Chapter 1411

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Chapter 1411: Chapter 1410 integrated emergency department

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Early in the morning.

The doctors of Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency medical center gathered together. Other than the doctors on duty, there were more than 100 doctors in white coats sitting together. It looked like an evil filial piety ceremony.

Of course, the evil filial piety ceremony was not demeaning to the doctors in white coats, who were a traditional art from western medicine. When they stole cadavers for dissection, they did not think about doing sunlight medicine.

The doctors in the emergency department did not like the sunlight that much, especially the doctors on duty who vomited at night. They wished they could turn off the lights, pull up the curtains, and lie flat on the ground to sleep, it did not matter even if someone performed a finger examination because of this.

Until… Huo Congjun walked in.

“Open the curtains. It’s such a good sun. It would be a pity not to bask in it.”Huo Congjun had a smile on his face, and his face was full of sunlight.

Before the doctors below could complain, four or five sycophants rushed to open the curtains.

The weak sunlight was like a blocked coronary artery, and it spilled into the room with great effort.

“It’s good to bask in the sun more.”Huo congjun happily educated the doctors who had just stayed up late.

The group of resident doctors showed disdainful but polite smiles.

“Alright, let’s cut the small talk and talk about some serious business.”Huo congjun swayed his body twice, he continued, “We bought the Da Vinci robot this season and built a new hybrid operating theater. We also rebuilt and expanded 20 wards. We spent some money. However, the hospital has provided a lot of money for the capital construction. The Da Vinci robot is a Class A equipment in the catalog. After the application is approved, the ministry will give us some matching funds. The provincial government and the hospital will also have corresponding rewards. As a result, we have some money left over from the funds we prepared last season…”

An intern who was sitting in the corner was taking notes. At this moment, he could not help but write down a series of words that he had been training for many years on his notebook. ‘department director Huo Congjun’s words seem to have some sort of magical power…’ It made the doctors who were dispirited suddenly become spirited.

“Before I tell you the results, I have to explain to everyone first. Just this season alone, the number of surgeries performed by Ling Ran’s group has already exceeded 1,000. It’s not only our department, but it’s also the highest in our hospital. “The extra funds that the department has because of this will be turned into bonuses and distributed to everyone…”no one listened to what Huo Congjun said at the end, the room was filled with applause that made people unable to close their mouths from joy.

The interns sitting in the corner recorded this scene seriously: everyone was very excited when they heard about the payment, like a group of hungry little dogs.

“Let’s start from Group One.”Chief physician Huo did not say much. After he finished his main point with two sentences, he picked up his cup and began to drink tea.

Group One was the treatment group that he brought along with him. After he fell sick in the later stages, department director Tao would be in charge of most of the time. The few of them looked at each other and immediately announced that Doctor Zhou would go first.

Doctor Zhou coughed twice and did not decline. He took the mouse and operated it a few times. He said slowly, “We have recently admitted a patient with chest pain. We found that there was a pleural effusion and he had an unprovoked cough…”

Everyone listened to Doctor Zhou’s words and adjusted their state of mind. They listened carefully.

This kind of consultation with all the doctors involved was a day of learning and trial for the doctors. Each group would usually only bring up one case, and it was mainly for difficult and complicated cases. There were doctors who were willing to participate in the consultation. They would give their opinions, explain the reasons, and finally deduce the results, or try to carry out treatment.

For doctors who preferred internal medicine, this was the time when they were most likely to be in the limelight, and also the time when they were most likely to be criticized. If they were able to analyze a patient’s symptoms thoroughly, they would naturally be viewed differently by everyone. However, if they made a low-level mistake or made a big mistake in their diagnosis, they wouldn’t blame everyone for using a magnifying glass to observe them.

In this environment, the department was like a class doing a pop quiz. Those who learned well and those who learned poorly were easily exposed.

Of course, there were also those who did not learn well and were easily polished. For example, Doctor Zhou.

His report did not cause any ripples. It was like a piece of cooked canned meat. It was not bad, but it was not chewy either. It could be eaten, but it did not matter if it was not eaten.

“The pleural effusion can be considered as the result of chest pain and unprovoked cough. Let’s first consider the infection…”

“From the chest X-ray, the possibility of infection is indeed higher. The patient is also relatively young. However, we still have to consider the possibility of lung cancer metastasizing to the pleura. Have you consulted the oncology department?”

“If the current treatment effect is good, there should not be any major problems after the chest drainage and infection control…”

The doctors each had their own focus, and their standards were also uneven. Those who wanted to speak spoke up. After Doctor Zhou finished taking notes, he looked at department director Huo.

“If there are no other problems, just pass.”Huo Congjun had never insisted on the results. Some illnesses did not have any real results, especially the patients admitted to the emergency department. Most of them were at the stage of the illness’s development, and there were still many follow-up developments. Even professional physicians.., might not be able to make a final judgment. And the consultation in the emergency department had always been about solving problems that could be solved and deciding which department to transfer the patients that could not be solved to.

The few traditional emergency treatment groups spoke one by one, each with their own cautiousness.

The atmosphere in the meeting hall was also maintained at the level of a pop quiz.

Then, Ling Ran’s voice came from the sky. “The patient’s right lower limb is swollen. According to the lymphography, the probability of the level of the lymph is not high. Otherwise, the swollen thigh should be able to see a relatively clear distribution of radioactivity…”

The moment they heard Ling Ran’s voice, the conference room, which was already quiet, immediately became completely silent.

Huo Congjun revealed a smile that he had been looking forward to for a long time.

In his opinion, Ling ran was really too calm. He was so calm that even the doctors in his department had not reprimanded him. Fortunately, Ling ran’s professionalism and persistence in medicine allowed him to maintain a considerable deterrent force.

Even though this kind of deterrence was not comprehensive in Huo Congjun’s opinion, it was already a pleasant surprise for Ling ran to have such a deterrent effect based on his looks.

Of course, the doctors in the department would most likely not view the problem from this angle.

The attending physician who had just spoken stumbled and said, “Because the patient’s lymph nodes were round in shape and had a clear boundary, we considered that he had chronic inflammatory lymph nodes at that time…”

Ling ran waited patiently for the other party to finish speaking and said, “It’s fine as long as you know that you’re wrong.”

“Yes.”The attending physician who spoke was young but did not dare to be angry. He quickly responded.

Ling ran did not pursue the matter. He only said calmly, “You can do a consultation with the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery and do a detailed examination.”

“Okay. Yes.”The attending physician quickly agreed.

The associate chief physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, Zhang Anmin, who was sitting further away, also said softly, “No problem. I’ll follow up.”

This was the first time he had participated in a general consultation in the emergency department. Chief physician Zhang Anmin was still feeling a little excited because of this.

“Ling ran, please say a few words.”Huo Congjun was even more satisfied. He said, “You can introduce the use of the hybrid operating theater to everyone.”

Ling ran nodded, he said, “For the time being, the use of the hybrid operating theater is mainly in two directions. One Direction is the conduct of complicated surgeries. “The second direction is the integration of emergency treatment, which is to unify the diagnosis and treatment standards through the cooperation of multiple disciplines… with a view to shortening the treatment time and improving the patient’s treatment rate…”

Huo Congjun’s eyes became brighter and brighter. Although the integration of emergency treatment was not the model of the big emergency treatment that he had imagined, Huo Congjun still quite liked the idea of forming the pre-order structure of the big emergency treatment through the integration of emergency treatment.