Chapter 1420

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Chapter 1420: Chapter 1419, national treasure level

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“Done. Observe the patient closely. Lu Wenbin, you go with him.”Ling ran immediately gave the order after he finished suturing the patient.

Lu Wenbin answered with his head held high and said, “I’ll do a deep squat to see him tonight. Don’t worry.”

“Can he endure a deep squat for one night?”The young nurse smiled cutely.

The young nurse had a plump and youthful figure. Lu Wenbin was instantly charmed by her cuteness. He even said proudly, “I can really do a deep squat with my bare hands for one night.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“I’ll shoot a video and send it to you later.”As Lu Wenbin said that, he followed the operating table and rushed out. He looked like he could not wait to do squats.

The young nurses stayed in the operating theater and counted the surgical instruments. They showed an expression that they had known this would happen. “I heard that once the muscles in the brain are developed, there’s no hope for them anymore.”

“Are there still many people who don’t have brains? At least the pig’s feet restaurant that they run is very popular. This means that they’re not particularly stupid.”

“He doesn’t sell pig’s head meat because his brain is somewhere between pig’s feet and Pig’s brain?”

“Then it should be called Pig’s brain?”

The middle-aged men who were staring at the operating room listened to the conversation inside with an itch in their hearts. At the same time, they chatted seriously, “Being a doctor is pretty good.”

“It’s good to be young.”

“When we were young, we didn’t have this condition. At that time, I was in the northwest, and there were a few female sparrows near the sentry post.”

“Well… the surgery should have been done well, right?”

Finally, a middle-aged man was pulled out of the short conversation.

Huo congjun, who was beside him, coughed twice and said with a smile, “It should have been smooth. Next, it will depend on the patient’s recovery. From the surgery and the process of the surgery, the patient was basically not adversely affected by the luck.”

“Your transport will take a total of two hours. We don’t have the conditions. Even if we fly, it will take three hours. If we include the time taken in between, it might take seven or eight hours, or even more.”The middle-aged man in the middle frowned slightly, he said, “It’s impossible not to be affected for such a long time.”

“Being affected is still affected. The key is still the outcome of the treatment. We will save the patient. This is the most important thing, right?”Huo Congjun spoke from another angle.

The few of them nodded slowly.

“Also, the doctors on our side won’t be in danger, right?”Huo Congjun looked over and spoke as calmly as possible, he said, “I myself am a military doctor, and I have participated in some missions. My suggestion is that if you need doctors from the front lines, it’s best to send military doctors who are trained, experienced, and mentally prepared. Otherwise, if our doctors go over directly, not only will they be in danger, but they might also cause the patient to be in danger. In the end, it will have the opposite effect, and it’s not good for both sides.”

“I won’t.”The middle-aged man glanced at Huo congjun and said, “Your Doctor Ling Ran’s face is useless on the battlefield.”

“That’s for the best.”Huo congjun paused for a moment and said, “If it’s useful, don’t send it up.”

“Okay.”The middle-aged man agreed.

“This is a national treasure-level doctor. I’m serious.”Huo Congjun’s expression became serious again, he said solemnly, “Ling ran is extremely hardworking and disciplined. He works hard and studies hard. You can see that he saves a few people every day and gives hope to several families. What you can’t see is that he grows day and night. He urges himself to learn new skills and techniques almost every day at a speed that ordinary people can’t reach. “And he’s only in his twenties now. By the time he retires and closes the surgery, how many people can he save? “Even if Ling ran is willing, I mean, even if Ling ran cries and wants to go up there, please protect him well.”

“I understand. Don’t worry.”The middle-aged men looked at each other and nodded.

“Let me say one more thing.”Huo Congjun was not at ease, he said again, “Wait until thirty to forty years later, when everyone’s bodies are weak and their organs begin to function abnormally, you will be very glad that there is a doctor in the world, Ling ran, who can treat your illness. “Even if it’s just this one hope, it will make the world a better and safer place. “I’m not cursing. Birth, old age, illness, and death are the objective laws of human beings, but Doctor Ling is definitely the person you would like to see the most during the process of birth, old age, illness, and death.”

“Understood.”The middle-aged men nodded again with determination.

Ling ran also took off his surgical gown and walked in.

“The surgery went smoothly. You can start to arrange for your luck to change.”Ling ran had always been simple and direct when he spoke.

“Thank you for your hard work.”Huo congjun immediately changed his expression and smiled at Ling ran, he said, “The few of you are waiting for you. When you reach the place, you must also pay attention to your own safety. If you have any problems, you can look for the person in charge…”

“I have a problem with this.”Ling ran found an empty seat and sat down. It was obvious that he was ready to talk.

In his experience, if he chose to talk, most people would not refuse.

The few middle-aged men were not ordinary people, but they still turned around at the same time and found their own seats.

“If you have any problems, don’t worry.”The oldest middle-aged man in charge showed a human-like expression.

“Who is the person in charge of medical transportation?”Ling ran asked.

The oldest middle-aged man chuckled and said, “If it’s me, I should be the person in charge. You Can Call Me Department director Chen.”

Ling ran did not reply. He continued to ask, “Do you know anything about medicine? What about medical transportation?”

Huo Congjun had been listening attentively. At this moment, he had already somewhat guessed the direction in which Ling ran was speaking, he immediately said, “Ling ran, department director Chen is the final person-in-charge. He doesn’t need to understand medicine. He only needs to make some business judgments, such as military judgments and administrative and personnel decisions. This is something that requires him to look at the overall situation…”

“Then, what about the person-in-charge of medical judgments?”Ling ran pressed again.

“This… It’s mainly you…”department director Chen answered with a smile.

Ling ran then said, “Do I have the authority to adjust the medical transport plan and the specific details of the transport plan?”

“This… What do you want to change?”Department director Chen frowned slightly. Compared to before, the current Ling ran was a little too domineering.

There was nothing wrong with his idea. Ling ran had just obtained the medical transport (perfect level) skill, and there were many plans and details to choose from in his mind, how could he be satisfied with just being an ordinary high-end emergency doctor.

In fact, there were not many doctors in China who were good at medical transportation. It was even rarer for them to have superb surgical skills.

In this regard, there was a huge gap between China and foreign countries. After all, the rich and the second-generation rich in China had only just learned how to court death. There were very few people who went to Kenya in the summer to play with lions, went to the slums of India in the winter to have fun, and broke their legs on Mount Everest, there were also a few who suffered from diarrhea in the Amazon jungle. Even the military did not have the experience to transport heavily injured people from Afghanistan to Germany in batches.

In addition, the demand for ordinary people to seek medical treatment abroad was still very low. The terms of the insurance companies were not so bad that they would send people to India for surgery..

Ling ran did not have any thoughts about medical transportation in the past, but after he obtained the perfect level of medical transportation skills, his thoughts changed completely.

“First of all, you have to give me enough information. I need it now.”Ling ran looked at department director Chen, then, he said, “Second, you have to evaluate the patient. The mechanism of the injury, the location of the injury, and the Glasgow Coma score all have a great impact on the success of transport. “Third, you have to reorganize the communication between transport. How My Team and your team exchange information, especially the information regarding medical operations, must be smooth and accurate. “Accuracy is very important…”

Chief Chen felt his body heat up when he heard that. “If you ask for it, you’ll be performing a major surgery on our transportation mission.”

“This is a necessary plan to improve the survival rate of patients,”Ling ran said.

“As long as you’re willing to do it, I have no objections.”Chief Chen suddenly chuckled and said, “You’re just adding to your burden, but it looks like you’re taking responsibility.”