Chapter 1415

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Chapter 1415: Chapter 1414 the real world

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“Doctor Zuo is in good spirits.”Liang Xue and Zuo Cidian tightly shook hands and loudly conveyed their revolutionary friendship.

Although Zuo Cidian did not have much to praise, he was in good spirits. It could be said that Zuo cidian could barely show his qualities. From this point of view, Liang Xue praised him very seriously, it basically reflected the fastidiousness of an intellectual.

However, other than praising Zuo Cidian, director Liang did not care about the people around him. He was not a doctor from Yun Hua Hospital to begin with. He was not even a doctor from Changxi Province. In the operating theater of Yun Hua Hospital, Liang Xuezan’s social needs were extremely low.

He did not pay much attention to the people around Zuo Cidian. He only shook Zuo Cidian’s hand to express his feelings. As for what the few leaders who looked like soldiers had in mind, whether they were happy or not, to be honest, director Liang did not care at all.

Even in Taiwu Central Hospital, Liang Xuedian did not need to give face to others, let alone in a foreign city. As the strongest general surgeon in Taiwu City, Liang Xuedian had operated on too many soldiers and their families. In his mind, he had already earned enough face for himself.

If someone was carrying a heavy burden for the country, he would prescribe medicine when they were running low, perform surgeries when they had appendicitis, and perform surgeries when they had hemorrhoids, that was all.

Zuo Cidian also felt that the atmosphere was too tense, and he did not want to bring such an atmosphere to Doctor Ling ran, so, he smiled and said with Liang xuedian, “Department Director Liang, you’re too polite. You’re the one who’s full of spirit. I even saw the article you published two days ago… It must have been hard on the way here. Why didn’t you take a break?”

“Let’s get down to business first,”Liang Xue said.

“No problem, but on my side…”Zuo Cidian hesitated for a moment.

Liang Xue stared at Zuo Cidian’s eyes, afraid that he would use the excuse to decline, and immediately said, “It’s okay to talk here, there’s nothing to avoid… gentlemen, please take some time.”

He nodded to the people next to him and immediately made the arrangements.

The few of them looked at each other and were so proud of themselves that they did not speak.

“Oh… Alright.”Zuo Cidian also took the opportunity to escape from the pressure of the few soldiers, he said, “Actually, the briefing has already been held. The official meeting will begin this Friday. The main guests will be the doctors from our Changxi Province. In addition, chief physician Xu Jinyi from the Donghuang District Hospital in the capital city and the chief physician of the General Surgery Department from the Second Affiliated Hospital will also be there.”

A group of directors, or committee members, along with a few middle-and high-end directors and physicians from Beijing, as well as Liang Xue, who was a little-known expert from other provinces, would be there for a meeting with the consensus of the experts, it was indeed enough. Not only was it enough, but it was also quite a complete set-up.

Liang Xue could not help but feel a little relieved. He smiled and said, “Director Xu Jinyi from the Donghuang District Hospital is also a director of General Surgery, right? From what I remember, I even met him before. How did you invite him here?”

“Department director Xu Jinyi had liver cancer previously, so he specially asked Doctor Ling to perform the surgery.”Zuo cidian calmly gave an answer that shocked Liang Xue beyond words.

“Good guy…”Liang Xue was really shocked.

It was one thing to go out for freelance surgeries, but it was another thing to go to another province for freelance surgeries. It was another realm for freelance surgeries to go to Beijing. When it came to performing hepatectomy for general surgeons in Beijing, this choice was really.., there was really too much information hidden.

“I’ve never heard you guys publicize it before.”Liang Xue was really surprised. This kind of news might not have much impact among ordinary people, but in the circle of doctors, it definitely had an unusual weight.

Zuo Cidian pretended to be honest and laughed twice. “Our Doctor Ling doesn’t really like high-profile publicity.”

In fact, he did not publicize it wantonly. He was more afraid of making enemies out of fear. Ling ran’s speed of promotion was fast enough, and his skills were truly powerful. Based on the considerations of Huo Congjun, Zuo Cidian, and the others, there was not much need to publicize Ling ran’s case.

This was where doctors were very different from ordinary skilled workers. It was especially so for those skilled workers who worked on projects. They often had to prove themselves for too long, and they often had to fight for every opportunity. The typical example was that architects, engineers, and so on often needed a very long time to prove themselves, they needed to invest in all aspects other than their skills in order to prove themselves once.

However, no matter how long a doctor’s surgery took, it would only take them a dozen hours. Moreover, no matter how complicated the discussion in the beginning and the prognosis in the later stages were, the process of the surgery was very simple and direct.

The boundary between being able to complete the surgery and not being able to complete the surgery was very clear.

Under such circumstances, when Ling ran’s surgical skills reached a certain level, Huo Congjun and Zuo cidian tacitly did not publicize it.

Of course, they would not hide Ling ran’s achievements, so when Liang Xuewen asked about it, zuo cidian directly said it.

The few people who were listening in a little displeased could not help but perk up their ears.

“Perform surgery for a doctor in the capital? In that case, Doctor Ling is indeed recognized by his peers.”A middle-aged man with a mature appearance held his hands and nodded slowly.

“However, his ability to perform surgery does not fully meet the requirements of the emergency department, Right?”Another middle-aged man with a mature appearance and a different age asked slowly with his hands behind his back.

“At least they don’t contradict each other.”Another middle-aged man with an older and different face held his hands and judged in a low voice.

“It’s not as simple as not contradicting each other.”Liang Xue could not stand the fact that these middle-aged men were pretending to be older. Whether it was his identity as someone who was about to retire, or his identity as someone who had been beaten up by Ling ran.., all of this made him unable to allow these people to Judge Ling ran wantonly.

“Oh, tell me about it.”The middle-aged man from the health system was familiar with Liang Xue’s taste. He smiled and used him in the opposite direction.

Liang Xue looked at Zuo Cidian, then, he said slowly, “Doctor Ling is just relatively young. Actually, everyone should have some understanding of his surgical skills when they stand in this operating theater. The hybrid operating theater is called the aircraft carrier in the operating theater. who has the right to command an aircraft carrier?”

A few middle-aged men with military backgrounds were immediately stunned when they heard this.

“What you said makes sense.”The middle-aged man with a mature face and a different attitude nodded slowly.

“There’s only one hybrid operating theater in Changxi Province, right?”Liang Xue snorted, he then said, “As for the requirements for the emergency department that you mentioned, what are the requirements for the emergency department? The general knowledge system, a slightly different clinical thinking, and the most important clinical skills for life support… I’m not saying that Doctor Ling’s hepatectomy has already been done to such an extent, but do you think his skills in the emergency department are good? “Who in the emergency department dares to stand out and say that he’s better than Ling ran? “At least, it’s impossible for Changxi province to have such a person.”

When they said this, everyone could not help but nod.

Zang Tiangong, who was hiding in the corner, looked at his chief physician with a strange gaze. As expected, once a person left a familiar place, his performance would become especially real.