Chapter 1405

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Chapter 1405: Chapter 1404: Dissociation

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Ling ran put on his surgical gown and went to the operating table.

Intraoperative radiography required radiation. The reason why the orthopedics and cardiology departments in the hospital were so rich was also largely due to the fact that they were exposed to radiation during every surgery.

If the orthopedics and cardiology department doctors were exposed to radiation during the same surgery, it would be wishful thinking if they wanted to increase the number of surgeries they could perform. Therefore, even if it was a very powerful hospital, after weighing the pros and cons in all aspects, they would still give more resources to the orthopedics and cardiology departments. At the very least, they would take less money, or, they would turn a blind eye to certain equipment.

For doctors, it was very unpleasant and unwilling to eat radiation, but they could only comfort themselves. Radiation could only be effective when it was accumulated, so it did not matter if they ate a small amount to control the amount of radiation they ate every year.

However, there were no official statistics. In the orthopedics and cardiology departments of hospitals, there would always be one or two cancer patients every few years, which was quite a strange thing.

In practice, doctors still tried to avoid radiation as much as possible. Wearing lead clothing was one thing, but the operations that could be distributed were also distributed as much as possible. Similarly, using the accumulation theory to explain it, as long as ordinary people did not eat the amount, it did not matter.

Ling ran was also prepared to eat radiation.

In the past, when he performed hepatectomy or finger replantation, he did not need to make similar preparations. It was also unnecessary for ordinary heart surgery, such as heart bypass surgery. However, it was not the case for critical heart patients in the emergency department. At the very least, they had to be prepared to take radiation.

From this point of view, the emergency department was indeed the most difficult position in the hospital. Not only did they have to face the conflict, but they might also have to face the radiation. However, their income was so low that they had to face life and face their wives.

“Multiple rib fractures, lung contusions, fracture of the left shoulder scapula, decreased pulse of the left radial artery and bilateral femoral arteries…”department director Kang anxiously reported the details of the examination.

Any life-threatening disease was life-threatening in the eyes of doctors. And any life-threatening emergency disease was life-threatening in the eyes of doctors.

Even if modern medicine was called advanced, the mortality rate in the department of cardiac surgery was still very high. The mortality rate of aortic dissection was also very high.

Ling ran’s expression was equally serious.

While department director Kang was performing the examination, his brain was also turning rapidly.

By the time department director Kang finished his report, Ling ran had completely calmed down.

“Open the chest right in the middle.”Ling ran’s first order was very simple, and it was a simple term that everyone could understand.

However, several heart surgeons, including department director Kang, became solemn.

There were many ways to deal with aortic dissection. In fact, if the various ways to deal with aortic dissection were listed, 20 to 30 of them would be considered as a large category. Therefore, the first problem that faced the doctors was which method to use. Unfortunately, the development of aortic dissection was extremely fast, and it did not give the doctors enough time to judge.

If it was another type of surgery, even if they had chosen the wrong surgical plan, they could have used various routes to bypass the surgery, or used other repair strategies.

However, patients with aortic dissection were often not so easy to deal with. In other words, patients with aortic dissection often died too quickly, and they did not have much time to bypass the surgery.

No matter which angle one looked at it from, it was extremely difficult and risky to make a decision on the direction of the surgery. Correspondingly, there was no need to say anything about the requirements of the chief surgeon.

Those who worked in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, emergency department, and anesthesiology had seen many chief surgeons standing in front of the operating bed hesitating. Ling ran was able to quickly give instructions, and for everyone, they felt that the pressure on them was greatly reduced.

A few seconds later, as expected, Ling ran gave further instructions. “Elephant trunk surgery combined with intravascular stent implantation.”

In just two short sentences, the surgical guidelines and procedures were basically completed.

Department director Kang could not help but secretly sigh. As the most professional heart surgeon present — Ling ran was a part-time doctor — Department director Kang did not have any confidence in the surgery in front of him. Forget about letting him direct the surgery, he would just follow suit.., he was already under a lot of pressure, and Ling ran was the only one standing in front of him.

Department director Kang raised his head and could not help but ask, “Doctor Ling, have you ever performed elephant trunk surgery before?”

He had seen all of Ling Ran’s heart surgeries, and it was clear that he had never seen elephant trunk surgery before.

Ling ran shook his head, not surprised at all. He said, “I’ve never performed elephant trunk surgery before.”

“HMM…”department director Kang responded in silence. It was understandable for a doctor to go to the operating table without performing a surgery of that type. It was impossible for a doctor to master all the skills, and patients often had extraordinary imagination when they got sick.

Therefore, it was very normal for a doctor to start a surgery at the last minute when they were faced with an emergency surgery. As for the effect of the surgery, a surgery that had never been performed before would definitely be inferior to a surgery that had been performed before. However, with basic skills and theoretical knowledge, a high-level doctor could still guarantee a certain success rate.

Nurse Niu, who had worked in Yun Hua Hospital for many years, said, “Department director Kang, have you performed this surgery before?”

“No.”Department director Kang answered very quickly.

Nurse Niu let out a fake sigh of regret. Of course, she knew that department director Kang had never performed this surgery before. If he had done it before, nurse Niu would not have asked.

“Everyone, work hard.”

In the silent atmosphere, Ling ran stood up again.

Although he did not do things like boosting morale often, the effect of his actions was always very good.

Ling ran stretched out his hand. After he tightened his grip on a large blue forceps, he immediately cut off the patient’s ribs.

[ mission: Save the patient. ]

[ mission content: the first surgery in the hybrid operating theater. It should have a better performance. ].

Mission Progress: (0/1)

Mission Reward: anti-radiation Medicine.

Ling ran only glanced at the system’s screen from the corner of his eye. Then, he lowered his head and started to swim around the blood vessels.

Even though it was an extremely urgent surgery, there were still steps that needed to be taken. Otherwise, before he could see the blood vessels that had problems, the blood vessels in the surgical approach would rebel first.

At the same time, associate chief physician Li and chief physician Tao from the General Surgery Department also went back to work. They began to examine the abdomen and swim around the blood vessels, preparing to remove the injured spleen.

The two groups of people performed the surgery at two locations at the same time. The place was tense, and the surgery was even more tense, so much so that the tense atmosphere seemed to have sublimated.

It was also at this moment that associate department director Li looked over from his position and sensed a hint of Ling ran’s terror.

The nameless artery, the left common carotid artery, and the left subclavian artery. Each of them was a dangerous artery that would spurt blood if it was touched. However, Ling ran quickly dissected them as if he was peeling shrimp.