Chapter 1409

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Chapter 1409: Chapter 1408 was faintly gentle

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The emergency medical center of Yun Hua Hospital was busier than usual.

Everyone was rushing to perform surgeries. This was especially so for the doctors who were studying in the training camp. If they managed to get a chance to perform surgeries with great difficulty, they would seize the time to complete them so that they would not lose their beds in the future. The transfer applications of some patients from the prefectures and counties were also largely approved, and they were transferred over during the night.

For the group leaders of the other treatment groups, leaving their beds empty right now would only invite trouble into the hospital. Since Ling ran had already returned, and most of the treatment groups were recuperating and resting, then the two days of free time today and tomorrow.., would be the best time to replenish the surgery. After Tomorrow, if there were patients from other prefectures or even local emergency departments, they could only be transferred to other hospitals such as the provincial hospital or the Lu Hospital.

Although the operating theater had become a little crowded, the doctors’overall mood was still good.

Ever since the emergency department of Yun Hua Hospital was upgraded to the Emergency Center, their ability to obtain resources had been greatly improved. After such a long period of development, they were now in the position of the regional leader.

Under such circumstances, although the load of the hospital’s emergency center was constantly increasing, it was still very comfortable for it to become the first choice for the residents of Changxi Province to seek medical treatment. First of all, the departments could receive patients according to their own conditions. When the capacity for receiving patients was strong, they could open the entrance a little more. When the beds were insufficient or the capacity for receiving patients was insufficient, they could naturally narrow the entrance a little more, thus, they could always maintain a flexible, full-load state. Elasticity was the work that the residents and the doctors who were in advanced studies could do to ensure that they would not tire themselves to death. For most people, the work that the departments could do was the best, for most people, it was the happiest job.

As for some doctors who did not feel happy about it, most of them would find it difficult to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Yu Yuan was also shuttling back and forth in the emergency room. She felt very energetic today. Halfway through writing her article, she went downstairs for a stroll. Occasionally, she would meet the resident doctors who greeted her, and she could also enjoy some respectful gazes.

She was now a somewhat famous emergency doctor. Not to mention that she was far ahead of her colleagues in terms of the number of papers, the foreign body removal technique was becoming more and more famous. Often, there would be parents of children who were stuck on fish bones. Because the situation was particularly complicated, they would find Yu Yuan under the recommendation of other hospitals.

Other than the removal of foreign bodies in the esophagus and pharynx, Yu Yuan also had a very high probability of success in removing foreign bodies in the digestive tract, vaginal foreign bodies, and rectal foreign bodies. This made Yu Yuan not only famous in the hospital.., she also had quite a reputation in the local medical community. This was because she did not only deal with patients who came directly to her. Many of the patients were not recommended by other hospitals. Under such circumstances, she was still able to maintain a high removal rate that exceeded the average, it could be said to be quite remarkable.

Most doctors would probably not be able to be the first recommended doctor in a certain field even if they worked hard all their lives. From this point of view, Yu Yuan had already made a small achievement in the clinical field. Furthermore, in Yun Hua region, almost all patients who had foreign bodies stuck in them would come to Yu Yuan for consultation before they underwent surgery. As a result, Yu Yuan became the ultimate goalkeeper for foreign body removal surgery, she even went out of the circle a few times.

Of course, sometimes it depended on where the foreign body was stuck, and sometimes it depended on who had stuck the foreign body.

Yu Yuan turned over the body of a family member who was sleeping in the corridor and waved at a certain attending physician who was on duty.

She felt that she was getting more and more used to the life in Yun Hua Hospital. A few years ago, Yu Yuan still thought that she should find a hospital on the fringes to work in, but now, she was glad that she did not make such a choice.

A hospital like Yun Hua Hospital was the most suitable for her.

On one hand, high-level tertiary grade A hospitals needed clinicians with scientific research ability. This was the reason why Yu Yuan was able to survive. On the other hand, foreign body removal was a rare technique that could only be used in large hospitals.

In fact, the more basic a hospital was, the more skilled doctors were needed. and the more advanced a hospital was, the more skilled doctors were needed. If Yu Yuan was in Yun Hua Hospital, she could perform double-digit surgeries every month. If she was in a township hospital, she would rather walk dozens of kilometers more than perform surgeries to remove foreign bodies that were below the navel, she would not look at such illnesses around her home.

“The crescent moon on the top, the white bamboo fence…”Yu Yuan’s phone vibrated in her clothes.

Yu Yuan picked it up. When she saw that it was not ling ran, department director Huo, or Zuo cidian, she heaved a sigh of relief before she answered the call. “Hello.”.

“Doctor Yu, this is Xiao Gang… I was treated by you before… I had my hair permed at that time. I was wearing a pair of torn jeans, and I was 186 centimeters tall…”

“I don’t remember…”Yu Yuan interrupted the other party coldly.

“It’s the one that you took out a toy doll from behind me…”

“That… It’s… The one in Ultraman.”

“Is it Ultraman, or a monster?”

“Ultraman… No, a monster is too thick.”

The person on the other end of the phone was dumbfounded by the question. “Huh? How would I know? I just bought a random one…”

“The two pointy ones are the father of Ultraman and Tero Ultraman. The angle with an arc downward is OMRI. Sven, Ace, Zoffi, and the first generation are the same. They are all the same, with an arc in the middle…”

“Uh, that should be the father of Ultraman…”

“Oh… I remember now.”Yu Yuan nodded and asked again, “What do you want to ask?”

On the other end of the phone, he calmed down for a few seconds.

As if he was being urged by someone else, he said softly, “I encountered a rather awkward situation here…”

“More awkward than the pointy corner of the father of Ultraman being stuck?”Yu Yuan was instantly interested. She found a stool and jumped on it, ready to listen to it seriously.

On the other end of the phone, there was a soft “HMM”and said, “You know, I can do both 1 and 0…”

“I don’t know.”Yu Yuan went to see the doctor.

“In short, I have a friend…”

“Do you mean you in person?”

“No, it’s really a friend. He’s sitting across from me. Because he’s a newbie, it seems like he didn’t do the enema very well. Now, it’s sprayed everywhere. I’m afraid that something might happen, so I wanted to look for you.”The Man on the other end of the phone said, he spoke quickly, afraid that he would lose his courage if he was interrupted again.

Yu Yuan suppressed her voice and asked, “What do you mean by spraying it all over the place?”

“It’s just the bed, quilt, and ceiling… they’re all dirty, like a crime scene… No, I’m not saying that I committed a crime. What I mean is that we’re afraid that it might be too intense, like a rectal injury or something, but it’s a little dirty…”

“It’s fine, bring it over.”Yu Yuan’s voice was a little softer, and it sounded a little gentle.

The man opposite her sensed Yu Yuan’s suppressed emotions, and he immediately became emotional. “I know it doesn’t look good. Thank you, Doctor Yu. Thank you, Doctor Yu. We’ll come over right away…”