Chapter 1410

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Chapter 1410: Chapter 1409 the TIDY Emergency Center

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The man who had once hosted Ultraman’s father quickly brought his “Friend”to Yun Hua Hospital’s Emergency Center.

Yu Yuan specially called for a familiar intern to pick her up.

After a while, the intern frowned and pushed the hospital bed in. Everywhere he went, everyone would frown and cover their noses in disgust. Some of them would reveal a little doubt, so much so that they would focus on searching for the source of the smell. However.., every time they confirmed the source, their emotions would only break down even more.

“Doctor Yu, even if it’s you, this is too strong…”the intern could not help but complain. He ran away before Yu Yuan could speak.

Yu Yuan naturally did not shrink back. She walked forward resolutely and looked at the patient who was curled up on the bed without even wrinkling her nose.

The face and hands that were exposed outside were still clean. They were probably washed, but the hair was obviously not thoroughly washed. The yellow stains were still visible. Judging from the patient’s current smell, there was more to his body buried under the sheets.

“Let’s push him into the debridement room.”Before Yu Yuan could see clearly, the nurse in front of her could not stand it anymore.

The debridement room was a polluted operating theater. The most important thing was that it had a door and a wind tunnel. That was enough.

Yu Yuan did not object. She smiled and followed them into the room.

“You can keep that person.”Before everyone ran out, Yu Yuan ordered an intern to stay behind. Two seconds later, the door of the debridement room was slammed shut.

The intern looked at Yu Yuan and could not help but think, “Since she can’t call my name, why not…”

“Have you ever had an anal surgery?”Yu Yuan asked.

“Surgery?”The intern was suddenly shocked. He suddenly felt that he was used to the stench in his nose and his eyes were color-blind. “I haven’t done it before. Do you want to do it?”

“In a while, you can do an anal finger test first.”As Yu Yuan said that, she took two steps back, while she was wearing gloves, she said to the 1.86-meter-tall father Olympian host, “Help me carry the patient to the operating bed and move the stepping stool. There are three of them here.”

Yu Yuan was also used to similar situations, so she directly commanded the patient’s family.

This could be considered a Chinese characteristic. It could not be said to be compliant, but under special circumstances, it was much better than calling for a nurse or a nurse.

The host unwrapped the blanket step by step.

A slightly fermented stench spread over the surface. The person who smeared the feces below looked dispirited. His spirit and body were at a low point.

The intern’s eyes were sore, and he could not help but wonder if such a surgery was worth it.

Even the Orong practitioner felt his eyes burn. He could not help but say angrily, “Tell me about you. Is there anyone who can enema like you? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“I was afraid that you would be in a hurry, Right?”The smearer was not in a good mood either.

“Let’s do a finger test. Can you kneel down?”Yu Yuan did not want to listen to their quarrels. All the aunties in the village who could get into a medical school could listen to gossip until they vomited.

Although the scene in front of her was special, I, Yu Yuan, did not care about it.

She just quietly worked, collecting samples, and writing down detailed observation diary.

“Bear with it for a while…”the intern helped the patient to get into a position. While doubting himself, he did a finger test and did the test as carefully as possible.

“Has it started?”The mucus-smearer asked in a deep voice.

“Yes.”The intern’s voice was even deeper.

“Oh…”the mucus-smearer suddenly shivered.

Yu Yuan looked at him from the corner of her eyes. He had pressed his prostate.

“It’s done.”The intern took off his gloves and thought for a moment before saying, “There are some protrusions. They should be hemorrhoids.”

“Clean it up.”Yu Yuan nodded. She took the gauze first and started cleaning a large area.

The two of them, who wanted to quarrel with each other again, shut their mouths at the same time.

‘The Doctor is still willing to help you clean your body even though you’ve already become so mushy. What kind of spirit is this?’?

‘He’s meticulous and broad-minded!’!

‘He’s short and righteous!’!

‘He’s small and virtuous!’!

When Ling ran arrived at the Emergency Medical Center, the department was already in harmony.

There was a clean ward environment, a neat medical treatment order, and clean equipment and equipment..

Ling ran nodded in satisfaction and walked in casually.

When Zuo Cidian received the news, he ran over in small steps.

The young doctors present also heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though Ling ran rarely blamed anyone, the feeling of being watched by a BOSS was never something that a worker was willing to take over. Not to mention, when Ling ran blamed someone, it was often harder to deal with it, especially when it involved professional questions. It was easy to make people blush, and even make them feel embarrassed.

It was much better with Zuo Cidian as a buffer. Therefore, even when they saw how tired Zuo Cidian often looked when he was dying, they still comforted him warmly, ‘you look good today.’.

“What surgeries can I do today?”Ling ran used to do whatever surgeries he had in the past. Now that there were so many surgeries, he naturally had to choose first.

Zuo cidian smiled and said, “Today, we’re mainly going to perform a hepatectomy. Do you want to perform a few da Vinci surgeries as well?”

“Alright.”Zuo Cidian took a notebook and wrote it down. He then said, “The surgery will only be performed in the afternoon. The chief physician has arranged for a consultation in the general department today. Do you want to rest for a while or…”

“Are there any difficult cases?”

“The main focus is to confirm and examine the patients.”Zuo Cidian was actually a little excited in his heart. This segment was the one that best reflected the skills. In other words, it was also the one that best reflected Ling ran.

The reason why the doctors in the hospital always placed so much importance on the skills was that there were always various environments that allowed people to identify the hooligans.

Moreover, hospitals of different levels had different requirements for the hooligans’skill levels. If the level of their skills was too low, they would be criticized so much that they would shut themselves up at any time like the consultation day.

Department director Huo had been very enthusiastic about such activities recently. From Zuo Cidian’s point of view, this was the process and performance of department director Huo when he valued Ling ran.

Ling ran felt a little regretful. He shook his head and said, “The consultation in the general department is a bit of a waste of time.”

“I heard that it’s a comprehensive study, not one surgery after another,”Zuo Cidian quickly explained.

“That’s fine…”Ling ran pondered for a moment, but he said, “Since it’s a comprehensive study, why don’t we invite a few more people over?”

“The Department of Orthopedics, Hepatobiliary and cardiac surgery. Ask them to send someone over. They can also bring cases.”Ling ran felt that this was the most appropriate way.

Zuo Cidian could only be secretly speechless. Forget about the Department of Orthopedics, the Department of Hepatobiliary and cardiac surgery would also be notified. This made things a little difficult for them.

“The department directors are probably very busy today. If hepatobiliary and cardiac surgery and the others come over, will they be too busy?”

“They will participate in the surgery in the hybrid operating theater. They can come and discuss it together.”Ling ran thought for a moment and said, “There’s no need for the department directors to participate. Anyone can participate.”

If the hybrid operating theater wanted to play a role, the doctors from all departments naturally had to participate actively.

Zuo cidian instantly realized this problem. He could not help but light incense sticks for a certain department in his heart.