Chapter 1402

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Chapter 1402: Chapter 1401 was reasonable

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“Department director Huo made a hybrid operating theater for you?”

During dinner time, the members of Ling treatment group sat in the Shao family’s restaurant and chatted. Boss Shao listened for a while and began to express his shock. As an old patient who had been in the hospital for a long time, boss Shao did not know how to perform surgeries, but he really knew a lot about the relevant information.

Boss Shao might not know much about how the hybrid operating theater was used, or what was special about it during the surgery or during the construction period, but.., as long as he heard the term “Aircraft carrier in the operating theater,”his memory of the hybrid operating theater would be particularly clear.

Most importantly, boss Shao, who was an old patient who had problems from head to toe, felt that he was very suitable to use the hybrid operating theater.

After boss Shao opened his mouth, the few doctors present also thought of this, lu Wenbin laughed as he played with his skewers. “Boss Shao, do you want to open up our hybrid operating theater? “Don’t tell me that this thing is really good for you. You can perform several surgeries at the same time, but you only need to do an anesthetic once. The psychological burden and financial burden will be a little lighter.”

Boss Shao had long been open about performing surgeries. He even nodded when he heard Lu Wenbin’s words, he said, “The next time you want to perform a surgery, help me advise you. If there are any surgeries that you can perform together, do it together.”

“I can do it if my hand is broken.”Lu Wenbin extended his hand to sign up. “I can still guarantee the flexibility of roasting a skewer in the future.”

“I can do it if my foot is broken.”Ma Yanlin extended his hand to sign up. “I’ll definitely be able to walk normally.”

Yu Yuan also extended her hand.

Boss Shao quickly jumped up. “Doctor Yu, you’ll be fine. I believe in You! Aiya, the beef ribs are almost done roasting. I’ll go take a look. Don’t take away the juice. That would be a waste…”

After he said that, boss Shao ran away with his walking stick.

“The most suitable thing for boss Shao should be to change it.”Zuo Cidian looked at boss Shao’s back, he said, “Change a set of cardiopulmonary system, change a set of urinary system, change a set of digestive system, and then buy an electric wheelchair or something. It’ll probably be more useful.”

“During the period of three packs, the seller will be responsible for replacing the products that can not be used normally after two repairs.”Yu Yuan recited the three packs of method, and her small head began to ponder.

“It would be great if it could really be replaced. We don’t have anything else to do.”Lu Wenbin picked up the lean beef and ate two mouthfuls, he then said, “So, should we really ask boss Shao to open an operating theater for us… No, we should open an operating theater…”

“Judging from boss Shao’s condition during his last checkup, it’s probably too late.”Doctor Zhou drank his beer calmly.

Lu Wenbin was surprised. He could not help but show a pained expression. “Boss Shao’s body is so weak? He’s still insisting on roasting his own meat just like that.”

Doctor Zhou looked at Lu Wenbin from the corner of his eyes. “Boss Shao doesn’t need to perform surgery for the time being. The one who won’t be able to make it in time is our operating theater.”

“I say…”Lu Wenbin laughed. “However, boss Shao is a little out of sync this time.”

Doctor Zhou nodded subconsciously to show his agreement.

“Actually, I feel that boss Shao can perform the orthopedics surgery together. Look at him walking with a cane. Since he’s under general anesthesia, he can perform a few more surgeries once he’s under general anesthesia.”. “This is what the hybrid operating theater does, right?”Zhang Anmin joined the discussion with a smile on his face, then, he pinched his fingers and said, “We just don’t want to make money. Otherwise, it would be great if we can perform a skin lift and get a double eyelid as well.”

Geigeigei and the others laughed.

After they finished laughing, Zhang Anmin moved closer to Ling ran and said with a smile, “Doctor Ling, what kind of open-door surgery do you want to do in the hybrid operating theater? Let me help you look for it.”

Zhang Anmin had been thinking about this for the whole day. He was now an associate chief physician in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He could find many patients with serious complications of liver diseases, and many of them were dragged down because of the high risk of the surgery. Neither Zhang Anmin nor he yuanzheng had a good treatment plan for these patients’diseases. This was because this was not just a problem of a liver surgery. The effects of other complications had to be considered as well. Therefore, doctors from other departments might be required to participate in the surgery together.

When the patients themselves did not have urgent needs or strong wishes, the doctors would not force such a comprehensive operation.

However, it was different with the hybrid operating theater. It could combine several surgeries into one surgery and perform it in the same operating theater. Just This alone could increase the success rate and prognosis of the surgery.

Moreover, if Ling ran was willing to perform the surgery, the quality and success rate of the surgery would also be very guaranteed.

Zhang Anmin was very willing to lend a hand in this matter and make Doctor Ling happy.

Ling ran obviously had not thought about this question. When he was asked, he thought about it very casually and said, “Heart surgery. I haven’t done it in the past few days.”

Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin smiled at the same time.

Zhang anmin let out an “AH”and said with a little surprise and disappointment, “I thought you would want to do hepatectomy-related surgeries.”

“That’s fine too, but I’ve performed hepatectomy in the past two days.”

“Yes, I’ve performed hepatectomy, so I might want to do something else…”Zhang Anmin was very helpless. As the associate chief physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, he was the highest ranking doctor in Ling ran’s treatment group, but.., compared to the doctors who served Ling ran, it would not be so easy for him to approach Ling ran.

He felt as if he had become a high official in the border region, but he was also afraid of losing the favor of the emperor.

Of course, Zhang Anmin was not really a high official in the border region, unless… He Yuanzheng suddenly had a heart disease and performed a hepatectomy while he was at it..

After the meal, the few of them went home.

Zhang Anmin took Lu Wenbin’s car to go home.

He did not drive himself because he was worried that it would be too expensive to find a substitute driver after drinking. However, taking a taxi had the same problem. In contrast, Lu Wenbin, who had been single for so long, did not care about things like gas and taxi fare.

“It’s fine when we reach the next intersection. I’ll take a taxi back. It’s not on the same road as yours.”Zhang Anmin looked ahead and pointed.

Lu Wenbin pursed his lips. “I’ll just send you back directly. What’s the point of taking a taxi?”

“Then, you’ll have to take a long detour.”

“It’s okay. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do at night, I’ll go for a ride by myself. I’ll go further than this.”Lu Wenbin turned the corner calmly and stepped on the accelerator. The BMW engine immediately roared.

Zhang Anmin naturally leaned back and smiled. “Then, I’ll have to trouble you. However, Doctor Ling’s subordinates are so busy. Do you still have the time to go for a ride?”

“Being Doctor Ling’s assistant is actually not that busy. Sometimes, there are thirty to forty minutes between the surgery and the surgery. It’s not very normal for you to come out for a ride.”Lu Wenbin shrugged, he said, “I’ve rented a car in other places. Once the surgery stops, I’ll rush down the stairs and drive out for a midnight snack before coming back. It’s very enjoyable.”

“You manage your time so well, but it’s a pity that you’re single.”Zhang Anmin sighed with mixed emotions.

As he spoke, Zhang Anmin’s phone rang.

“I’m sorry, I have to take this call.”Zhang Anmin glanced at the incoming call and put it to his ear in surprise. “Department director He?”

“Yes.”He Yuanzheng’s voice was deep. He was silent for a few seconds before he asked, “I heard that the operating theater that old Huo set up for Ling ran is quite good.”

“Yes, it’s the second operating theater in our province, but in all aspects, it should be better than the one in the province,”Zhang Anmin answered simply.

“Then… have you confirmed the first surgery?”

“I’ve thought about it. Should we cooperate with the department?”He Yuanzheng said something surprising yet reasonable.