Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423: Chapter 1422 quickly returned

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The uniform with a straight face looked at Zuo cidian seriously. He then looked at the doctors in the cabin, but none of them had any intention of going down. Instead, they were busy in the cabin. They finally came to their senses, and their faces tensed up even more, he said a little seriously, “The leaders are here to support us in our work… Doctor Ling, since you’re here, why don’t You Come Down and meet the leaders? There’s no harm in that, right?”

“It will affect the speed of the transportation, and then the quality of the medical treatment. We have to return as soon as possible,”Ling ran finished his sentence, he turned his head and said to zuo cidian, “This contact person is too long-winded. Go and inform the Doctor in charge of the transportation below. Hurry up and send him to the plane.”

“Yes.”Zuo Cidian looked at the man in uniform sympathetically, he knew that the medical transport was the most important task for the team under Department director Chen’s command in the near future. Because they spent too much money, the contact person whom Ling ran despised for being too long-winded was obviously not qualified to contact him in the future. Zuo Cidian himself was already prepared to add fuel to the fire and even question department director Chen.

“Come with me.”Zuo Cidian pulled the man out of the plane to avoid causing trouble in front of Ling ran.

The uniformed man fell into a daze again. He was dragged off the plane by Zuo Cidian.

When they arrived at the bottom of the plane, the uniformed man finally understood what was going on under the gazes of a group of people. He said angrily, “What… What is this?”

“Do you have a system?”Zuo Cidian grabbed the uniformed man’s arm and gently comforted him.

The uniformed man was stunned by the question again. ‘are all of you non-linear?’?

“Is there a system?”Zuo Cidian repeated.

“That’s good.”Zuo cidian also heaved a sigh of relief, he smiled and said, “If you have a system, you don’t have to worry about being fired. Later on, you’ll have other work arrangements and just do it. On our side, you shouldn’t have to worry about the follow-up work.”

Zuo Cidian was worried that the other party would get angry and cause trouble. Now that he was sure that the other party still had a system, he felt at ease instead.

The Man in the uniform felt uncomfortable. “What are you talking about? I just said a few words…”

“You’re not a clinical medicine major, are you?”Zuo Cidian guessed that he definitely did not understand emergency medicine.

The Man in the uniform was stunned and said in a low voice, “Although I’m not a clinical medicine major, what I did…”

“Do you have a medical background? What exactly is it?”

“Then you’re not wrong.”Zuo cidian smiled and said, “We do things in a race against time here. The time you waste might also be the patient’s life. Let’s get the stretcher… Well, you go ahead and do your thing. We’re about to take off.”. “As for the leader… I’ll go and greet him.”

As they spoke, an inflatable stretcher passed by the two of them.

One of the patients had a tube inserted into his arm. His eyes were tightly shut as he was carried onto the transport plane.

Ling ran’s command could be heard from the front. “Remember, the electric stretcher lifting system is still necessary.”

Then, he heard an unknown young doctor agree.

“Let’s go. Let’s greet your leader.”Zuo cidian hurried to do his work. He wanted to return to Ling ran’s side as soon as possible. Even if he was a medical student, he was still a great rival for Ling ran’s favor. With Ling ran’s current ability, it would be easy for him to arrange a team.

Most of the people on the transport plane were busy.

The ground crew below the transport plane was frantically refueling, charging, and performing all sorts of checks. The doctors in the transport plane were also waving the sockets of various small appliances, and they were using every opportunity to attack the patients.

Lu Wenbin and the others had actually learned about medical transshipment before. They would occasionally need to use emergency vehicles when they needed to perform freelance surgeries. In comparison, although air transshipment had some other characteristics, it was actually much more useful than emergency vehicles.

There was only so much space in the emergency vehicles. When air transshipment was performed, the cabin could accommodate more and better medical equipment. It was actually more convenient for the doctors to operate it. This was also the reason why the survival rate was higher even though the air transshipment took a long time, compared to the ambulance’s simple and crude life-support system, a medical transport plane that was good enough could last for a much longer time.

The military doctors below also knew this truth. After they brought the patient up, they were obviously relieved. Of course, there was also a sense of relief when the responsibility was transferred.

“Wait a minute.”Ling ran did not immediately let the patient go. He beckoned to the two people who had just come up and said, “Put a label on the patient’s body. The label will indicate your operation.”

“What do you mean?”The two uniformed doctors frowned.

Yu Yuan wandered around. When she saw that Zuo Cidian was not around, she jumped onto the chair and said, “Just treat it as writing a simple case. It’s just written on a label, and it will be stuck on the patient’s body or stretcher.”

“Is… is this necessary?”The uniformed doctor hesitated.

“Of course it’s necessary. The patient was sent thousands of miles away. How would the doctors over there know about the situation here? How would they know the patient’s medical history and treatment history? Would it be a waste of precious treatment time to re-examine the patient?”Yu Yuan did not say anything else, they talked about theories one after another.

The two doctors in uniform were stunned for a moment. Then, they whispered, “The system has a medical history. You’ll know it once you check it online.”

“Are you going to release the system to the public?”Yu Yuan said sternly, “When patients are sent to the rear, they may not be sent to the hospital to be handled by the Doctor. Are you going to put the system on the public Internet for everyone to check?”? “Also, how are we going to check it when we’re on the plane?”

“I. . . Okay, I’ll write it.”The two uniformed doctors did not like what Yu Yuan said, and they were not willing to bear the responsibility. So, they laid on their stomach and started to write the labels.

“You can write it a little simpler, but you have to write it clearly.”Yu Yuan reminded them again, “You also have to carefully note the cases in the system, and you have to complete it in a short time. It’s best if it’s within a few minutes.”

“It’ll take you a few hours to fly back, right? Why are you so pressed for time?”

“What if you die in the front line?”Yu Yuan’s expression became serious. “Or if you’re seriously injured and unconscious, who will write the medical records for the patients in the plane?”

The two uniformed doctors were stunned for a moment before they said in unison, “Bad Luck!”

“After our Doctor Ling’s medical transport system is established, you might be able to use it,”Yu Yuan comforted them.

All the doctors present felt that it made sense. All of them, including the uniformed doctors, nodded in resignation.

“Prepare to take off.”Another uniformed man walked over and shouted loudly.

“You can take off now.”Ling ran had been examining the patient, but he only made minor adjustments.

“Do you need us to follow you?”The Doctor in uniform was not very happy to ask. This was the request of their superior.

Ling ran shook his head gently and said, “You must be responsible for the entire medical transportation process in stages. You can just take care of your own part.”

“Alright.”The two uniformed doctors did not waste any time. After they received the answer, they quickly got off the plane.

Ling ran checked the patient’s condition again. He thought for a moment and said, “Record it again. The surgical treatment in the frontline hospital must be simple and direct. Only necessary surgeries must be carried out.”

“Yes.”Zuo Cidian, who turned around, answered loudly. He came to Ling ran’s side and asked, “Is the treatment here not good?”

“It’s handled very well, but there’s no need for it. The surgery needs to be carried out as far as possible.”Ling ran paused for a moment, he then said, “The preparation here is sufficient, but that doesn’t mean that the front-line hospital has always been fully prepared. Only carrying out the necessary surgery can alleviate the medical stress to the greatest extent, and it’s also beneficial to the patient.”