Chapter 1407

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Chapter 1407: [ chapter 1406 can’t be. ]

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[ mission: Save the patient. ]

[ mission content: the first surgery in the hybrid operating theater. The patient should have a better performance. ].

[ mission progress: (1/1)]

-LMissionsRewardward: anti-radiation medicine (can remove the damage caused by radiation for many people (weak)].

Ling ran only received the notification of the completion of the mission half an hour after the surgery was completed.

Zuo Cidian then picked up the phone and came over to say, “The patient has been sent to the ICU. The surgery in the orthopedics department has been completed quite smoothly. There are no problems. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”Ling ran was indeed relieved. There was something wrong with performing such a complicated and comprehensive surgery. Not all environments were under your control. Not to mention the anesthesia and other situations that could not be controlled in the past.., the level of doctors from different departments who participated in different periods of time was also uneven. Moreover, the patient’s condition was not always the same. The patient with an aortic dissection who was saved with great difficulty.., if he died during the amputation, there would be no place to find a replacement.

Ling ran himself did not really like this kind of situation. But for now, he did not have a very good solution.

“Doctor Ling, the patient’s family members are quite excited, but they are very grateful to our hospital and the doctors. They also want to meet the chief surgeon. Do you want to meet him?”Zuo Cidian had met the patient’s family members before, as a sharp-eyed “Old doctor,”he could basically tell the patient’s temperament.

In the media nowadays, he could indeed see many family members who were eye-catching, ugly, and unreasonable, but there were also family members who were grateful to the Doctor and the hospital. Of course, ordinary patients and family members who were not good at expressing themselves were more common, but they were often forgotten by others.

Ling ran hesitated for a moment before he shook his head and said, “In the end, the amputation was carried out. I’m not going to see them.”

“Yes,”Zuo Cidian agreed first, then, he said, “Amputation is something that can not be helped. Doctor Ling, you don’t have to blame yourself. Besides, the family members can also understand. After all, it was such a serious car accident. It was already a great fortune for a person to be able to survive. “With the current medical conditions, amputation is the only option. Moreover, it’s not unacceptable to install artificial limbs now…”

“I know.”Ling ran did not say anything more. He turned around and picked up the teapot beside his table. He poured Zuo Cidian a cup of tea and said, “Have a cup of tea before you go back to work.”

The Tea was mixed with the anti-radiation agent that he had just obtained.

Zuo Cidian was stunned for a moment. Then, his eyes turned red.

‘this is the tea that Doctor Ling poured for me!’!

‘when has anyone ever received such treatment?’?

Zuo Cidian could not help but think about how no one had ever looked at him seriously when he worked as a slave in the town hospital..

“Doctor Ling’s tea, Doctor Ling’s tea… It’s too delicious!”Zuo Cidian forcefully swallowed his tears. He knew that Doctor Ling did not like this.

Ling ran’s train of thought was opened, and he said, “If it’s delicious, then let everyone have a cup.”

After he finished speaking, Ling ran poured the anti-radiation medicine that he had just obtained into the large teapot. He poured himself a cup and drank it. Before he left, he also poured a bottle of energy serum into it.

Zuo Cidian quickly agreed. Even though he was a little curious about Ling ran’s orders, when he thought about it, did Ling ran not have many strange orders? If he were to share the tea with everyone, it would show Doctor Ling’s concern.

Hence, zuo cidian directly carried the large teapot and began to patrol the entire office. He poured tea for everyone and specifically said, “The tea that Doctor Ling has given to everyone.”

“The tea that Doctor Ling has given to everyone?”The people who took photos and sent them to their wechat moments were the fans and fans.

“Is it the very expensive kind?”The attending physicians who expressed their middle-aged curiosity were those who were middle-aged or above.

“Okay.”These were the sleepy and paralyzed children.

Ling ran took his Jetta from the parking lot and drove it home suddenly.

Perhaps it was because he had not driven it for a long time, but the performance of the Jetta was slightly different. However, the feeling of driving was still good, and it made people sigh. If medical equipment could also be built like a car.., the cost of medical treatment would drop by an unknown amount.

The scenery on the street was a boulevard that had not changed for many years, and it made people feel very familiar with it. One of the reasons why Ling ran liked living at home was because he was used to the mature old neighborhood. He was not willing to move to a new neighborhood and constantly adapt to the new things in the new neighborhood. There was already enough innovation and development in the medical field. Ling ran was more willing to maintain a relatively peaceful life.

However, when he parked the car in the small garage in his backyard, the first thing he saw was a brand new car.

Ling ran took a few more glances at it before he passed through the courtyard and went up to the second floor. He saw his parents and neighbors who were joking around. They were all stunned.

“Hey, son, why are you back?”Ling Jiezhou’s reaction was even more dumbfounded.

“Well, the surgery over there has been completed, so I’m back.”Ling ran’s answer could be said to be quite detailed.

Ling Jiezhou frowned slightly. “When you came back in the past, didn’t you always use up all the beds in Yun Hua Hospital? Why did you go straight home now? Did your work not go smoothly? Were you ostracized?”

Tao Ping, his mother, also became concerned when she heard this. “Ling ran, if you encounter any problems, tell your family that our family’s situation is pretty good now. We have enough food, drinks, and money. Don’t put yourself through this.”

“Department director Huo sent me a hybrid operating theater. I’m going to change a few surgical plans.”Ling ran had no choice but to explain.

Ling Jiezhou furrowed his brows tightly. “Hybrid operating theater? What is he hinting at? I don’t think he dares to do that, right? I don’t think so, right?”

Ling ran interrupted his thoughts. “There’s an extra mercedes-benz in the garage.”

“HMM, that’s a gift for your mother. It’s a tribute to Madam Tao Ping for her hard work in the clinic over the past year…”it was obviously not the first time Ling Jiezhou had said that. He knew the lines very well.

Ling ran looked up in surprise. “What has my mother been doing for the past year?”

“Drinking tea, chatting, making friends, and listening to your father’s flattery,”madam Tao Ping answered very calmly. “It’s mainly because we’re rich now.”

Ling Jiezhou nodded vigorously. “Now, it’s not just upper groove. Patients from other places have come to our clinic to see us.”

“Can they be treated well?”Ling ran sat at the tea table.

The few neighbors were quite familiar with Ling ran. They still wanted to touch him but did not dare to. They just took the opportunity to take a few photos and send them to the hospital.

“It’s a clinic. They treat all minor illnesses, and they don’t even look good. Now, we’re all sent to the hospital. “There are a lot of patients, and the chances of making mistakes are even less.”Ling Jiezhou sighed and sighed as he spoke. “Now, we’re all under a lot of pressure. We’re all nervous when we work, and we’re also nervous when we do things. Actually, we shouldn’t be so nervous when we work. We can just work, drink tea, drive around, and drive around. It’s pretty good…”

“Okay.”Ling ran did not object to his father’s words. He only said, “Tian Qi will come over later.”

Ling Jiezhou and Tao Ping, who were sitting at the tea table, were stunned again.

“Clean up the crowd.”

The two of them kept their composure and instantly got busy.