Chapter 1414

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Chapter 1414: Chapter 1413 arrived

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“Department director Liang, this way, this way.”

At the airport entrance of Yun Hua Airport, you baoke, the resident Doctor of the Emergency Medical Center, held up a sign and tried his best to express his presence.

When Ling ran first entered the Emergency Medical Center, you BAOKE was still a houseman. After a few years of hard work, he finally became a resident doctor. He was qualified to drive his own car and use the time between surgeries, he went to the airport to pick up all the guests.

At first glance, it sounded a little tragic, but when he thought about how there were so many housemen who could not stay, and how he could not even drive his own car to pick up people during the time between surgeries, you baoke was already a little satisfied.

In fact, because of the promotion in Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency department, the recruitment requirements were already very high. Simply put, an undergraduate like you baoke basically had no chance. You Baoke could even imagine that his fellow graduate students might become his juniors when they graduated. Although he only gained a little advantage because of this, it did not stop you baoke from being happy.

Liang Xue, who had just gotten off the plane, frowned and looked for a long time. He first saw the doctor, Zang Tiangong, who had been raised by his family. Only then did he recognize you baoke, who was holding a “Mr. Liang”sign, from the group of people.

“I didn’t see it just now…”Liang Xue did not really like the title “Mr. Liang”written on You Baoke’s sign, but he did not say much. He nodded at Zang Tiangong and asked, “Are you used to staying in Yun Hua Hospital?”

Recently, Zang Tiangong was often led by Yu Yuan to work. Now, he said in a daze, “It’s okay. It’s just that Yun Hua Hospital is not quite the same as our hospital.”

“The hospital and the hospital are definitely different.”Liang Xue chuckled and patted Zang Tiangong’s shoulder. “It’s alright. You’re livelier than when you were in Taiwu. HMM, your body feels stronger too?”

“I’ve been working out with Doctor Lu Wenbin for a week.”Zang Tiangong sighed. When he was not led away by Yu Yuan, he would usually be led away by Lu Wenbin. When Lu Wenbin took the time to do push-ups and pull-ups, he was always embarrassed to watch. Lu Wenbin brought him along on a wonderful path.

“Let’s talk after we get in the car.”You Baoke took the initiative to step forward as he spoke. He then smiled at the young doctor who was in the same line as student liang and said, “You’re Doctor Zhu, right? We spoke on the phone.”

“Oh, OH, I didn’t see you just now.”Doctor Zhu’s age was about the same as you BAOKE’s. He had just become a resident doctor not long ago when he was sent out to be an attendant.

You Baoke smiled as if he was used to it. “I’m the type that has a weaker sense of presence. However, my brand will be slightly bigger than others.”

Liang Xue focused his eyes and looked. The brand that you BAOKE was holding was indeed more than two times bigger than others. Although it was useless, it was very convincing when he explained it. It was a strange feeling. He could not help but say, “The doctors in Yun Hua Hospital are all very special.”

“I’m sorry for making a fool of myself. Um… My Car is in the parking lot. Let me take the box. Shall we go to the hospital or the hotel first?”You Baoke asked politely.

“Okay.”You Baoke brought Liang Xue and the other doctor Xiao Zhu into the car. Only then did he secretly heave a sigh of relief.

Zang Tiangong could not help but feel nervous.

However, his director Liang Xue did not pursue the matter as expected.

Liang Xue had already asked about what he wanted to know over the phone. Now that he was in front of the young doctor from Yun Hua Hospital, Liang Xue would rather close his eyes and think about it while he slept. The matters in the hospital had always been like this. Liang Xue did not feel that he needed to ask about everything in detail.

The second-hand maiteng walked happily and quickly rushed back to Yun Hua Hospital.

You Baoko still wanted to save some time so that he could get more surgeries.

When they were almost at Yun Hua Hospital, Director Liang opened his eyes and asked casually, “How is the schedule for our trip specifically arranged?”

