Chapter 1413

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Chapter 1413: Chapter 1412 medical luck

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“Doctor Ling! Doctor Ling!”

Qin Min changed into her police uniform and held onto the police dog Li Zi’s hand, but her voice sounded a little coquettish.

Coquettish? Yu Yuan stood behind Qin Min and secretly tagged her.

The police dog Li Zi turned to look at Yu Yuan and used a comforting look to advise her to calm down. It was like advising a police dog that had just joined the police dog unit. It was a little strict but also a little concerned.

Yu Yuan rolled her eyes. She was just like a young police dog who had just joined the police dog unit. She was a little impatient, but also a little obedient.

When Ling ran saw Qin Min, he naturally turned around.

The dozen or so doctors who followed him immediately turned around and continued to gallop like wild horses, putting on an imposing manner.

At the same time, Qin Min noticed that more than a dozen mobile phones were taking pictures of her. This was not a big deal. She was also a long-term beauty who had been photographed and even secretly photographed all year round, and had been labeled as a police officer. However.., was she a little too well-prepared to hold a Gopro?

“How’s Your Body?”The first question Ling ran asked when he saw Qin Min was also this. At the same time, his gaze also swept over the police dog chestnut.

He was the one who performed the surgery on chestnut. Compared to performing the surgery on someone else, Ling ran was much more busy performing the surgery on the dog at that time. It could be said that his memory was still fresh in his mind. Moreover, a certain anesthetist in the department of Anesthesiology was being ‘anesthetized by the dog’day after day. The insult of being ‘anesthetized by the dog’was much greater than that of an anesthetist. What did he do wrong? He only anesthetized Li Zi. From this point of view, the dog anesthetized was at least a good person. It was more like being called a ‘good person by the dog’.

“Li Zi and I are both healthy and healthy. We even received awards for meritorious service recently!”Qin Min had stayed in the hospital for a few hours, and she was already used to reporting her physical condition. When she thought about it, she felt helpless.

Only then did Ling ran reveal a smile. “It’s good that you’re healthy.”

“HMM… Doctor Ling is very busy. When are you getting off work?”Qin Min hesitated for a moment before she looked at the crowd behind Ling ran.

A few of the studious students looked at Qin Min with lifeless eyes. They did not react to her words at all. The few doctors who came to mingle around pretended that they did not understand her. They were busy taking pictures, selfies, and PSPS.

Ling ran also shook his head. “I’m not getting off work today.”

“You’re so busy? You Don’t even have time to get off work?”

“There’s no need to get off work.”

“How can that be? I can go home to visit my parents, and I can even spend time with my girlfriend…”Qin Min probed, and her fingers clenched tightly on the dog leash.

Chestnut’s emotions were quietly stirred up. It glanced at its own dog leash, then at Ling ran. It thought to itself, ‘this guy must be at least a chief supervisor of a drug cartel. If he bites down on something that can be exchanged for beef…’?

“My parents have their own lives.”Ling ran thought of the new car in his backyard and said helplessly, “Tian Qi went to a meeting. She’s not in the country today.”

“Ah…”Qin Min could not help but show a disappointed expression.

“Are you off work?”Ling ran asked politely.

“I’m here to work.”When she said this, Qin Min became serious and whispered, “Doctor Ling, have you ever had medical luck transfer?”

“Twice.”When Ling ran saw that she was able to say the word “Medical luck transfers,”he became a little interested.

“Um… our leader asked someone to introduce a few emergency doctors to us. You’re on the list of medical luck transfers. I just wanted to come over and take a look,”Qin Min said a few words in a slightly ambiguous manner, then, she said, “Can we find a place to chat alone?”

Ling ran did not think too much about it. He gestured for the doctors behind him to move around freely. Then, he randomly found a chat room and sat in it.

Even though the walls and doors were made of transparent glass, once they were closed, the complicated contrast-enhanced images would at least eliminate most of them.

