Chapter 1412

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Chapter 1412: Chapter 1411: Why Did you bite people?

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“Next, let’s talk about a key case. Most of the patients who were sent to the ICU two days ago should have seen it.”Huo Congjun waited for Ling ran to finish talking before he asked someone to pull out a powerpoint, he said, “For patients who fell from a height and suffered multiple injuries, there are multiple fractures from the cervical vertebra to the caudate vertebra. There are also multiple organ injuries and respiratory impairment. Shock, massive bleeding, and pneumothorax appeared during clinical resuscitation. All of them have been given targeted resuscitation. What suggestions do you have for the next plan. “Yes, we’ll make a suggestion first. Then, we’ll bring it up during the consultation in the hospital.”

Such a patient was naturally not something that an emergency department could handle. It was also not something that the orthopedics department or the ICU could handle. Instead, they had to work together with the neurosurgery department, General Surgery Department, Anesthesiology Department, and the nursing department, etc. , they had to discuss countermeasures together in order to deal with it. It was a typical case that required multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment.

Huo Congjun liked to use similar cases for consultations now. It was like having Li Yuanba under his command, wanting to fight with others. Having Zhang Yi under his command, wanting to play diplomacy with others, having Sun Wukong under his command.., wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others, wanting to fight with others.

Huo Congjun looked around the entire hospital. As long as it was a surgery, there was not a single person who could fight when it came to multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment.

There had never been a clinical medicine that purely talked about theory. Theory was linked to practice, and practice was the most normal mode.

For the same multi-disciplinary consultation, the person who came up with the proposal first had to be able to put the proposal into practice. It was just like how everyone knew that a beating heart surgery had many advantages over a beating heart surgery. If you did not know how to perform it, no one in the hospital would even know how to perform it, or if you could not even invite someone to perform it.., then, the proposal would be meaningless.

This was the case in Mayo Medical Academy, and it was the same in Bazhaizi Village Hospital.

Huo Congjun was also not very sure about Ling Ran’s judgment, therefore, he said in a lively manner, “Traditionally, we usually use conservative treatment for such serious bone and joint injuries because the risk of surgery is relatively high. However, conservative treatment may not be able to stabilize the fracture satisfactorily. After treatment, it is also easy for it to produce active bleeding. “However, in recent years, with the in-depth clinical research, some scholars also believe that surgery should be carried out immediately after the patient’s condition is stabilized through early resuscitation… our hospital usually adopts a diagnosis-by-diagnosis model for this type of patients. Therefore, there is no need for everyone to feel too much psychological burden. If you have any thoughts, you can speak up and discuss them. This is also the purpose of today.”

“Is the patient awake? What do the family members think?”Doctor Zhou asked.

“The patient’s mental state is not stable yet. As for the family members, they are mainly the patient’s wife. They are more inclined to take active treatment.”Huo congjun paused for a moment, he said, “Conservative treatment may result in disability, and the risk of being in a vegetative state is more difficult for the patient to bear.”

With the last sentence, all the doctors present were clear in their hearts.

“Then, it can basically only be an active surgery?”The attending physician, Zhao leyi, who was the same year as Doctor Zhou, suddenly felt a little emotional, he said, “This is why we usually treat our wives a little better. In the emergency department, it’s the other party who makes the decision whether to perform the surgery or not. Everyone, if you have nothing to do, go back and quickly buy a bag for your wives.”

“Are you going on stage without buying a bag?”Department director Tao laughed out loud.

Department director Li, who was at the side, said seriously, “What if someone outside buys two bags for your wives?”

“Your sense of crisis is a little heavy.”Department director Tao clicked his tongue.

Huo congjun coughed twice and changed the topic, he said, “The patient’s family’s opinion is one thing, but we have to come up with a strategy ourselves. In addition, the patient’s family also has the idea of transferring the hospital. If they are really not confident, the hospital transfer can also be accepted.”

Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency department was already an emergency medical center. The fact that Huo Congjun was still able to consider transferring to another hospital meant that there were many problems. Hence, everyone became even more serious.

However, this time, Ling ran did not wait for the others to speak. He said directly, “There are advantages to surgical treatment. This patient can be given to our group.”

The people who had been holding back their enthusiasm and were about to speak all vented their anger.

There were many things that could be said about whether a complicated case should be treated conservatively or actively. A doctor who was familiar with the situation could even stand up to him for tens of thousands of words.

In other words, whenever Ling ran put forward any opinion, there would be people who supported it and people who opposed it. However, when he added the last sentence, the opposition he received was almost non-existent.

If you can do it, you can do it. This happened almost every day in the surgical field.

However, the most frustrating thing about the surgical field was that there were always some people who could really do it.

