Chapter 1416

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Chapter 1416: Chapter 1415 was a good thing

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What was going on in the operating theater was the patient with multiple injuries who fell from a high altitude.

After receiving Ling Ran’s guarantee that he could control the problem of blood loss, the orthopedics department sent him from the ICU to the operating theater. Moreover, it was the hybrid operating theater that Ling ran dominated.

This was a very delicate scene. In theory, the patient with multiple injuries could be operated in the operating theater of the orthopedics department, or in the operating theater of the General Surgery Department, or in the Operating Theater of the neurosurgery department, perhaps they would switch to different operating theaters during the surgery, but in the end, the main reason why they chose to operate in the emergency department’s Hybrid Operating Theater was still Ling ran.

Simply speaking, it was a primary school student’s way of thinking about who was important. The main trauma with multiple injuries needed to be dealt with by the orthopedics department. The more serious and complicated trauma was the work of the neurosurgery department, and a large number of trauma was the scope of work of the General Surgery Department, there were actually very few things that needed Ling ran to do, and they were all probabilistic. If they were lucky enough, they would not even need Ling ran to perform the surgery.

Therefore, the more accurate point was who could not be replaced.

In the face of such a patient, there was no essential difference between the orthopedics department of Yun Hua Hospital and the provincial orthopedics department. It was the same for the neurosurgery department and the General Surgery Department. However, whether this surgery could be performed or not, the real decision was made by Ling ran’s ability.

He believed that only the professional doctors in the orthopedics department and other departments would have the courage and necessity to perform the surgery if they could maintain the patient’s vital signs.

Otherwise, it was not a question of whether a doctor would dare to risk his or her life for a patient who would die if he or she bled out. It was a question of whether a doctor would risk his or her life for justice.

However, this type of cooperation made Ling ran’s workload not very heavy even though he stayed in the operating theater.

Of course, he was very active himself. Moreover, he was not like many big shots who disdained to do low-level things after they reached a higher level. Ling ran still had the interest to take care of everything personally. It was fine for him to be an assistant to others, but the doctor who was the chief surgeon was usually especially nervous.

“No problem.”Ling ran performed another hemostasis and gave up his position.

“I’m sorry.”Department director Hu from the Orthopedics Department was already familiar with Ling ran. He did not take it seriously when he bled during the surgery just now. When Ling ran was done, he automatically returned to the chief surgeon’s position.

A few months ago, department director Hu still felt that he was not on good terms with Ling ran. In order to teach Zuo Cidian shoulder joint surgery, Ling ran brazenly invaded department director Hu’s territory, he even defeated department director Hu in that territory. However, losing did not mean that he had to lose. At the very least, department director Hu felt that his relationship with Ling ran had reached another level after such a big battle.

This had to be expressed in English. If it was said in Chinese, it would be easy to feel uncomfortable.

No Matter What, department director Hu now had the inclination and willingness to cooperate with Ling ran. If the hospital was a grassland, and the antelope only needed to offer a shoulder joint to the lion king so that they could eat grass leisurely, why wouldn’t they be willing?

If the antelope with strong limbs still needed to think about it, wouldn’t they have no scruples if they had already lost their shoulder joint?

Department director Hu was probably in this state. He was no longer the number one expert in the shoulder joint field of Yun Hua Hospital. Therefore, it was only natural for him to cooperate with the Ling Treatment Group of the Emergency Medical Center to open up a new field.

The only thing that department director Hu needed to worry about was that the skills he displayed would not be accepted by Ling ran.

After all, Ling ran was not the only one who specialized in the shoulder joint. However, there were only so many things in the orthopedics department. The only doctors who could remove the shoulder joint were those who were not that confident when they performed spinal surgeries, but.., with Ling ran in charge, department director Hu actually somewhat cherished the opportunity to perform spinal surgeries.

Since ancient times, famous doctors were like beauties. When they were older, there would still be people willing to teach them new postures. Only famous doctors and beauties knew how comfortable it was.

“Stop here for a moment, and protect your nerves…”Ling ran issued an order as he spoke, and he immediately made everyone stop.

Department director Hu also raised his hand at the first moment. Then, he made eye contact with the associate director of the General Surgery Department across from him. Both of them smiled as if nothing had happened. Then, they turned their faces away and buried their heads in some work that they did not know what was going on, it was as if two familiar men had participated in an unfamiliar threesome.

At this moment, the middle-aged men on the other side of the window also began to nod repeatedly:

“Your management skills are pretty good.”

“Your orders are clean and neat. You Don’t talk much. It’s useful.”

“You look like someone who works in the emergency department.”

The few of them did not avoid people. They just commented on Ling ran without any restraint.

Liang Xue could not help but sneer again.

“If you have something to say, you can say it.”A middle-aged man with a mature face turned to look at Liang Xue. They were all people in the unit. They knew that they could not force an old man who was about to retire or had already retired. Of course, they did want to hear Liang Xue’s comments. At least, they could give them some ideas from another angle.

“None of you are in the medical field, right?”Liang Xue gave a direct conclusion.

The middle-aged men shook their heads in unison.

“That’s why…”Liang Xue became more open-minded and said, “Your evaluation just now was like saying that this aircraft carrier is quite stable, and that the aircraft carrier is quite clean… it’s more or less the same.”

“Hehe.”The middle-aged men smiled at each other.

Director li coughed and said, “You are?”

“I’m Liang Xue, the Director of the General Surgery Department of Tai Wu Central Hospital.”Liang Xue introduced himself and did not have anything to hide.

The few of them were a little surprised and said, “OH.”.

The position of a doctor, especially a senior doctor in a high-level hospital, was easily recognized by a certain degree of society.

“Director Liang, are you here for a meeting?”Director Li asked again.

“More or less.”After Liang Xue said that, he coughed twice and slowly said, “I’m here to find Doctor Ling to cooperate and learn from him.”

“Haha, this cooperation of yours is pretty good.”Director Li was implying something.

“I’m just casually cooperating. Seeing you guys pick and choose, I don’t like it,”Liang Xue calmly replied, then, he said, “Although I don’t know why you guys are picking, you didn’t ask. Since you guys have chosen, can people listen to you?”

The middle-aged men looked at director Li together.

“Uh… this…”director Li was a little certain initially, but now he felt guilty.

Liang Xue chuckled and turned to look at the operating theater.

The few of them could not help but shake their heads and discuss in low voices.

After a while, the few of them filed out of the viewing room and picked up their phones.

When Ling ran saw the few of them again, Zuo Cidian and Huo Congjun had already been talking to them for quite a while.

“Ling ran, come, come, there’s something good.”Huo congjun waved his hand and called Ling ran over. He looked excited, and it was obvious that they were having a good talk.

Ling ran was rather surprised. He had the reminder from Qin Min and the police dog Li Zi, so he asked, “Why is it definitely something good?”

Huo Congjun was stunned by the question, but he was instantly amused. “Because of old Liu from the Lu Department, Department director Liu also wants to snatch this job!”