“I’m bored with my work. It’s pretty good to hide in here,”Comrade Qin Min sighed.

Ling ran looked at her in confusion. Then, he looked at Chestnut, who was beside Qin Min, and asked in puzzlement, “Even if you have a dog, you’ll be bored?”

Chestnut let out a “HMM”sound, as if it was in agreement with Ling ran.

‘dogs nowadays all look at their faces,’Qin Min cursed in her heart. She then smiled at Ling ran and said, “Everyone gets annoyed when they do something, right? Does Doctor Ling ever get annoyed?”

Ling ran thought for a moment, shook his head, and said, “No.”

If he was annoyed, he would immediately look for a solution. He would either use words to express it, or he would use actions to express it. Usually, most people would help solve the problem when they used words to express it.

“Good-looking, are you really that happy? I’m quite pretty too…”Qin Min thought about it again. She originally wanted to use her position to attract attention, but she did not expect that Ling ran would make her lose her mind after just a few sentences.

“You just said that your medical luck is changing.”Ling ran knew that Qin Min was distracted when he saw her expression. He was not surprised, and he only reminded her softly.

Qin Min quickly responded with an “OH”, she then said shyly, “I was thinking about something else… well, actually, I changed to another unit. I have a mission recently, and I need to use the medical luck. The leader is also investigating…”

“What do you want me to do?”Ling ran cut to the point.

“I want to do my best to ensure the patient’s safety during the medical luck.”

“What is the patient’s condition? How is his condition?”

“Patient…”Qin Min hesitated for a few seconds before she said, “I can’t tell you about the patient’s condition right now. His condition is mainly like an external injury…”

While Qin Min was speaking, the system also appeared in front of Ling ran:

[ mission: Medical Transport. ]

[ mission content: Medical Transport Technology is a necessary skill for a mature emergency doctor. Participate in and complete a medical transport. ].

MISSION REWARD: Intermediate Treasure Chest

“I can deal with external injuries, but I don’t have much experience in medical transport.”Ling ran accepted the mission but did not immediately agree to it.

As an important branch of emergency medicine, medical transport was very different from ordinary emergency medicine. It was largely independent in the course of its work, especially in terms of its spatial independence. It was responsible for the transport process, it would be under greater pressure, and it would also lack the help of other people.

In ordinary emergency medicine, a doctor could ask other doctors for help or even substitute for the illness that a doctor could not handle. However, in medical transportation, this kind of help would become very difficult.

Although emergency doctors were always required to have general practice abilities, it could be imagined that even if a doctor perfectly met the general practice requirements, there would still be strengths and weaknesses, as well as emphasis, this made it difficult to control the risks during the medical transportation process.

Qin Min did not understand these things, hence, she said in a low voice, “If you don’t want to do it, when our leader asks about it, just tell him that you don’t know if you’re good at it. If you reject him sternly, he probably won’t force you to go. “However, it shouldn’t be a bad thing to participate in it. Our current leader still has quite a lot of resources. This matter is also quite important…”

“I understand.”Ling ran did not say whether he would go or not. From his point of view, Qin Min had given him too little information, and he could not make a decision just because of that.

When Officer Qin and her police dog reluctantly sent Ling ran back to the operating theater, Ling ran quickly became undistracted.

The hybrid operating theater was even more interesting than he had expected. If an ordinary operating theater was described as a trampoline, or a slide, or a rocking car, the hybrid operating theater was equivalent to an amusement park. Aside from the fact that it was expensive, there was nothing wrong with it.

For doctors, spending a day in an ordinary operating theater was equivalent to jumping on a trampoline or sliding on a slide for a day. They were always a little tired and tired. Spending a day in a hybrid operating theater was equivalent to spending a day in an amusement park..

Even Ling ran could feel pure envy and jealousy when he was busy in the hybrid operating theater. It was just like how children outside an amusement park stared at children in an amusement park.