Chapter 1404

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Chapter 1404: The baton in chapter 1403 was swung

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“Is this the legendary barehanded bleeding control?”A few young doctors from other departments naturally gathered together and stared at Ling ran’s operation.

As the frequency of Ling ran performing elective surgeries increased, the number of new doctors who saw Ling ran perform barehanded bleeding control naturally decreased. Of course, the young doctors were busy to death day after day. They often did not care about these things.

However, for any doctor, facing Ling ran’s barehanded bleeding control was an extremely stimulating scene.

No matter which angle one looked at it from, when half of Ling ran’s arm was buried in the patient’s abdomen, the scene of surgical operations that became more and more detailed day after day seemed to have returned to the barbaric era.

In a short moment, it also seemed to have returned to the era of treating patients and saving people. There was no need to talk about responsibility, just taking responsibility.

The breathing of the doctors in the operating theater became lighter.

Ling ran turned his body sideways and looked at the screen. Like a statue, his eyes froze on the operating table.

After a long while, ling ran finally said, “Found it.”

Several people at the scene exhaled the turbid air in their lungs at the same time. Then, they looked at each other at the same time.

“Lengthen the incision,”Ling ran said to department associate director Tao, but his body still did not move.

Chief physician Tao hesitated for a moment before he took the scalpel and stood up. He said with a half-explanation, “I originally wanted to perform an abdominal exploration. I didn’t want to make too big an incision. It would look better later.”

“Isn’t this patient going to have his leg amputated?”Ling ran looked at chief physician Tao with a strange look.

Chief physician Tao, whose face was a little relaxed, paused for a moment before he laughed out loud. He deliberately pulled a long face and said, “Even if he has his leg amputated, he can still look pretty.”

Yu Yuan glanced at the corners of her mouth and reminded him, “Department director Tao, this patient is a 55-year-old old man.”

Department director Tao stubbornly refused to admit his mistake. “I’m also a 59-year-old middle-aged man.”

As he spoke, he cut open a very large wound.

He could not find the bleeding point just now, but now, he did not save any space for the patient at all.

Ling ran made some space for department director Tao to suture the small blood vessels that were bleeding.

“Come here again.”Ling ran pulled out his arm and let the nurse beside him wipe it slightly. Then, he immersed his hand in a pool of blood.

Department director Tao used two suction devices in one go. When the blood level dropped slightly, he immediately changed the needle and thread, bent over, and sutured the patient.

He had been busy for a long time just now, and he barely managed to control the patient’s bleeding to a certain extent. However, using gauze to suppress the bleeding was only to treat the symptoms, not the root cause. It was only to give the doctor time to save the patient so that he could find the various bleeding points. In the end, if the bleeding points could not be found and could not be completely controlled, the patient would still not be able to get off the operating table.

If it were not for Ling Ran’s help, department director Tao would probably have spent the entire day here. If things went wrong, there might be even worse outcomes. As for the doctors from other departments such as general surgery, it was not certain whether they would be willing to take over the surgery under such circumstances.

Department director Tao was very active in performing sutures. Or rather, he became busy following Ling ran’s baton.

In the eyes of the other doctors, the scene in the operating theater could not help but cause them to daydream.

Ling ran seemed to be guiding department director Tao as he continuously commanded him. The fifty-nine-year-old department director Tao was being commanded without any complaints. During the busy period, he would even reveal a hint of an old man’s smile because he had successfully sutured a blood vessel..

The expressions of the general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and cardiac surgeons who were waiting for the next round of surgery became solemn.

This was the scene that they were most afraid of.

They had to work under Ling ran’s baton.

When it came to teamwork, doctors were used to it. It was especially so for surgeons. When it came to clinical surgeries, collaboration was basically a must. There were very few surgeries that could be performed by one person alone. But being commanded by Ling ran..

The key problem was how to avoid being commanded by Ling ran.

A few doctors from different departments looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with the determination to work together for a win-win situation and shoulder ling RAN’s burden together.

“We’ll stop here for the bleeding control for now. Let’s take another CT scan to take a look.”As the amount of bleeding decreased, Ling ran quickly made a new decision.

