile that met the expectations of society. He used a tone that had been tempered before and said, “Thank you.”

“HMM…”Huo congjun could not help but snort twice. He grumbled in his heart, ‘Licking Dogs is really not a good thing.’

The two walked side by side. The corridor in front of them was like an ice cream that was licked by a clean street tiger. It melted continuously, and soon, it was empty.

“This is the place.”Huo Congjun brought Ling ran to the corner at the end of the corridor. This was the intersection of the old and new buildings of the Emergency Medical Center. The newly added function rooms were all gathered here.

Ling ran looked up. There were no nameplates or other settings on the newly renovated door, but he could smell a familiar smell.

“Guess what it is?”Huo Congjun smiled with anticipation.

Ling ran thought about it seriously. Firstly, he excluded living people. Living people were not allowed to be given away. Secondly, he should be able to exclude cadaver teachers. There was a requirement for where cadaver teachers were to be placed, and there was no need for them to be placed in the central area of the Emergency Medical Center. After making this deduction, Ling ran said decisively,

“Hahahaha.”Huo congjun laughed heartily. His voice was bright and clear, and it felt better than scolding three people in one go.

“An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to guess it.”

“You guys did a good job of keeping it a secret.”

“I didn’t even see anyone mention it in the group chat.”

A few doctors who were following behind the big shot were discussing in low voices. They could be considered to be supporting the big shot. Following the big shot to patrol the streets was a supporting role, and cooperating with him to talk was also a reasonable supporting role.

“Let me show you. Let’s go in first.”Huo Congjun waved his hand, and someone opened the door.

The familiar surgical dressing room appeared in front of them.

“It’s connected to the surgical corridor at the other end.”Huo Congjun smiled and took the lead to enter. He took out his slippers and walked in without changing his clothes.

A group of people surrounded Ling ran and followed Huo Congjun. They also carefully observed the interior of the room.

Even the few doctors who stayed in the department and did not go out had never seen the interior of this room.

Huo Congjun was even more pleased with himself. He smiled at the few people who followed behind him and said, “You can’t guess it, right? HMM, the answer to the riddle has been revealed…”

As he spoke, a clever young doctor stepped on the door of the operating theater under his hint.

“Deng Deng…”Huo Congjun voiced and said proudly, “Hybrid operating theater, Yun Hua Hospital’s first room, Changxi Province’s second room… Hu…”

The last sound was Huo Congjun’s proud breath.

He had reason to be proud. Compared to the traditional operating theater, the hybrid operating theater was also known as the hybrid operating theater. In this era, if anything was officially recognized as a hybrid operating theater, then it must be extremely expensive.

The value of the existence of the hybrid operating theater was that it could achieve the goal of multi-department coordination within a unified space and complete multi-department surgery. In other words, this operating theater had the surgical equipment and instruments needed for multiple disciplines at the same time. In other words, its cost was definitely many times that of an ordinary operating theater.

However, whether it was Huo Congjun or Ling ran, neither of them had any spare thoughts to consider its economic value at this moment.

There was a pale white floor, a pale blue wall, a pure white CT machine, a pure blue da Vinci robot, a cream-white medical angiogram X-ray machine, and a bluish-white extracorporeal circulation machine, there was a snow-white anesthesia surgical tower..

“This is the aircraft carrier in the operating theater.”Huo congjun raised his head slightly, he said to Ling ran, “When you said that you wanted to be da Vinci, I already thought of it. Anyway, you have to attend the meeting for 20,000,000 RMB, and 40,000,000 RMB is also a meeting. With this guy, in the future, it will be more convenient for you to call the doctors from other departments to come over and participate in the surgery together. It will also be easier for you to command them… HMM, do you like it?”

“I like it.”Ling ran nodded solemnly and said to Huo congjun, “With this operating theater, the next time you have a problem with your heart and liver, you can solve it with one surgery.”