“It should be a meeting tomorrow.”You Baoko drove the car and said, “I saw Zuo Cidian get a bunch of invitations. The meeting will be held in Wyndham, and the accommodation for you will also be arranged over there.”

“A meeting directly?”Director Liang asked.

“The meeting that we talked about before?”Director Liang looked at Zang Tiangong.

Zang tiangong quickly replied, “It has already been held.”

Only after he finished answering did Zang Tiangong feel a little guilty.

He had performed three liver cancer thrombus surgeries this week. He was so excited and busy that he did not report the situation back in time. Even though he did not think that the information gathering was very important at the time, his mission was supposed to be meticulous.

“How was the result?”Doctor Zhu, who was beside him, asked on behalf of the chief physician.

“There was no problem with the result,”zang tiangong quickly said, “It was very easy for Yun Hua Hospital to hold the information gathering. Doctor Ling ran probably did not participate, so he sent Zuo Cidian over to discuss the agenda of the meeting.”

“Yun Hua Hospital can cover the sky with one hand in Changxi Province?”Liang Xue did not quite believe it. Compared to the status in the province, Tai Wu Central Hospital was a little more noble than Yun Hua Hospital. This was not formed in a day or two. Naturally, it should not be something that could be changed in a day or two.

Zang Tiangong was still young, after all. He was still thinking about the matter that he did not report, so, he said in particular, “Yun Hua Hospital definitely can’t do it, but Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency medical center is different. Department director Huo is already very strong. Now that there’s someone like Doctor Ling, the hospitals in Changxi Province will definitely avoid them.”

Liang Xue heard a strong sense of admiration from this.

He was a little displeased, but he also felt a little disdainful. However, when he looked at the scenery of the cars continuously retreating on both sides, Liang Xue still fell into deep thought.

Why did Ling ran and Zuo Cidian agree so readily to something that he could not do even after putting in so much effort? Why was Ling ran willing to exchange a good thing like expert consensus for a free freelance surgeon? In the end, wasn’t it easier for him to obtain expert consensus?

Liang Xuexin thought about the traps he had encountered, those troublesome little devils, those big devils that were difficult to convince, and those opinions that looked down on him… a word could not help but pop up in his mind: Avoid All Evil!

If his status had really reached a point where even the people around him did not dare to get close to him, how good could he be at doing things?

Liang Xuexin thought that he should really have a good discussion with Ling ran or Huo Congjun about this.

As they spoke, the second-hand steed drove into the underground parking lot of Yun Hua Hospital.

Liang Xuexin got out of the car. He did not care about the luggage and asked directly, “What is Doctor Ling doing right now?”

“The operating theater.”You Baoke gave an answer that was most likely correct.

Liang Xue could not help but laugh. “Then, let’s go directly to the operating theater.”

“This… Alright.”Even though it was not quite the same as what Zuo Cidian had instructed, you bao did not refuse.

It was a normal choice for most people to look for Ling ran to go to the operating theater.

Zuo Cidian brought a few people and quickly walked through the various functional areas of the emergency medical center.

“This is our critically injured operating theater.”

“EICU now has eight beds…”

“The hybrid operating theater is right here. Doctor Ling is currently performing surgery.”

Zuo Cidian explained the situation to the guests while he observed the other party.

Although there were people from the health system leading the way, the few of them looked and acted like soldiers.

Zuo Cidian could not help but feel worried about the items and scope of their investigation.

“Director Li.”While everyone was watching Ling ran’s surgery through the observation room, Zuo Cidian pulled a familiar-looking leader and whispered, “What’s the exact situation on our side?”

“Just listen to my orders. I Won’t let you suffer any losses.”Director Li did not show any emotion. He said to Zuo cidian sternly, “Be good!”

Liang Xue happened to enter the door. When he saw Zuo Cidian, he immediately shouted out. He felt that there was nothing to be afraid of. In fact, he even deliberately showed a little bit of carelessness, thinking that he would fight for an advantage in the following conversation.

“Aiya, director Liang!”Zuo Cidian was only stunned for a moment before he suddenly became particularly enthusiastic.