Chapter 1403

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Chapter 1403: Chapter 1402 arrived

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“It’s already so late. is old he looking for trouble with you?”Lu Wenbin asked in a friendly manner.

Zhang Anmin was silent for a few seconds before he said, “It’s not considered looking for trouble.”

“If you really can’t do it, you can just ask Doctor Ling to transfer you back or think of another way.”Lu Wenbin looked at Zhang Anmin through the rearview mirror, he said, “He yuanzheng is, after all, the director of the department. If you want to fight with him, it’s normal that you can’t win. If he decides to stop working in Yun Hua Hospital, even Doctor Ling can only wait for him to court death before he can help you.”

In a hospital, the independence and authority of the director of the department were very strong. This was not only in terms of the system, but also in terms of technology. In theory, the department director of every department was basically the highest authority in the field of a hospital, especially the department directors of the more powerful Tertiary Grade A hospitals, they were often regarded as the highest authority in the field of a hospital in the region or even in the province. Under such circumstances, even the hospital leaders had to respect their opinions, and the challenges faced by the young doctors in the department were even more difficult.

But it was precisely because of this that Ling ran’s presence in Yun Hua Hospital became particularly eye-catching or dazzling. Even though they were in the same hospital, the authority in the department of liver surgery was not ling ran. It was not an exaggeration for he yuanzheng to regard Ling ran as a thorn in his side.

In a different situation, a doctor like Ling ran would definitely be ostracized by HE Yuanzheng.

In fact, he yuanzheng had already tried his best to Ostracize Ling ran, but it was too easy for him to fail. As a result, the internal department of Yun Hua Hospital appeared to be very peaceful and peaceful.

Lu Wenbin felt that it was normal for he yuanzheng to retaliate at this moment. He did not dare to Touch Ling ran directly, and it seemed normal for him to choose Zhang Anmin to bully Ling ran. The appearance of the hybrid operating theater did not only mean that Huo Congjun was ambitious, but it also meant that Ling ran had a more powerful weapon in his hands.

It could be imagined that the large-scale and comprehensive surgeries that would be carried out in the future would almost certainly be led by Ling ran. Ling ran should also be the one guiding them. However, for he yuanzheng and other high-level doctors.., it might not be so comfortable to stand in the hybrid operating theater.

In the past, they were the kings in their respective operating theaters and operating areas. However, if they were to enter the hybrid operating theater, they would have to listen to Ling ran’s instructions. If they were a little stricter, they might even have to accept Ling ran’s commands. There could only be one king in the operating theater, how could he yuanzheng, who was merely an elder who had the skills of a five-tiger gate-breaker, fight against Ling ran, who was on the martial arts world’s most popular ranking board?

Zhang Anmin understood Lu Wenbin’s meaning, and he was even a little touched.

However, he knew that once he conveyed he yuanzheng’s meaning, Lu Wenbin’s concern and sympathy would disappear.

The more important part was Zhang Anmin’s own doubts:

First, if the boss of Er Wuzi surrendered, what would happen to Er Wuzi?

Second, if the boss of Er Wuzi surrendered, how could he pretend that Er Wuzi was the one who instigated the rebellion?

“If you’re embarrassed to say it, I can help you.”Lu Wenbin drove the car and said kindly, “It’s better to stay in the hybrid operating theater. It’s better than being tortured…”

“Old he wants to ask Doctor Ling about his choice of surgery.”Zhang Anmin could not pretend anymore. He coughed twice, he said, “There are a lot of old patients in the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. Old he wants to see what kind of surgery Doctor Ling wants to do. He wants to cooperate with Doctor Ling and look for patients…”

“Heh…”lu wenbin sucked in a breath of cold air. “Old he is so open-minded?”

“It’s been so long. What’s there to be open-minded about?”Zhang Anmin pretended as if nothing had happened.

Lu Wenbin slowed down the car a little and nodded. “You’re right. In the old society, those who were forced to become prostitutes did not need to stay for such a long time to become a madam.”

Zhang Anmin asked, “Do you mean that I’m a Madam?”

“The status of a madam is usually higher,”Lu Wenbin said. “You’re more like a male tortoise…”

Zhang Anmin glanced at Lu Wenbin’s arm and said, “You work out all the time because you were often beaten up when you were young, right?”

There were no confirmed patients in Yun Hua Hospital’s hybrid operating theater.

During the morning rush hour the next day, a patient who was in a serious car accident was dragged into the operating theater.

By the time Ling ran returned to the hospital, all the places where tubes could be inserted into the patient’s body were basically filled.

“The patient is 55 years old. He has a serious heart disease, abdominal injuries, and multiple injuries to his limbs. One of his legs needs to be amputated…”when Ling ran entered the emergency room, Yu Yuan, who was waiting for him, reported.

“What about the bleeding?”

“He has already received 1,200 milliliters of blood transfusions, but there is still bleeding. Department director Tao is performing a laparotomy.”Yu Yuan paused for a moment, she then said, “There is an attending physician from the General Surgery Department. The Orthopedics Department’s Associate Director Li, Department director Kang from the Cardiology Department, Department director He from the Hepatobiliary Department, and Department director Zhang Anmin are also here.”

“Is there a problem with the hepatobiliary department?”Ling ran was a little puzzled when he heard the last part.

Yu Yuan shook her head. “At the moment, the liver should be fine, but there’s bleeding in many blood vessels in the abdomen. Department director Tao is using gauze to suppress the bleeding. Department director he and Department Director Zhang should be here mainly to see if there’s anything they can do to help.”

“Okay.”Ling ran nodded. Although he had formed a certain picture and train of thought in his mind, he did not immediately come to a conclusion before he saw the patient himself.

The two of them entered the operating theater one after another.

When Ling ran entered, he saw that the operating theater, which was more than 100 square meters, was still spacious even when more than ten doctors were spread out.

Just like usual, when Ling ran entered, everyone’s gaze was focused on Ling ran.

What was different from usual was that everyone’s expressions and expressions at this moment were not very natural.

The hybrid operating theater meant that most of the surgeries would be carried out in that operating theater. In other words, even if each department had a short period of leadership, the overall clinical command would always exist in that operating theater.

Compared to the past, the change in mood was very prominent when the patients were transferred to the EXTRACARDIAC operating theater when they performed cardiopulmonary bypass, and the patients were transferred to the general surgery operating theater when they performed general surgery.

Chief physician Tao, who was the chief surgeon, was the only one who heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ling ran. He quickly called out to ling ran, “Ling ran is here. Come over quickly.”

Chief physician Tao was about to retire. His skills were still there, but his physical and mental strength had declined tremendously. He specifically requested for the day shift to work because he wanted to avoid being idle. Who would have thought that the car accident in the morning rush hour would fill up the emergency room of Yun Hua Hospital in one go.

“Let me take a look.”Ling ran stood in front of chief physician Tao. He did not ask for anything. He only lowered his head to observe and looked up. The atmosphere in the operating theater changed from impatience to calmness.

“Are the instruments and equipment used smoothly?”Ling ran glanced at the screen and asked again.

“Yes, it’s not a problem.”

“What about the anesthesia department?”Ling ran turned his head.

The Deputy Director of the Department of anesthesiology straightened his back and said, “We’ve tested it once. The numbers show that there’s no problem.”

“Okay, then we’ll stop the bleeding first.”As Ling ran spoke, he inserted his arm into the patient’s abdominal cavity.