Chapter 1408

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Chapter 1408: Chapter 1407 comfort

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When Ling Jiezhou and Tao Ping started to get busy, the other people in the clinic couldn’t help but start to do their work.

The two most senior doctors, Juan Zi and Doctor Xiong, were even a little flustered.

“Old Ling was the most stingy back then. He only saved the money to clean the glass, but he didn’t say that he would clean the glass himself.”Doctor Xiong looked at Ling Jiezhou, who was breathing on the glass, and felt uncomfortable all over, he said, “This guy is stingy and lazy. I don’t know how he got a wife.”

“Sister Tao is very generous, but she’s also very lazy. In this way, the two of them are actually quite suitable.”Juan zi stretched her fat wrist and completed today’s exercise.

Doctor Xiong slowly nodded. “Old Ling, don’t become stingy and diligent. Then I really can’t continue working.”

“Why? Isn’t it good to become hard-working?”Juan zi was confused.

“If the boss becomes hard-working, he won’t just work hard on his own. When he checks his work, won’t he also become hard-working when he checks his attendance?”? Then who could stand it. “Who knows, today will be the last day we work together.”Doctor Xiong sighed heavily.

Juan zi smiled and elbowed Doctor Xiong. “Don’t forget, I still have a few more needles to give you.”

“My Shoulder.”Doctor Xiong patted Juan Zi’s elbow with his trembling hand, as if he was a member of the super-old WWE Loser team who had surrendered after failing to stand on the ground.

Juan zi picked up her fat shoulder. “When I gave you the Needles, why didn’t you think it was too heavy?”

“At that time, you had needles in your hand.”Doctor Xiong pointed to the front and said to Juan zi, “Don’t you want to help?”

Juan zi chuckled. “In fact, our clinic is full of lazy people.”

“That’s true.”Doctor Xiong paused for a moment and said, “However, if Miss Tian Qi comes over and sees that you’re working hard, she should be very happy.”

Juan Zi’s ears immediately stiffened. “Say more.”

“I’m old, so I can’t remember some things clearly. However, the tumor cow that Miss Tian Qi brought from Brazil is really delicious. I still remember the taste of that…”

“Six tumors?”Juan Zi’s tongue also stiffened.

“I’m talking about the parts…”

“Beef rump meat!”Juan zi seemed like she was trying to answer her question. She said seriously, “Tumor cows eat rump meat!”

Doctor Xiong shrugged and said, “I’ll help you watch the liquid.”

“Watch it well. If you can’t move it, call Xiao Mei.”Juan zi was referring to another temporary nurse. Because she weighed less than 130 pounds, she was called Xiao Mei.

Juan zi pulled out her two legs and moved steadily forward. She found a rag and began to wipe the door.

After a while, she saw an alluring figure.

“Tumor…”Juan Zi’s eyes gradually hardened.

“Juan Zi.”Tian Qi waved her hand and quickly walked over. “Doctor Ling is back, right?”

Juan zi wiped the door with all her strength and said, “He’s back. Why did you walk over?”

Tian Qi was puzzled for a moment before she smiled and said, “Because it’s quite close, it’s not very convenient to drive the car into the alley…”

“But, if you walk over, it’s not good to carry things, right?”Juan Zi’s gaze extended behind Tian Qi, and she saw seven or eight bodyguards in black suits. She could not help but feel disappointed, “You don’t even bring people with you when you go out now…”

“Juan Zi…”doctor Xiong called out weakly from behind.

“I’m Coming, I’m Coming.”Juan zi sighed, turned around, and ran back.

By the time Juan Zi made way for her, Madam Tao Ping had already waved her hand happily.

“Hello, Auntie.”Tian Qi suddenly felt a little shy, and she also revealed a big smile.

“Come in.”Madam Tao Ping went forward and held her hand. She smiled and said, “I specially prepared some good tea, so we can have a cup together. HMM, Ling ran will occasionally have some tea with me.”

“Sure.”Tian Qi immediately agreed. However, when she followed Tao Ping upstairs, her eyes kept searching for Ling ran.

“He’s making tea.”Tao Ping led Tian Qi upstairs. As expected, Ling ran was sitting behind the large tea table, making tea in a proper manner.

Tian Qi immediately felt thirsty.

“Ling ran is also very methodical when he makes tea, but the taste is still pretty good,”Tao Ping said casually. She then brought Tian Qi to sit across the tea table.

The original customers left, and the tea table appeared rather spacious.

Tian Qi chose the seat directly opposite Ling ran and stared at his movements without blinking.

“It’s better than performing surgery,”Tian Qi suddenly commented when she saw Ling ran pouring tea for her seriously.

Madam Tao Ping suddenly became curious and said, “I’ve never seen Ling ran perform surgery in a hospital before…”

“Do you want to see it? The live broadcast system that Yunli did can also be replayed. I have the complete set of surgeries performed by Doctor Ling.”Tian Qi immediately provided a solution.

“Aren’t you afraid if you watch the surgery?”Tao Ping asked.

“You can only watch Doctor Ling and not the contents of the surgery. I also have a complete set.”When Tian Qi said this, she pursed her lips and smiled, she turned to Ling ran and said, “I didn’t organize it. It was a girl from group 16. She should be a doctoral student in Beijing. She watched your surgery every day and organized it while she was at it. She even has an analysis report.”

Ling ran nodded with a calm expression.

Tao Ping only listened with a smile on her face. She seemed completely immune to such topics.

Tian Qi immediately felt relieved. She waved her hand back naturally, and a large PAD was sent over. Following that, the video of the surgery from yesterday was played.

The live broadcast system of Yunli was multi-directional. What was played on the PAD at this time was mainly the image of the surgeon. At most, they could only see things like bloody pliers or red gauze, they could not see the patient’s body and the surgical site.

Tian Qi and Tao Ping were next to each other. There was a PAD screen in the middle, and they were all watching with great interest.

“My son is really amazing.”Tao Ping watched very seriously. Although she lived in the clinic, she actually rarely went to the treatment room below, let alone the newly built debridement room and operating theater. Regarding the scene in the hospital and operating theater, she was at most a little more specific than ordinary people imagined.

When she saw her son performing the surgery while surrounded by a group of people, Tao Ping also felt very comforted. Compared to a group of people surrounding her son and taking photos of him, or a group of strangers from the Entertainment Circle praising him a few years ago.., tao Ping felt that having a son like this made her feel more at ease.

Tian Qi looked at her son and nodded. “Doctor Ling is very handsome.”

“It’s good that Ling ran has been doing well since he was young, but he often encounters too many strong competitors.”. Ever since elementary school, there would be especially powerful girls who transferred to Ling Ran’s class. When they were in junior high school, they were even more outrageous. Many of the girls who participated in math competitions and English competitions with Ling ran would change their ways to transfer to Ling ran’s class once the competition ended. Those were all students who received gold awards from all over the world. When they were willing to transfer to another school, the school could not wait to be happy. Later on, there were boys who transferred to Ling Ran’s class… by the time I realized what was going on, it was already too late. Moreover, some of the children were really powerful, and they were trying their best to surpass our Ling ran. This resulted in Ling ran rarely getting first place in school. It’s such a pity…”

“Doctor Ling is too handsome.”

“I think the operating theater is pretty good. Look at Ling ran’s expression. He’s smiling just like that.”

“Wow, really, he’s so handsome!”

Tian Qi and Tao Ping were talking about their own things, but their conversation was exceptionally harmonious.

Ling ran quietly made tea. The clinic was rather quiet today. It was even more comfortable than he had expected.