In fact, the probability of such a situation happening in a hospital was too high. Most of the department directors, Associate Department directors, and attending physicians were likely to go into action first before they scolded someone. They would do something that the lower-level doctors could not do before they started to scold someone.

“Don’t say it so categorically.”Huo Congjun stood up and tried to persuade him. He smiled and asked, “What does the orthopedics department think?”

The attending physician of the orthopedics department was dumbfounded. How could he ask me about a case of this level?

“I’ve never done this kind of surgery before.”The attending physician of the orthopedics department directly gave up on the treatment. After all, they were in the emergency department’s meeting room, so the degree of embarrassment was not too great.

Huo Congjun was not surprised. He said calmly, “If we come up with a plan, we will also discuss it with the orthopedics department. Let’s speak freely. Do you think there are any problems that need to be solved with this plan?”

The risk of rejecting a plan was far lower than that of agreeing with a plan. The attending physician of the orthopedics department was not too cowardly. He looked at Ling ran and said, “This kind of trauma orthopedics surgery will definitely cause a lot of bleeding.”

“A lot of bleeding can be solved.”Ling ran read the MRI scan carefully and calmly gave his answer.

“HMM… if the bleeding can be controlled, the surgery can indeed be done.”The attending physician of the orthopedics department could not even be bothered to voice out any doubts. Since Ling ran had promised, there should basically be no problem.

Huo congjun nodded slightly. ‘that’s right. It would be interesting if the other party could dodge and knock him down a little. Otherwise, it would be no different from hitting a wooden stake.’.

“What about the neurosurgery department?”Huo Congjun asked again.

The attending physician from the neurosurgery department smiled. “It’s difficult to determine the potential damage, but it should be meaningful to perform the surgery.”

“The General Surgery Department?”

“Hepatobiliary Department?”

“We will definitely cooperate actively.”Zhang Anmin almost had a flag on his forehead.

Huo congjun nodded. “In that case, let’s push this surgery forward together with the other departments. Everyone should go back and communicate with each other. Ling ran, when do you want to perform the surgery?”

“As soon as possible.”There was not a hint of arrogance on Ling Ran’s face. It was really normal for him to show his face.

While the big shots were in the meeting, Yu Yuan quickly finished organizing some of her personal belongings. After she was done with these things, she carried the thermometer and food and went to visit Fragrant Park.

With the joint efforts of the children, their parents, and the children who were over the age limit, fragrant park’s weight increased day by day. According to a rough estimate, the weight of the foie gras was at least two kilograms. Such a big, fat white goose naturally did not care about the pigeon-like food in Yu Yuan’s hands. Its first reaction when it saw Yu Yuan was usually to turn around and run away.

However, Xiang Manyuan pounced on it at the first moment today.

Yu Yuan’s nimble little hand grabbed it and chuckled, “What’s wrong? You still want to attack me?”

Xiang man garden shook its head vigorously. Someone behind it laughed and said, “It’s probably looking for someone to rely on and calling for help.”

Yu Yuan looked over in surprise. She saw Qin Min and her police dog, who had not seen each other for a long time, playing in the water under the shadow of the fountain.

“Officer Qin, you’re back?”Yu Yuan asked hesitantly. “I remember that you went to participate in some kind of security operation. Are You Feeling Alright?”

As a doctor, the worst thing one could do was to see an old friend or classmate suddenly appear.

Fortunately, Qin Min laughed out loud. She was dressed in casual clothes. She walked over and said with a smile, “I’m feeling well. Chestnut is also feeling well. This time, I’m here for a physical examination to prepare for the following work. Oh right, where’s Doctor Ling?”

Yu Yuan subconsciously chuckled. “Doctor Ling is also feeling well. He’s always working.”

“Haha.”Qin Min laughed out loud. She glanced at the fragrant garden in Yu Yuan’s hand and said, “The Big Goose is probably afraid of my chestnut. Let It Go.”

“I thought it wanted to make trouble for me.”Yu Yuan smiled.

Qin Min said, “That’s not it. It was originally quite obedient and was not afraid of people. Perhaps chestnut was too fierce and scared it.”

Chestnut, who was called by his name, took a step forward and looked at Yu Yuan as if he was receiving a medal.

Yu Yuan unconsciously stretched out her hand, but when she considered the other party’s identity as a police dog, she retracted it.

“You can touch me.”Qin Min smiled.

Yu Yuan raised her hand again.

At this moment, chestnut, the police dog, seemed to have received an order. It extended its furry claws and gently stroked the top of Yu Yuan’s head.

The air around the fountain suddenly froze.

“Why did you bite me?”Yu Yuan picked up the big white goose and started beating it up.