Chapter 1419

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Chapter 1419: Chapter 1418 was unanimous

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“Doctor Ling, regarding the consensus of the experts, I have some ideas that I would like to discuss with you.”Liang Xue was unwilling to go back just like that. He could not drive for two hours just to catch a glimpse of Ling ran, right. Even though he was indeed extremely handsome, he was still being watched by someone.

Ling ran turned his head around with a very good attitude and said with a smile, “Alright, let’s sit down and talk.”

Then, he simply put down the book and switched to the other end of the tea table.

Tian Qi, who was under the pavilion, jumped up excitedly and asked with a smile, “You’re not reading anymore? Are you going to rest for a while?”

“Yes, I’m almost done reading.”Ling ran nodded and handed a teacup to Tian Qi.

This was the tea table etiquette that Madam Tao Ping had taught him since he was young. Ling ran had practiced it since he was young, but very few people had the opportunity to drink tea with him. Ever since Tian Qi discovered this secret, she immediately recruited and trained a group of young tea-making girls. Many of them were young ladies from her own tea house. As for the tea house, she was the one who bought it after she found out that Ling ran’s mother liked to drink tea.

When the clear tea entered her mouth, a cool breeze blew gently. Tian Qi elegantly raised her teacup and took a sip of tea. With just a glance, the entire pavilion became cool and comfortable.

Liang Xue also heaved a sigh of relief. After he sat down, at least he was not so excited anymore.

“Doctor Ling, although Doctor Zuo has always said that the preparation work for the consensus of the experts is very complete, from my point of view, it’s very easy for all sorts of strange problems to appear in this kind of meeting. It’s not too much to prepare,”Liang Xue emphasized.

There weren’t many opportunities that he could fight for. In fact, if Zuo Cidian hadn’t used this opportunity to exchange, Liang Xue himself might not have had such an opportunity. In order to be a da Vinci robot, he had fallen behind in the traditional general surgery department, especially some of the big shots in the past. Not only did their friendship fade, but some of their relationships had even become hostile. After all, the use of the Da Vinci robot had the greatest impact on the traditional general surgery field.

On the other hand, the minimally invasive medicine that the Da Vinci robot represented had long been settled by big shots. Although Liang Xuexue had managed to get into a certification base, he had just made a name for himself. He would only be able to make a big move after a few more years. In the end, it was because he had “Entered”the industry too late. All the names above the consensus of the experts had to be made by the big shots.

Moreover, the big shots alone were not enough. There had to be something real, which was dry goods. Otherwise, if the consensus of the experts were to come out, then if it was meaningful, it would be the meaning of finding trouble for himself. If he met one or two hotheads.., he might even have to find trouble.

This was also what Liang Xue had repeatedly emphasized and cared about. He did not want the hopes he had before he retired to be an expert consensus that would be criticized by others.

Ling ran understood what Liang Xue had said, but he did not really understand what he was thinking, so he still said steadily, “Which questions do you have doubts about? Strange Questions?”

Liang Xue was stunned when he was asked. Since Ling ran said that it was a strange question, then naturally, there would be endless strange questions!

“This… there are too many questions…”Liang Xue did not know what to say.

“It doesn’t matter. You can speak slowly. We will solve them one by one.”Ling ran was calm and collected. He finished a cup of tea and another cup of tea.

Liang Xue was silent for a few seconds. He could not help but say, “Don’t tell me that we will also bring up the consensus of the experts during the meeting?”

“Of course not,”Ling ran said calmly. “According to the procedure, we will bring up the content of the consensus first. Those who object can ask questions, and we will solve the problem. If there are no problems, the consensus should be reached.”

Liang Xue was speechless. This was indeed a method, but it was too… reckless.

Zuo Cidian shrugged at Department director Liang and said, “So, Doctor Ling is ready.”

“Isn’t that… considered prepared?”Liang Xue was helpless. “Let’s not talk about whether we can answer those endless questions. Even if we can solve them, if we can answer them, what if the other party doesn’t admit to it? What if we can’t reach a consensus?”

Before Zuo Cidian could answer, Ling ran’s tone was that of someone who had thought about it for a long time, he said, “If the questions that we react to are indeed meaningful, and if we really can’t reach a consensus, then we’ll record it down and communicate and solve it in the future. I think that it should be a very good direction for development.”

Liang Xue frowned as he listened to the end. After he thought about it again, he suddenly felt that this was actually an excellent solution, especially when it was paired with Huo Congjun, it was practically able to kill dissent from within one’s ears. If they really encountered something that they could not kill, then needless to say, it was definitely a powerful direction for development. If it was controlled by Ling ran and Huo Congjun’s system.., he would only become an even more terrifying possessor..

“It’s just a little tiresome and time-consuming.”Liang Xue Sighed. Ling ran did not lack nor was he in a hurry to get the consensus of the experts. Therefore, it was tiresome and time-consuming for him as well. Similarly, it was also tiresome for him to waste time..

Liang Xue thought about it, but he did not have any special expression on his face. He did not gain anything by giving Ling ran a hospital bed. From his point of view, it was not considered as a sacrifice. On the contrary, he felt guilty. But now, he felt more or less like he was participating in it.

Even though Ling ran’s method seemed to have become more difficult, Liang Xue would not be able to object if Ling ran had the confidence and strength to do so?

“Department Director Liang, I think you still agree.”Zuo cidian translated Liang Xue’s attitude to Ling ran.

“It’s fine as long as we have the same opinion.”Ling ran naturally did not probe further. He picked up the tea and started to taste it.

When Tian Qi saw that the “Intense”discussion was over, she could not help but smile. She waved her hand behind her, and a few pretty girls came over with various tea and snacks.

Chief Physician Liang also said that he was hungry. He did not stand on ceremony and picked up a piece of tea and snacks. After he took a bite, his entire body immediately trembled.

“Do you guys eat this every day?”Chief Physician Liang did not ask Ling ran and Tian Qi, but he looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian was a little shy. “I don’t. I only eat these when I’m with Doctor Ling.”

“It’s too…”Liang Xue stuffed another mouthful of tea into his mouth and remained silent.

“You can try the skills of our other chefs. They’re also very good. Little Hui, take Doctor Zuo and the others to rest and eat.”Tian Qi sent department director Liang and the others away with just a few words.

Ling ran and the others took a helicopter and arrived in Ning city. Then, they flew back. The entire journey took less than three hours.

Even though neither the time nor the process was very satisfactory, it was very exciting for everyone in Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency department.

Compared to the previous emergency transport, the transport mode they used now had more advantages. More importantly, it brought more possibilities. For example, Ning Hospital was also willing to send their patients to Yun Hua for treatment.

At the same time, the transport mode of the fixed-wing aircraft made people more concerned and worried.

Ling ran still followed the team, and he observed the whole process with a calm attitude.

The intermediate treasure chest that he had just completed, ‘mission: Medical Transport’, unsurprisingly gained the skill ‘medical transport (perfect level)’. And after reading for a period of time.., it also allowed Ling ran to have more choices when it came to medical transport.

After all, medical transport was a major skill in emergency medicine.