Chapter 1406

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Chapter 1406: Symphony Orchestra, Chapter 1405

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Deputy director Li did not want to show any weakness by lowering his head. He also worked hard to operate the orchestra.

Even though the general surgery department always looked down on the lower ranks of the clinical doctors and was far inferior to the heart surgery department in terms of status, logically speaking, Ling ran’s organization was not in the heart surgery department. When it came to talking about the general surgery department, everyone was talking about Doctor Ling from the emergency department or Doctor Ling from the Emergency Medical Center.

The general surgery department could lose to no one in the chain of contempt, but they could not lose to the emergency department!

Even if it was Ling ran, he would have to fight before he would know.

Associate chief physician Li’s thoughts flashed through his mind, and his attention immediately focused crazily. The flexibility of his fingers and wrists instantly increased to the extent that he could shoot low-budget movies.

At this moment, associate chief physician Li felt as if he had returned to his youthful days. He was fighting for his future and dreams in the college entrance examination venue. The young man from that year was not a top student in any of the key high schools. When he had just started, he had thought that he might not be able to defeat the students in the key high schools even if he tried his best. However, as time passed, he became more confident and felt that he had a chance.

In the end, reality proved that he was ridiculously strong. He easily enrolled in Tongji and was stronger than many of the top students in the key high schools.

Since entering Yun Hua Hospital, deputy director Li still had a smooth journey. He easily entered key departments, easily became an attending physician, and became an associate director..

He was not afraid of any challenge, and he did not believe in any authority!

So what if it was a famous school, so what if it was a famous person, so what if it was a director, so what if it was a professor..

Only after competing with each other did they know — for a very long time, this was deputy director Li’s Creed in life.

He had practiced the creed of life for more than 30 years.

“Scissors.”Deputy director Li quickly completed the dissociation of the blood vessels in his spleen and stuffed a piece of gauze with his heart. Only then did he raise his head and look at the position of his chest with some satisfaction.

Deputy director Kang’s listless middle-aged man, whose eyes were of different sizes and irregularly untrimmed, had been waiting there for a long time. His gaze was full of sympathy and understanding, and he caught up with deputy director Li at the first moment, it was as if he was saying, ‘you’ve done quite well. You Don’t have to care too much about anything else. The length of time, the speed, and the frequency are not important. The most important thing is that you have love…’

Department associate director Li restrained the muscles all over his body and looked carefully at the surgical area on the patient’s chest. In the middle of the blue cloth and the silver-white stainless steel shelf, he could vaguely see many sealed incisions and blood vessels, the various areas were also cleaned up.

“Let’s rewarm it after you’re done.”Ling ran also looked at the operating area of associate director Li. Once he was sure that there were no problems, he began to prepare for the heart to beat again.

Associate director Li was completely certain that Ling ran had really completed the surgery long ago and was waiting for him.

Heart surgery was performed faster than general surgery. It was difficult to understand when one thought about it. Although this sentence itself was illogical, if it was understood together with the hospital’s chain of contempt, the content would be very clear.

Moreover, aortic dissection surgery was considered a medium-to high-end surgery that was relatively complicated in heart surgery.

“Is there any problem with the abdominal cavity?”Ling ran paid attention to the patient’s various indicators and asked associate chief physician Li at the same time.

“This… There’s nothing else…”associate chief physician Li was originally a very tough person, and he was prepared to not give Ling ran a hard time. However, based on the scene in front of him, associate chief physician Li really could not be strong-willed in this hybrid operating theater.

“Bring in the orthopedics department,”Ling ran ordered very naturally.

Associate chief physician Li was stunned for a moment, and he saw the attending physician of the orthopedics department obediently stand behind him.

Associate chief physician Li laughed out of anger. He thought to himself, ‘is he really that obedient?’? ‘really?’?

The attending physician of the orthopedics department looked wronged as he waited for associate chief physician Li to give up his seat. He thought to himself, ‘I listen to orders. What does that have to do with me… ?’

Before associate chief physician Li could use his own eyes that could speak, his assistant also quietly got off the operating table.

Associate chief physician Li laughed again. He turned around and left the operating table. His footsteps were especially heavy to express his indignation.

No one turned around to look at him.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Ling ran.

The baton was never used to direct others because of how special its baton was. It was purely because the conductor was especially good.

In the world of surgeons, the meaning of a person’s charisma was infinitely elevated.

Associate chief physician Li stood quietly in a corner. He hesitated for a long time, but he still did not leave. His surgery was done beautifully, but if he did it slowly, he would do it slowly. Even if the standard of measurement was not fast or slow, in the current environment, if he did it slower than others, he would not have the confidence to do it.

As an associate chief physician, he did not have the confidence, and the attending physician from the orthopedics department had even less confidence. He lowered his head and obediently did the work assigned by Ling ran. He did not say anything unnecessary.

As for he yuanzheng and Zhang Anmin from the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, they did not even have the chance to go on stage. Moreover, it seemed that they did not even need to go on stage today.

Huo Congjun walked in from outside and looked at the group of doctors in the operating theater with a smile. It was as if he was looking at the herdsmen in his own field. He did not even need to say anything. He just sat there, looked at them, and then enjoyed the future, he was very happy.

“When did you come?”Department director Tao sat down beside department director Huo.

“Not long ago. How Do You Feel? Our hybrid operating theater, our Doctor Ling.”Huo Congjun was still a little worried.

Department director Tao chuckled and glanced at Huo congjun. He said, “To you, this is definitely worth tens of millions of dollars.”

“How do you mean?”Huo Congjun loved to listen to this.

“Ling ran has people running around in circles.”

“There’s no one who doesn’t have eyes that can jump out and say anything, right?”

“What else can I say?”? “Ling ran, you know that you shouldn’t talk to others when it comes to matters, and you should always speak in an appropriate manner. You Won’t speak carelessly. If everyone doesn’t listen to you, you’ll be taking a big risk. Besides, Ling ran’s words are also pleasant to hear. I really can’t talk about charisma…”department director Tao answered with the nagging of an old man.

Department director Huo Chuckled, and he felt very comfortable listening to Ling ran’s words. “I need to save a copy of today’s surveillance video. HMM, I need to set up a battle on the battlefield, complete the strategic goal, and achieve the highest level of victory.”

Department director Tao smiled and did not say anything. He had to admit in his heart that old Huo was really crude, but there were also details. Just based on today’s scene, if it was another patient or a few doctors, the result would not change.

As the saying went, there were only wrong names, and there were no wrong nicknames. The hybrid operating theater was known as the aircraft carrier in the operating theater, and it seemed to really possess the characteristics of an aircraft carrier. While integrating its strength and increasing its combat strength, it was not surprising that it would come from different units and different military branches, the soldiers and soldiers of different positions were unified under a chain of command.

Doctors who were usually the kings of their departments entered the hybrid operating theater. It was like musicians who used different musical instruments to be kings in their respective fields entered the symphony orchestra. In such an environment.., no matter how big a musician was, they could not be unbridled. Not only that, when the conductor was strong enough, the musicians would become even more obedient.

“Everyone, you’ve worked hard. Let’s eat together later.”Huo Congjun stood up to show his presence.

“Department director Huo, you’re welcome.”

“I still have something to do later.”

“I’ll definitely do it next time.”

Everyone declined one after another. Who would want to eat together with Huo Congjun if there was nothing else.

Huo Congjun did not really want to eat with them. He turned to Ling ran and said with a smile, “Ling ran, let’s eat together at noon…”

“We have an appointment.”Ling ran answered unhurriedly.