Department director Tao was a little stunned. He said, “We’ll be done with a few more bleeding points.”

“There’s no need to rush. The amount of bleeding is already very low. Moreover, even if we manage to deal with all the bleeding points, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any more bleeding points later on. Let’s take a CT scan to take a look at the situation first.”With Ling ran’s personality, his explanation was very detailed.

Moreover, it was also very reasonable.

Department director Tao could not help but admit that what Ling ran said made sense. Whether or not all the bleeding points were dealt with now had no effect on the patient’s life. In any case, all 2,000 milliliters of blood had been transfused into the patient. If there were another 200 milliliters of blood, and a few hundred milliliters of fluid were transfused into the patient.., it was not something that could not be accepted. More importantly, Ling ran’s last sentence was that even if they dealt with all the bleeding points now, they could not guarantee that there would be any more bleeding points later on. This was because the patient was in a state of multiple injuries, some of the bleeding points might have been pressed under the muscles, bones, or internal organs, so that there was no bleeding. When the treatment went deeper, it might appear again.

Since that was the case, it was naturally meaningless to pursue the treatment of all the bleeding spots — other than transferring the patient to another department more smoothly. However, based on the current situation of the hybrid operating theater.., this choice did not exist.

“Alright, then we’ll withdraw first.”Director Tao did a simple check, followed the doctors and nurses from the imaging department and the Anesthesiology Department, tidied up the tubes around the patient, and then followed everyone out of the operating theater, then, he looked at the CT machine beside the wall through the lead glass and slowly vomited it out.

“Did you take a CT scan when you were admitted?”Ling ran asked again.

The imaging doctor quickly retrieved the CT scan from the hospital.

“Hang the developed CT scan here.”Ling ran did not wait for him to operate it clearly before he waved his hand again.

The few of them immediately became busy under Ling ran’s command.

Department director Kang of the Department of Cardiology looked at he yuanzheng unnoticeably, then at associate director Li of the Orthopedics Department. He used his eyes to communicate silently, “Look, the children of the imaging department have all been played like boomerangs. You guys better be careful later…” ‘Don’t be ordered around like that.’.

Associate Director Li, who had studied in Japan, gave him a look of affirmation

Yu Yuan supported her feet as she helped to hang the virtual scan. She said, “The patient has heart disease, high blood pressure, and the CT scan was normal when he was admitted to the hospital… BP93,55…”

As she spoke, the screen beside the computer started to show the results of the new CT scan.

The people around them all frowned as they watched, but most of them were waiting for the doctors in the imaging department to interpret the results.

At this moment, Ling ran immediately pointed at the top of the screen. “The edge of the thoracic aorta should be broken.”

“Huh?”Yu Yuan, who was just about to climb up the stool, could not catch her breath. She almost fell to her death. She jumped with all her might, but she could not see it clearly. She could not help but ask, “An aortic dissection?”

“There are double lumens at the far end of this area. There should be a defect in the intima… There is also a problem at the far end of the aortic arch…”Ling ran quickly read the CT scan. He was faster than the doctor beside him by more than two notches.

The dozen or so people who were present could hear each other’s heartbeats in the small observation room.

The dangers of aortic dissection were among the top among all kinds of diseases!

“Department director Kang, are you going to operate with me?”Ling ran looked left and right before he immediately pointed at department director Kang, who was the best in the Department of cardiac surgery.

Department director Kang was a little stunned. “But the CT scan that was sent to the hospital did not find it…”

There were too many reasons for the dissection of the aorta. Even the cause of its formation was not very clear in the academic world. Ling ran did not have any intention of discussing it with department director Kang on the spot. He thought for a moment, then, he said, “Next, we will open the chest. We will do the dissection of the aorta first. We will prepare the extracorporeal circulation machine. Inform the surgery department and the Anesthesiology Department…”

Under Ling ran’s command, the scene, which had initially been a little stagnant, became lively again.

Department director Kang had no choice but to start making preparations. It was only when he washed his hands again and walked into the operating theater that he met the gaze of associate department director Li. He also replied with a gaze that said, “I don’t understand Japanese.”.